I Want to Thank My … Awards Overshadowed by JTV Lifecaster Drama

Broadcaster Highlights

After weeks of waiting, my competitive side was appeased with the culmination of the Justin.tv Broadcaster Highlight Awards during a “ceremony” at the JTV San Francisco office tonight.  A few of the nominees were in San Francisco for the event which began just after the appointed time — 6pm PST.  The JTV team had the nominated videos up on a projector sceen and one by one announced the nominees and winners of the individual categories.  The feed was sketchy, so it was tough to follow.  I didn’t realize the nominees and subsequently winners were going to be pulled up on their stream and it was tough to see, but I did figure out what was going on.

The event began close to on time and was relatively short and sweet.  Production wise there have been a lot of comments but it was the first JTV event of its kind and I’d guess that the JTV team is not really a show-biz group, so for a first time  shot things seemed to go according to schedule and on plan.


Kyle announcing the Best How To highlight

I’m wondering why it was broadcast the way it was though.  Next time it would be great to have had what was projected in the live stream instead.  As you can see from the screenshot above of Kyle delivering the Best How To award, the video was particularly difficult to see and audio was rough as well.  The good news, the awards were presented in far less time than one of the shows on broadcast television.  Maybe this can be a new model for the Emmy Awards?!

Other Things


A classic intoxicated Michael comment, “I really don’t know how anyone uses this site”  🙂

There is so much to write about relating to the rest of the evening — the wrap party for lack of a better term, but I must go to bed.  If I can drag myself out of bed before it’s time for me to head to work tomorrow I will make an attempt to summarize, but in brief …

  • The fratboys, Roxie, Alan, the Jump Off guys and the LifeDoc guys depart the fratcave together and plan to go hit the town.  There is not enough room in the fratmobile, so some end up on foot back to hotels and/or apartments.
  • At some point in all of this, Dealer gets very upset with Roxie and makes disparaging, really hurtful remarks about her, but then claims to love her.  Is this what mature adults do?
  • Highlights begin being posted about various and sundry things involving The.Roxie and at least one of the guys at dinner and Dealer’s response
  • ECV calls The.Roxie and plays one of the videos for her.  She responds with disappointment in Alan and reports that her feelings are hurt
  • Drinking ensues as the group heads to the bars to try to get in — Roxie left her ID at home (yes, another one of those things that makes you scratch your head and say, huh?)
  • The partying moves to the LifeDoc apartment and the Fratcave with Roxie heading toward the LifeDoc apartment with the LifeDoc and Jumpoff guys and Alan and Michael going back to the fratcave at some point.  I don’t know the details, but Alan was wigging out about how Justin left him at the bar.  Inconsequential at this point, but just a note
  • Roxie gets cozy with the guys and suddenly, without warning Phil appears.
  • Michael and Alan are in disbelief when the chatters tell them that Phil is there and a phone call is made to confirm
  • Then, once again out of nowhere, the challenge becomes one of who can be in the #1 spot on the channel bar.  Michael’s competitive side is revealed — kudos to you Michael! — and the fight it on for which channel can maintain the #1 spot … it’s clear Michael doesn’t like to be the #2 man
  • Roxis is seen on Phil’s lap then cozying up to one of the LifeDoc guys.
  • Alan claims his love for Roxie and says he’s just worried about her
  • Michael attempts to pull a video he wants Dealer to see from Amazon, but he could not get the audio to work, but he did mention that Alan is in the video — I’d have liked to have been able to at least hear the audio, but it was a no-go.  Before Michael could get it working, his head hit the carpet and he crashed out.


Well, I am about to do the same thing so I am going to close from here.  I suspect there would be a lot more to chat about if I were not typing with one eye open.   I will try to post a little more detail tomorrow, but it might not happen with all I need to accomplish and having to work.  We’ll see.  I MUST go to bed now that the sun is rising.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Justo!

    Just stopped by to let you know I am still alive!

    Went through some of the JTV channels… Wow! Talk about having a million of channels and nothing to watch… I did stop by Lisa’s channel to hear her cough a lot. It seems that she has a bug.

    I notice that there seems a bunch of lifecasters that bitch a bunch about abusive people in the chat.

    Anyway, I wanted to say a big “HI” and hope you are doing OK…

    Take care,

  2. Hi John!

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, there are a ton of channels now and I gravitate toward the same ones each day. I do my cooking thing each night at 9pm Eastern and have launched Justopia.com for a more fun and interactive experience. It’s still simulcast on Justin.tv, but to get the full functionality, you need to be logged into Justopia.com. When you get time, you should give it a try.

    “See” you soon!

  3. Hi Justopia,
    I didn’t watch the awards ceremony…did you win?

  4. Hi Peekers,

    Yes, I won in the “Best How-To” category . Yippee! That and $2.50 will get me a coffee at Starbucks. 🙂

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