Monkeying Around and a Swift Kick in the Pants



Justin aka iMonkeyboy was nesting — setting up his bed for the night, or so it seemed

It’s another tough night on JTV. There is nothing interesting to watch. Where is everyone? It seems like people took an extended Thanksgiving holiday vacation and an extended breather from JTV watching and lifecasting.

So … I did a little channel hopping after my broadcast tonight in search of something to grab my attention and to keep me entertained and I have found myself being entertained by a monkey. A 7 year old Capuchin monkey that anyone can watch here on the My Life as a Monkey channel. Right now, at 1:21 in the morning (Eastern) there are 25 of us watching a monkey as he tries to find his way out of a blanket. His name is Justin and his profile says he also goes by iMonkeyboy.

I’m wondering … did Justin Kan know about Justin the Capuchin monkey and decide to give the business the monkey brand? A question to ponder.

To the Corner with You!


Babygurl’s room after the kicking

I needed something to write about and I was struggling once again until suddenly, without warning, inspiration fell into my lap! And thank goodness for that. Justin the monkey was fun and all, but not worth more than 153 words, now this might have me clacking away at the keyboard for a long time, perhaps until the sun rises. Ok, maybe not. I am far too tired and the subject is not really that interesting and as funny as the whole incident is, I have made a point of not exploiting the challenges another lifecaster may have, but tonight I will make an exception.

So there I was, looking for something to entertain me. I was clicking my way through the Channel Bar and popping in and out of rooms to see if there was anything at all of interest when I clicked on Living with Parents’ room. Babygurl was in fine form, singing away, entertaining her loyal viewers. I have lurked in her room in the past, but have never uttered a word, really having nothing interesting to contribute. Tonight I spotted a number of regulars and decided to stick my head up out of the ground to say hello. We exchanged niceties, listened to Babygurl sing, swear, and laugh all the while carrying on conversations about things along with and other than Babygurl.

We talked about the new Lifecasting documentary site and someone asked for the channel name. Without thinking, without hesitation, I typed it into the room, totally oblivious and forgetting that it would create a hyperlink! Well, Babygurl took a breath from singing and immediately proceeded to send me to the corner.

Some of my JTV friends ran to my defense, but it was too late. Babygurl seemed genuinely disappointed that she “had” to kick me and truthfully, of the 3 kicks I have experienced in my almost 8 months here, it just plain didn’t bother me. I had pretty much had enough time in the room and was about to head out anyway, but this helped me break away sooner. Not only that, but it made me laugh and I had not had a giggle on the site all night.

Mistakes happen. We all make them. Each channel owner has their own rules and I share the “no links” rule in my room so it was reasonable. What is tough to handle is the way in which the message is communicated — as though we are elementary school students, but again, I don’t want to have that conversation about this channel, so I will leave it at that. I got kicked, if I had wanted to I could have come back and participated in chat again just 10 minutes after the kick, but there was no need. I really had nothing more to say. We had been talking about how I need to either be mad or sad in order to find the inspiration to write, and while this is not wildly exciting, it did the trick, so I didn’t need to hang out in the channel any longer, or frankly, on JTV any longer as well.

Besides, I’ve got far more important things to do and in this order:

  1. Spend my Amex Rewards points before canceling the card
  2. Finish up in the kitchen
  3. Track order of items that I am anxiously awaiting to help me add to the Food Challenge Trivia database
  4. Work on’s blog to book creation application
  5. Work on a plan to expand the Justopian Life blog site
  6. SLEEP!

3 Responses

  1. I for one, was very disappointed when Justopia got a 10 minute time out. This is my opinion and since I can speak for me and only me – that is what I will do. I would hate to live in a world that is all black and white with no shades of grey. I know people have their rules and that is understandable. However, I believe the mature thing to do is take situations into context when and where they happen. For all Justopia has done for us and Justintv, I believe a friendly reminder would have been sufficient. Whatever happened to using our noggin?

  2. Babygirl is mentally challenged. Her perception of events is probably a lot different then your Cindy. I have worked with people with disabilities such as her in the past and things changes one moment to the next. You`d almost have to be a juvenile to take getting banned in her room to heart.

  3. I happen to enjoy being in Babygurl’s room with her. I have had the opportunity to speak with both her uncle and her mother on occasion – in their own rooms in Justintv and I have found them to be very warm and genuine. I truly like them as people, and I hope that others get a chance to “meet” them as well. As of late, I have been staying up way too late (being on Justintv!) and only had 5 hours sleep at most – over the course of two days. In my current sleeples state, I realize that I probably took this situation more to heart than I should have. However, I do know one thing for sure – with or without sleep, and that is – that I care about Justopia very much and appreciate all that she has done for us. In Justopia’s room, we are a close-knit family – and have a lot of fun together. So – with the past behind us – let us make the good times roll!

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