Shopping in the New World, A Comment About the Comments

Would Marco Polo Ever Have Envisioned This?!


A new channel popped up while I was looking around the channel bar after work this evening and it was one that really piqued my interest! It’s a shopping channel in which the shoppers are 10000 miles away showing the virtual customer the merchandise via live video. How much better can it get? Well, I could be in Shanghai shopping for myself, but if I can’t, this is the way to do it! I just wish I had thought of this!!!! I spent my expatriate years overseas shopping until I had no more room in my house back in the US. I could have been an incredible personal shopper. What a life. Researching goods at merchants around the world while spending other people’s money and broadcasting it. FUN! I will be watching this channel often.

No Harm, No Foul,

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad with Raspberry Dressing and Garlic Bread

It’s interesting how conversations online can be misunderstood, misconstrued, misinterpreted, misjudged, misguided, and more. Just like a childhood game of telephone. I’ve seen it happen countless times. A person makes a comment, takes some kind of action without the context and before anyone realizes it, war has broken out and often, people are labeled without any true understanding of the situation.

Yesterday’s post is a case in point and I’d like to put the issue to rest before we blow up into blog comment wars.

I was in Babygurl’s room that night because I was tired, channel hopping to see what was going on in the network, looking for writing inspiration and landed in her room for a little while. As I’d written, I have never spoken up in her room in the past, I actually have not stopped into her room more than a handful of times. It pains me to see Babygurl struggle with the ugly that populates the internet and finds its way to her room so I just stay out and let Baby and her mods deal with what goes on in there. What I do find interesting about Babygurl is that she is sharp. Sharp in a different way then you and I may define the word, but to me, she more often than not seems to be on top of what is going on.


I wasn’t concerned about it. I wasn’t upset about it. I wasn’t bothered by it in any way. It was my bad. Moderating chat is not easy. I’ve commented on the subject too many times to count in the 205 posts I have made to this blog and stand by what I’ve said about how chat moderation is subject to so much opinion and interpretation and how this makes it tough to manage with 100% objectivity. In my opinion, the only way to achieve total objectivity in chat moderation is to build reporting tools to verify and to develop black and white rules and then stand by them. Doing this would put JTV in a whole different realm of community. It would be like the Kids Only rooms on AOL. For good reason those rooms are the only ones still heavily moderated and the “take no prisoners” attitude still exists, as it should.

But Babygurl’s room is not a kid’s room. As a matter of fact, it’s flagged for mature content. I assume mostly due to language. She’s got rules, just like other rooms, including mine have rules and one of those is that dropping links into chat is not permitted. We all have our reasons. I don’t question Babygurl’s, but I did drop a link in without thinking. In the Momscashblog channel her rule is no links unless you spell them out — i.e. justopia dot wordpress dot com. This way it prevents the miscreants that come in with nefarious links from catching unsuspecting clickers off guard.


Falafel on Pita

So, while it may have seemed harsh, no links is the “law” in Babygurl’s room and I am not inclined to take the Fawn Hall stance that “sometimes you just have to go above the written law.” No, I needed no Brendan Sullivan seated next to a potted plant to help me worm my way out of this one. I got my due. In any other room, in any other circumstance I may have made a stink about it, but Babygurl seems to have fun here and I was, whether intentionally or not, out of line and she had every right to give me a swift kick in the pants.

It’s not rocket science, it’s not brain surgery, it’s not air traffic control. So all that said … Cindy, I truly appreciate your concern and Son of Sam, I “hear” what you are saying as well. It’s still the early days at JTV and this just seems to be another one of those “learning moments,” in lifecasting history.

Now, can’t we all just get along? Please


3 Responses

  1. Justopia – I absolutely love reading your words ! to be cliche’ you have such a way with them. wonderful of you to step up and say it was your bad. You said it was elementary, alas I am afraid there are a lot of junior highers out there in JTV land.
    Blessings to you – Tom

  2. Hi Tom/Jmirawm!

    Thanks for reading and for the comment and kind words. I think you’re right — what we see around the network is more jr. high school than elementary school. At least in k – 6 kids have that innocence and don’t like to intentionally hurt people.

  3. I am necessary wish to find

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