Helping Hands a Viewer Birthday Celebration and A Night of JTV Channel Bar Drama



Osso Buco, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Spinach with Kalamata Olives

It’s great to have JTV blogs and other resources to gather information about what is going on.

I knew ECV said he was going to stop his broadcast on Tuesday night and spend time in for the big launch, but I was up to my elbows (literally) in turkey and could not keep up with who was in the room — I just knew it was busy and that on both sides of the screen we were having fun.

After reading the justintvgossip blog before heading out to work this morning I read a note about how the JTV community really gathers around and supports each other. She noted that ECV held off on his broadcast on Tuesday night so that he could come in and support my launch and bring in his viewers. It was a nice gesture and is appreciated. Thanks ECV!

Apple Pie and Music


One of our nightly viewers/supporters was celebrating his 30th birthday tonight and made a specific Apple Pie request and even donated for the groceries — apples, flour, sugar, etc. Tenten is his name and the ironic thing is that he told us a couple of weeks ago that he originally came into the room to give me a hard time and ended up enjoying the channel and now he participates on a nightly basis.

Spookygrl sang Happy Birthday to Tenten in a live video broadcast during the early part of the show and then Cindy1 offered up her singing skills. Throughout the show we had Christmas songs and another round of Happy Birthday from Cindy1. She sang beautifully, and a number of us agreed that she has a very soothing, calming voice.


It was a true sense of community in tonight. What Justin mentioned is the differentiator between JTV and the other live streaming video sites out there to choose from.


After the show, I walked over to ECV’s channel as I usually do and there was a big notice covering his normal graphic telling everyone to go to his new temporary page called iloveecv. I headed over and there he was broadcasting and talking about what prompted the channel change. It appears that there is a viewer that is unhappy with some of the less savory channels on JTV and in order to make a point he reported ECV’s channel multiple times which exceeded the threshold that JTV has set up and resulted in his channel being banned from the Channel Bar. I am not sure if it also got him banned from the Directory, but I believe that is what ECV said. I didn’t have the energy to go through the Directory to confirm.


No matter, who has the right to hold ANY channel hostage?! I consider getting a channel taken down just because you don’t like it similar to vandalism. The person responsible for the “ban” (not sure what the appropriate term is) came into ECV’s room and admitted he had gotten ECV taken off the bar. His username is icantstopiwontstop. I guess he meant that. A little while after icantstop left and ECV went on a break and started showing some of the booty shots, he was taken off the top bar again.

icantstop claims that due to channels like ECV’s, he has lost clients and his friends and family can’t come to see him broadcast. Ok, I understand, there is objectionable material on the bar and on some channels, but does that make it right, is it acceptable to falsify reports just to get a channel pulled? What’s next? Why not contact Justin and team and ask about taking the top bar off your JTV page? Why punish someone because you don’t believe in what they are showing? How about making a different, working toward change in a mature way without all the drama.



While broadcasting tonight, a viewer came in and asked if I wanted a graphic for my icon or my page similar to what Dealer and Jillio have. They are trying to entice people to vote for their highlight with a knock off of Condomafia graphic. I don’t think there’s any way ECV can catch up to Dealer at this point. I see that MikeyFresh has one of those icons and that he has come up in the polls a couple of points. I’d really like to win, just because I like winning — losing is not an option, but if Mikey gets some viewers, he might pull out a lead. The only poll I am pushing is the “Best How To” highlight and the one of me making the Moroccan Tagine dinner is the very last category of the contest. The polls can be found here. The one I am hoping to win is the very last one on the page — The Cooking Tagine Highlight.

I am taking the night off tomorrow and hope to get out and do something fun for a change. I will be back and broadcasting on Sunday night at 9pm EDT for Sonoma Cooking. Be sure to tune in to


6 Responses

  1. I remember when you made a drama about channels which are a little racey and that you wouldn’t want any of your family, friends or (something like that) to see any of it or think why is Justopia broadcasting on when there is all this racey stuff going on, and you dissed alot of channels which compared to ecv its very mild, I cannot believe any good person would even set foot in his channel, I mean what kind of a woman would even marry a man like him? he is just a tramp, racist and sexist and against peoples looks, He mentioned once that only slim, young good looking girls should live on this planet and that ” who wants to look at an ugly face” what kind of an animal would say that?, justopia, you have bad taste.

  2. Annamaria,

    Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

    I think I “hear” ECV differently than you. I was not there when he made the remarks you have noted in your comment, but I look at ECV as a Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, etc. kind of Vegas schtick entertainer. I can’t comment on what you report in your post about what you heard him say in his channel because I do not remember hearing him say these things, but from the surface, it looks like something he would say to get people going. Who knows what ECV really feels? We don’t know him he is just here to entertain and from the looks of it, he is liked by many.

    In these days of instant video, I’d have to bet that if a Rodney Dangerfield or Don Rickels were still in the business, their bits would be going down the same path. Some would express outrage and others would pay big money to go see their shows.

    For the record, the “drama” you refer to was Erin taking her clothes off for money, not for just simply taking her clothes off or for just putting on 7 bikinis in 7 minutes, but for asking for money to take off all of her clothes and when that didn’t work, for the bikini show. She was successful. She raised the money. Perhaps this too is the new world and monetizing this type of activity may become “normal” in the future. It’s all part of the unknown.

    Do I have bad taste? In your eyes, but that’s what makes the world go around. If we all liked the same things, it would be one horrifically boring planet.

  3. I think you have taste Justopia! I love your taste in food, it always makes me very hungry!

  4. And I was hoping Fire Fire would win too 🙂

  5. Hi Pceasy!

    Thanks for the comment! It’s a shame I can’t share the food with you guys. 😦

  6. Hahaha nw_holla!

    That was one funny highlight and an embarrassing moment! 🙂

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