Black Friday — Retail Style, Another Look at the Highlights Awards, Food and a Lifecasting Documentary?

The Almighty Dollar


Bife de Chrizo, Ensalada Completa and Empanadas de queso — An Argentine Dinner

I seem to have missed something. Although I have been in the US for 3 of the past 9 holiday seasons, I think the repatriation or acclimating to life in the US at about the time the holidays rolled around each those years overshadowed the actual holiday happenings and I missed the hype about the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know that the Friday after T-Day is the biggest retail day of the year and that there is now competition with Christmas Eve when it comes to top revenue generating day, but I am overwhelmed by the amount of Holiday commercials that I am being bombarded with and I barely ever watch TV anymore. This is all coming from about 60 minutes of TV viewing in the morning today. It was all shopping this, shopping that, shopping, shopping shopping shopping. I am watching FoodTV right now and it’s the same. Ahh! And that is just the first day after Thanksgiving. I sure am glad we don’t have advertising on JTV!

The good news … I made it through my first Black Friday working in retail! My feet are throbbing, but all in all, it was much better than I expected! We’ll see how tomorrow and beyond go.

All For Naught


Split Pea Soup

I wonder what the deal is with the Broadcaster Highlight Awards? It has become a big joke at this point. The drama it caused when the voting phase began was out of control and it lingered on for days. The voting/results had to be restarted one or two times because of fraudulent voting and anticipation grew. And then on announcement day — nothing. And still nothing other than the message being edited to mention nothing about the end of the contest. No one is talking about it any longer — other than what I saw in Arnaud‘s room last night. He was trying hard to get votes for the highlight of his dancing and he had a lot of viewers and the room was racing. People were promoting the voting and when Arnaud refreshed his page to see how things were going, he appeared frustrated to see that there was absolutely no movement in the numbers. It looks like the voting may be locked down, but who knows. It has become inconsequential.


Stuffed Mushrooms

But at the end, I wonder if the Fratboys realize how important follow-through is? I wonder if maybe it was a communication thing. If they decided to change the date for the conclusion of the contest and the right hand didn’t let the left hand know what was going on. The problem is that it’s a little like crying wolf. The next time people just may not pay any attention.



To Die For Pumpkin Cheesecake!

It’s time to think about holiday cooking events. First we wil have a Hannukah dinner. The first night is December 3rd. We’ll do Potato Latkes (potato pancakes) for sure and I will create a menu to go with it.


Coconut Chili Shrimp, Asian Udon and Soba Noodles

Then we need to think about doing a cookie show and perhaps a round of trivia in which cookies play a part. We will also need to discuss a Christmas menu. I don’t know if I will have a dinner invite, but we should work on a menu and a broadcast in which I cook up the entire menu. That would best be done with company again. I’ll see about getting some guests to join me.

Is it Time?


I was about to go to bed when I looked up at the Channel Bar and noticed an interesting icon that caused me to click. The feed was not great. Well, the video was ok, but the audio was unbearable. They were on a San Francisco bus and it made the audio unbearable. It was all static. The channel, called Lifecasting Documentary doesn’t have much background info yet, but I hung out long enough to see the guys behind the camera chat about what they were doing — at least a little bit.  Apparently their broadcasting set up has been funded by JTV — 360. 1:59 mcdrunky: we are working with . they are the ones who gave us the laptop, camera, backpack, evdo card… and they’re paying the monthly bill for the wireless.  Nice.  Hopefully the return on the investment will be worthwhile.

They plan to interview lifecasters and to profile lifecasting,  “going back to the history of casting all they way back to ana voog in the 90’s.”  I don’t know who Ana Voog is — I guess I’ll do some research.

It will be interesting to watch if they complete the documentary.  I’ll be watching them as they progress.


4 Responses

  1. Hi again Justopia!

    Okay I tried to register today on, but I did not add my JTV information…, therefore, the account I created is now useless. I do not really care though, since I will just chat on JTV then 🙂 . However, I want to make an account that only logs into that does not also link with the jtv one.

    I heard a lady was trampled to death once upon a Black Friday, so I am glad you are safe during this hectic time of year. The news reported that fights and arguments erupted frequently around my area especially at an outlet called Wrentham Village, where the amount of people and car traffic also caused a massive halt on the highway. I am glad that the holidays has become so commercial /sarcasm.

    You are right justopia, jtv’s broadcaster highlight awards has become a big joke, since the voting system is not very secured or preventative of cheating. Even I can vote a million times for a set person, and I am not even computer savvy. There has to be something wrong when alan wins with a disgusting dance involving chocolate syrup, while arnaud and mooncricket receives lesser votes with more skilled dances.

    Lifecasting? It has been a while since I saw someone lifecast, justin use to do it, but even now he is phasing it out. The lifecasting kit that jtv makes available to buy is a rip-off, way too overpriced for just a poor notebook with a decent webcam, backpack, and EVDO. That reason could be why the audio is so poor and why the video is blurry for the lifecasting documentary channel.

    Finally the return of your meals 🙂 . I have nothing to say about it… except that they all look delicious, with your Japanese noodles meal, Argentinian steak dinner, stuffed mushrooms ( I always love mushrooms of any kind, just not poisonous), and pumpkin cheesecake. I also found a link on the side of your blog,, which is now one of my favorite blogs. This blog puts my two favorite cuisines, Italian and French, on center stage; so I will be checking frequently to see what is cooking in future. Thanks justopia.

    Well later Justo, Happy holidays 😉

  2. Hi Oddnumber,

    A couple of things —

    The new channel I wrote about told us (the clip of chat was what I included in the blog) that Justin and team paid for their equipment and is paying for their monthly EVDO payment. So, a laptop, camera, Sprint wireless connection, backpack and whatever parts and pieces go with the setup which I assume includes the extended battery . All in all, not a king’s ransom, but the Sony Vaio alone is not cheap. They use the TXN15p according their blog — and from what I see on Sony’s site, a refurbished model is $1600. I don’t know what they are selling to lifecasters. When I saw Justin interviewed a couple of weeks ago he said they abandoned that business model — the one where they were going to be selling the kits — some time ago and that they do provide a few lifecasters with set-ups, but not many. So, there you have it. All the news that’s fit to print about JTV lifecaster provisions — as Justopia sees it. Nothing formal, nothing confirmed, just what I gathered from the broadcast last night and from Justin’s info.

    I think that since this is so new, any equipment that is used will be about the same quality. It’s not really the computer as much as the camera. You can see from broadcasts like mine or any of the girls sitting in front of their cameras at home that when we are relatively still — when the camera is stationary — the broadcast is pretty darn good. Nekomimi_lisa took us around Japan and her broadcast was similar to the documentary guys. One day these cameras will be able to handle the movement of going about daily life, but for now, it’s just not “there” yet. I am patient when it comes to this kind of thing. I bought the first digital camera and it was horrible quality, but I was willing to just keep upgrading as they became more and more sophistocated.

    Also, your connection is key. I am watching the eipsode that comes up first in and the video quality is not great. I would assume my wifi or my broadband connection was not great the other night. I am using the same equipment as any other night when the video quality is much better. One day, this poor quality will all be a memory. 🙂

    Now, for logging into It’s Justin’s chat — so it’s IRC which means just like with, if you want to run Justin’s site and IRC you have to create an additional name. That is why you saw me for many many months as either Justopia or Justopiaweb and I would switch at will. The reason for this is that I was running IRC and I would keep multiple chat rooms open in IRC. Sometimes up to 7. At the same time I was bouncing from room to room to see the video in I would size my windows so that I would have IRC running on the left and the video of whatever channel I was running on the right. But in order to do this I HAD to be using one name in and the other in IRC. I chose to use Justopiaweb in and Justopia in IRC. I rarely used Justopiaweb, but when I was multitasking like a madwoman, I would use it if I needed to say something quickly.

    When I launched my own lifecast, I needed to create a new name, so that is where Justopia_live came from and that is what I use in now.

    The way to do this is simple, but it’s stumping a lot of people, so let’s see if I can get it down to easy steps —

    1. In click on Options (blue box in the chat room) then click on Users. A box will pop up and in it, near the bottom will be an IRC password. Copy that by either pressing crtl and the C key on your keyboard or clicking Edit and Copy at the top of your window.

    2. Then go to Click on New User and then click on Sign up. You will be prompted to enter the following information: Username, Password, Justin.TV Username, (Long) Password — this means the IRC password you copied earlier — Email. Then you click Login. You can make up a name for or you can use Oddnumber, but if you want to use Oddnumber, you will not be able to be logged into AND at the same time. Like I said…this is why I created Justopiaweb back in the June timeframe.

    And there you have it. If you are not logged into you can not participate in some of the features we have built in. Not all of the features are enabled yet, but they are being worked on and will launch as we go.

    I’m glad you like the twoyolks blog. Have you tried the link as well? She puts together an incredible blog. She’s great.

  3. Thank you Justopia for your insights on the kits and your logging system, it cleared up a lot for me.

    When I said that the laptop was poor, I didn’t really mean the price point, what I really meant was the technical specifications on the laptop was poor. Sony Vaios are known to be a bit pricey and this TXN15PB model is no exception. Compared to other notebooks, the performance is mediocre, but the battery life of this laptop will most likely out perform many other laptops, while also being very thin and light weight. However, for about the same price, I can probably buy something the same size or even a little bulkier, but have a much better performance than this vaio.

    It is true that the quality of the picture for a feed is dependent on the strength of the connection and the quality of the camera. When I logged into the lifecasting documentary channel, their picture quality was consistently blurry so it must have either been their connection or computer settings, since the logitech quickcam pro for the notebook is a pretty decent webcam. Now when i logged back into their channel, the quality of the feed is much better than yesterday. When i made the previous comment, I thought that the vaio’s mediocre stats might have inhibited a higher quality feed from being processed within the computer and transmitted to the viewers on JTV, since I have had this happen when I was trying to process some high definition videos onto my laptop, but this hypothesis proved to be false.

    Also another thanks for showing me how to log on, but I already knew how and the mechanism for how your site worked. I am just sad that I did not write the info into my preferred screen name on Instead, I created an account that only had the login and I have no way to delete or edit the account (is there a way to edit it?).

    Thanks a lot Justopia for trying to clear everything up, I appreciate it.

  4. Hi Again Odd,

    I would imagine the biggest reason for JTV to recommend that particular Vaio is size, weight and battery life. If I were to purchase one for lifecasting, I would put no software on it other than what is necessary to lifecast and would use it exclusively for that purpose. I think going mobile would be a good addition to what I am doing if I were to take people to the market and places like farms where you can pick your own fruits and veggies, etc. Also, since I live in the D.C. area, I’d love to take people downtown. So many people have never had the opportunity to experience Washington, DC. How fabulous to get the chance to see it live, right? As soon as I get myself on my feet again that will be my first purchase. A super-light with a long battery life — and away I go! There is just too much to share about this area not to do it. The Civil War battlefields and Mt. Vernon and so much more are right at my fingertips and places everyone should have the opportunity to experience, even if only via the internet.

    I do think the documentary guys needed to tweak their settings, but I still get nauseous when Justine and others are out and about with their stream. The blurr as they move their heads gets to me. 🙂

    If you write to we can probably do something about your login. It seems he can create “magic behind the curtain,” he’s a real wizard.

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