In My Backyard



I know we are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winners of the Broadcaster Highlight Awards, but I have discovered a live awards show right in my own back yard. I have just returned from a crazy-busy day at work and launched JTV. In the number 1 place on the Top Bar was a link to a radio station — 93.9 WKYS. The call sign rung a bell and I realized it was a local DC radio station. I tuned in and they were interviewing what I presume are nominees on their way into the show on the red carpet. There is a lot of enthusiasm. The broadcast looks good. It’s clear and the audio is fabulous.


This is a great thing. I’d love to see more of this as more award shows happen throughout the year. How exciting to see things live from different angles. This looks like what we would see on TV, but sometimes, something like a local award show will not get a chance to be aired on broadcast television. Justin and team have given us the opportunity to see it from our computers. It might not be a show you are looking to watch, but the possibilities are, as Justin would say … Awesome!

What’s Next?


Chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese, pasta with artichoke tepanade and tomato salad with shallots and cilantro

This week is going to be wild for me in terms of the show and work, but I want to begin thinking about future shows and simulcasting cooking segments with some viewers that have expressed an interest. I know we have a baker — The Baker and others that are anxious to try this out and I am looking forward to it as well. If you are interested in doing a segment, let’s talk. Send mail to me at and we will look at times and dates and logistics. If you have a specialty or a course you like to prepare, please note that — baking, appetizers, desserts, main dishes, etc.

If you are a musician or have another talent you wish to share, please send mail also.

I am dead tired and have more work to do, so this is going to have to be a short one.


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