My Mojo is Back!

iWas, iCan, iAm!


I’ve had a feeling of loss lately. I have not had the inspiration I’ve needed to get me clacking away at the keyboard writing a good read. But after checking into an old JTV favorite’s room I once again found my mojo and I’m very happy about it. iTed, the witty photog from Dallas disappeared from the JTV lifecasting scene quite some time ago. It happened before I began my broadcasting life and we were so disappointed to spend our JTV channel hopping days without iTed and his humor.


Well, tonight all was right with the world. He popped into my broadcast and let us know he was live, but I was in the middle of roast lamb and potatoes with steamed asparagus, struggling to get the bowl released from the mixer stand and whipping up a batch of gingerbread cookie dough. After the broadcast I headed right for iTed’s room. And it was like old times. He was kicking back on the couch chatting with the viewers, cigarette in hand, cats hanging around. In the background were cameras, the desk and that TV which clearly still has not been watched since the last time we saw him on the couch.

As I walked in, he was talking about birthday card remorse. See, iTed broke up with a long time (3 years) girlfriend at just about the time he stopped lifecasting. But he had been having second thoughts about ending the relationship and decided to make a birthday card for her. He shot a flower, had it printed and that was the card. Through much trial and tribulation, he managed to get the card in the mail and it is due to reach her mailbox tomorrow, the day before her birthday. Apparently iTed’s birthday was last week and iEx sent him a brief birthday email which must have been the inspiration for his return birthday greeting to her, but he seemed to be feeling a bit of remorse. He said he had been having a tough time with the break up even though it was his choice and that maybe it was a mistake. Poor iTed, he’s full of doubt. iTed! Don’t second guess yourself. The card was beautiful and I mean really, how can the thought, effort and beauty be bad?


While all this was being discussed, ParrisHarris was in the room and the humor he added to the birthday card discussion was priceless! He said that iTed needed to just tell iEx, “I am iTed,” and that would be enough to win her back. Well ok, Parris did not use those exact words, but it was implied and it was a great idea. Once started, we came up with other insightful messages he should have put on the card. “iMessed up iMiss you and babe, let’s kick back and have a colortin, iTed.” He got out his sharpie and inscribed the photo with the new, more heartfelt message, but there was one big problem — the postman is due to deliver the original card today!  Premature Birthday Delivery.


Roasted lamb, potatoes and steamed asparagus with raspberry vinaigrette

We could not let an opportunity to help iTed with his relationship issues pass us up and at the same time have some fun, so the suggestions for how to handle the potential reconciliation ensued. I thought he should go with guitar in hand to her place and seranade her, state his love for her and proclaim, “iTed!” Yes, just like that — implied verb and all. There is no need for a verb. No need to differentiate between tenses — I was Ted, I am Ted, I will be Ted. iTed just is. No explanationor verbs needed. It’s as simple as this — iTed IS!


Look how the usernames in the background on the monitor have a Christmas look 🙂

I’ve always thought iTed had about the best lifecast you could watch. He didn’t cast 24/7 when he was on daily, but he did let us spend a great deal of time with him and it was never dull. While he may not take us places often, he was always interactive and I never found him to be dull or grabbing for attention and he was never into drama or to cause drama. There really was never any negativity in the land of iTed.


I was out all day today so I did not log into JTV until about 7pm. I didn’t have much time to channel hop, but from what I could see, there was nothing to watch, so I decided to take care of some mail, put the lamb in the oven and plan the rest of the meal. It was so incredibly simple and DEE licious!

I simply put pancetta (Italian bacon), garlic and rosemary into a food processor and processed it until the mixture resembled a paste. I seared the lamb in a pan with salt and pepper until both sides had a nice color and then put the lamb into a baking pan and rubbed the mixture all over the lamb, put it in the oven at 400º for 15 minutes. I then turned the oven down to 350º for a couple of hours before pouring about 1/3 coup of red wine over the lamb and continuing to cook for another 30 minutes before serving. The potatoes were browned on top of the stove in the same pan that the lamb was seared in for about 8 minutes, or until the potatoes turn golden brown. I put the potatoes into the pan with the lamb once the wine had mostly cooked off.

The asparagus is just steamed or lightly boiled and a vinaigrette was poured over them after they had a chance to cool. I think the one thing the asparagus was mising was a thin slice or two or parmesan cheese. Oh well, next time!


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