The Day After


Inside of Tulip

It’s exhausting trying to find something interesting to watch on the network these days. I stayed up all night watching the Roxie/Dealer debacle yesterday and have not figured out what drew me to the train wreck. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t intelligent. It wasn’t informative. It wasn’t entertaining. It wasn’t anything. Nothing. It was a bunch of so-called adults acting like children, yet there I was with a glazed over look staring at my computer screen watching things unfold. Unfold? What was unfolding? Roxie was having a good time — whether it was promiscuous or not is not for me to say. I am not her judge, nor do I wish to be.

As for Dealer’s handling of the situation. Well, he appears to realize that he made a fool of himself and that the disparaging comments directed at Roxie were uncalled for and that they were delivered in a horrible environment — online for any viewer to see live or to pull up in the archives. Why Alan got so twisted about it all is up to speculation and tonight he’s attempting to distract viewers by making up stories about himself, but in reality, who cares? Roxie has herself and her own circle to answer to and whether Alan is included in the circle or not is not my concern.

I feel like I have been drawn into some strange high school play that an 11th grade class put together as a final school project and I’m waiting for the punch line all the while knowing that no matter, there would be no good end. I do believe it will all blow over by Monday, but in the meantime, it’s all the talk in a few rooms. So what? Move on.


2 Responses

  1. You know Justo take this as you will, but I think you are too talented and too smart to put your time in Justin T.V sometimes.

  2. Hey Dizil,

    The way I see it, there’s learning to be had everywhere, even in places you’d least expect it and I still find fun in what I’m doing — especially with the folks that hang out in 🙂

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