Lifecasting a Hannukah Celebration, iTed Educates and Snow is in the Forecast

Before I forget.  Sumdance was the winner in last night’s Food Trivia Challenge and will be receiving home baked cookies from Justopia!  Congratulations Sumdance!

Happy Holiday!


Chicken with Mushrooms and White Wine, Potato Latkes (pancakes) and Broccoli Salad

On the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, Jews around the world celebrate Hanukkah. Tonight, I had the opportunity to celebrate the first night of the holiday live, via streaming video right here on! Hannuka is a festive holiday and kids love it. There are gifts to unwrap, songs to sing and the dreidel game to be played with coins or Hannuka Gelt (gold foil wrapped chocolate coins). It ‘s a game of chance really. Nothing very complicated and there’s no real strategy. A dreidel is a top that’s spun and depending on which side it lands on, the letter of the Hebrew alphabet denotes the money paid out, held or put back into the pot.


Tonight we didn’t play the dreidel game but we did make a great meal! We had chicken with mushrooms and white wine, broccoli salad and the delicious Hannukah favorite, Potato Latkes (potato pancakes). And after dinner I explained what the holiday is all about lit the menorah and said the Hannukah prayers — in Hebrew. It’s funny how some things just don’t fade from your memory, while something said to me just 3 minutes prior is in and out of the gray matter within seconds.



Photography Lesson


iTed kicking back listening to Steve and Edie Gourmet

– After the show I tuned into iTed’s channel and he was in his “darkroom” showing us how to develop film. I hadn’t seen film being developed in probably 20 years. It was a fun time. After he was done he took us on a tour of this place. I had seen most of it before, but never the bathroom (darkroom) or the bedroom. He has photos hanging everywhere and some original art by friends and family. The kitchen was … well, let’s not discuss the kitchen tonight. I’ve seen iTed’s kitchen in better shape.

And then it was a sit and chat session. You remember the stop and chat episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, right? Well, this was more fun. iTed sat and we chatted and he responded. The iTed community is coming back now that iTed is broadcasting again and it’s nice to have a place to park after I am done with my broadcast.

Thanks iTed.


They tell us we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow! I am very excited! I love winter and am waiting for a real storm to hit this year. Hopefully it will happen.


3 Responses

  1. Happy Channukah Justopia! I am glad to see iTed is back!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! 😉

  3. I missed another great meal! What was I doing Wednesday night?

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