Vying for Votes


I thought about the contest all day.  Let me rephrase that.  I was so busy today that I didn’t actually have time to think about it all day, but it had my attention whenever I didn’t need to be thinking about pots and pans and coffee makers and such.  The numbers are pretty wonky.  I was ahead by just 2 percentage points this morning and when I came home from work it was basically the same, but people were telling me I was below during the day and then it suddenly spiked up again.  It doesn’t seem to make sense.  There must be a lot of votes by now, which should mean that it takes a lot more time to see these swings, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Someone voted for me today and the number actually dropped!

They were supposed to announce the winner today, but there’s no news.  One camp thinks that since they reset the voting once or twice that the deadline for the contest has been extended.  Hmmm…good point, but no one posted anything about it.  Is it a technical difficulty, or have other things taken precedent?


I am about to keel over from exhaustion and I have another long pre-Thanksgiving day ahead of me, so I am going to have to call this done.  Once I get time to breathe I will write more.



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