The Day After the Day After Thanksgiving


It’s another weekend at JTV and once again, nothing interesting is going on.  Well, I take that back.  I dropped in this morning and Antinormal Comics was on drawing, so I sat down and watched for a while.  He was working hard and the folks in his room were happy to be watching.  He was working on a very detailed one for a new viewer when I came in and the recipient seemed to be very pleased.  I am sure these reactions make Spork feel great, and he should.  He does great work.

I didn’t find anything else to watch so I went on my way and headed off to work.  It was very busy at times and right now my feet have had it.  I did not broadcast tonight since I worked late and am going to head off to bed at now, a non-JTV hour and take a perusal through a cookbook or two to determine what I want to make for dinner tomorrow for the broadcast, then read a book and go to sleep.  It sounds like true luxury.


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  1. Oh… Justopia, working retail before the holidays is very busy, I can only imagine what you are going through. Don’t fret the small stuff like JTV, your comfortability and state of mind is what should be the most important to you. So rest and relax as much as you can and be ready for the future.

    JTV has been the same for me Justopia, I usually log into it and find only one good channel, then after I am finished I just log off and do other more productive things.

    Also, I checked out the smitten kitchen blog and I also love it. The presentation on for each dish on that site is almost flawless and aesthetically pleasing to me. Not to mention the abundance of bakery dishes created.

    Thanks for another suggestion Justopia!

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