Adolescence and Attitudes


I was not on JTV all day. Real life was more compelling and rolling, cutting, baking and decorating the gingerbread cookies we made the dough for last night was very time consuming. When I found a few minutes I dropped into JTV and there was really nothing to watch. I went about my day and finally had a few minutes to sit down and there is still nothing to watch, so I’ve resorted to broadcast television and the Food Network after landing on a channel that was too frustrating to watch.

It appears to be a relatively new channel. Brittany is a 16 year old high school girl sitting in her room supposedly doing homework — or at least that’s what her parents thought until they caught onto her. She had nothing positive to say about them and I suppose we were all like that at 16, but I never spoke to my parents the way she talked back to hers. I resorted to the written word. My diaries were my escape and I didn’t leave out any details. Unfortunately they were discovered one day while I was at school and the sting of it still resonates, but the resulting trip to India to, “See how the other half of the world lives,” was a great lesson and one that I will never forget. We all learned how the other half of the world lives during that trip. It was an eye-opener for each one of us. I know I was a difficult teen if for no other reason than I was very introspective. Ok, I’m sill an introvert, but I am, and always will be polite, respectful, courteous, civilized, amiable, etc., etc., etc.

Brittany was not happy when told to get offline and she communicated her displeasure. She did it behind her closed door as well as when opening the door and shouting to her sister and her father that she had homework to do which required research and so she could not get offline. Yeah … riiight! Ok, so maybe she does need to do some research, but does that include lifecasting and chatting with her viewers?

Her dad could hear her chatting out loud with viewers and had a word or two to say about it. You know, I’ve been both a child and a mother and I can understand the frustration on both sides of the equation, but if my parents told me to do something, and caught me not doing it, I quickly complied and after having had that happen a few times I learned and in my current ripe old age, I am always truthful, do what I need and willingly take responsibility when I screw up.

It just seems to me that today’s “Millenium Generation” has little respect for others. I haven’t read any articles or reports on the issue, but it seems to me that the parents of these teens are probably as selfish and uncaring as they are. Where else would they have learned this? Is it due to the need for parents to both work outside of the home? Nope. I’m not going to buy that. My boys grew up to be the most incredible young men ever and they didn’t have mom and/or dad home with them all the time, but the time we did have was quality and they learned how to be respectful of their friends, their friends parents, their teachers and other adults. It wasn’t a lot of work, it was just common sense.

This week we’ve seen lifecasters display behavior that was a real turn off for me and it makes me wonder what path society is on? Maybe with enough diverse channels we will have the insight needed to help make change. Imagine new parents having a channel to tune into that gives tips and helps answer questions about parenting? Community on these channels is what makes them tick and if there was a channel in which parents could come together to get help and to offer support I bet it would be a popular one, similar to others that have appeared on JTV of late.

There is still so much possibility with lifecasting, whether the broadcaster is on 24/7 or just a few set hours daily. People are looking for information and interaction and JTV is just a few clicks away. Let’s see more helpful channels and maybe Brittany can receive the support she needs next time to get her homework done more quickly and without the stress so that she has time to chat with her eager chatters.


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  1. Heya Justopia! Wishing you a very Happy Happy Channukah! I hope you and your family have a wonderful week of treats and good times! OK back to the blog topic, I twittered my exasperation & disgust with these “new kids on the block” last month! “Anyone else see 60 minutes about Millenium kids? I wanna puke! No one ever held my hand & coddled me @work! Participation trophies? baa We R doomed!” Yeah and they said us Gen X&Yr’s were hopeless and inept. If you haven’t yet seen this special you have GOT TO SEE IT! Especially if you are getting another management or babysitting (as they call it) gig soon! Truly, makes a great argument for more outsourcing. Urgh! Miss you!
    PS. Err ahh please don’t ban me for posting a link! LOL!

  2. Had fun playing trivia last night!
    I will email you my address, but can’t find your email address.

  3. Hiya Girlbytes!

    I am going to check out the link. It’s just beyond frustrating to run into some of this. I don’t know where common courtesy has gone and the coddling … well, imagine what the future will bring? Eeek!

    Happy Channukah to you too! I hope you have a wonderful one this year.

  4. Hiya Sumdance!

    I think I will make a new batch of cookies for you. I am working the rest of the week and won’t get out to get them packaged up and sent out until Sunday. That is too long a period of time to send these and have them be anything other than ornaments! ahahahah. Since I am going to bake, do you want gingerbread or do you care? I can bake more of those Mexican Wedding Cake cookies I made the other day. To be honest, I like eating those more than gingerbread. The gingerbread are fun to hang though. Your choice. My email address is: πŸ™‚

  5. Justopia!!! Don’t you dare bake more cookies! Like you don’t have enough to do with work and all. Really, I always have a good time watching you cook every night and just playing trivia was enjoyable enough!
    sorry I missed tonight, but had trouble getting on the site for some reason. Might be my laptop.

  6. Hi Justo!

    It was fun watching the trivia contest. Sorry, I said that I wasn’t going to participate, but I had to answer one question, just to show you that I am not all full of it.

    Anyway, watching your show while beta testing software is a fun distraction.

    Thanks again and I will join you again when I can.

  7. Hi Johnincal,

    I’m happy you participated. The more the merrier! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Again Sumdance,

    I don’t think your problems getting into the site last night were the fault of your laptop — JTV was having issues. Hopefully tonight will be better. Ok, off to see what I want to do with this shrimp! πŸ™‚


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