Contest or Protest? You Decide



So, explain this to me please. Does winning a competition by stacking the odds feel good? In the end does it feel like an accomplishment? I don’t know, I suppose we have a President we can ask, but that’s yesterday’s news — ALMOST.

On JTV this week we have seen vote tampering and now major vote solicitation is the thing to do. Is there a PAC that I can contribute to? Are there any regulations to control dubious vote snatchers? I have a friend away on business in the Dominican Republic and she tuned into JTV and wanted to know whom Alan is and why he’s running for President? The multiple Vote for Alan icons on the Channel Bar made no sense. Her connection on the island is not good and she can only tune in for brief periods and this was the first time she’d been able to check out JTV this week. When she saw the multiple Vote for Alan icons, she could not make heads or tails of any of it. She is a cautious internet user and had no intention of clicking on the icons, and once I told her what it was all about I could visualize her rolling her eyes and “hear” the sigh in her voice.

The only other Vote icon I saw this morning was MikieFresh’s. And it seems to be working for him. He’s gaining on me in the “Best How To” category. My Über competitive side is going nuts over this. A viewer came into my broadcast last night and it was a rather involved night of cooking, so I could not really focus on what he was saying, but he asked if I wanted a vote icon like Dealer’s and the others. I replied with a no thank you. My immediate thought was, why beg for votes?

I come from a background of summer camp and “Color War.” It was always a fun time, but highly competitive yet fair. The camp, made up of maybe 160 girls all tucked away in the Adirondacks for 8 weeks each summer fostered learning and sharing and leadership development and discipline. It was about accepting everyone for who and what they were. I won’t say there were no challenges or immaturity, but we learned life’s lessons in a safe, caring environment.

Color Was was a two week period in which the camp was divided into two teams – the Blue and the Gold team. The games were kicked off with a grand tradition of marching to the flagpole with squealing girls chanting their team’s song with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Each of us clad in our Blue or Gold shirts.


At one point when I looked up, there were 8 Vote for Alan icons

The two weeks flew by with competition of all sorts with the focus on sports and song. What I never experienced was cheating, of any sort. We competed on an individual level as well as in teams. If you were competing in archery, your team rallied behind you. If you were competing in softball or volleyball or even waterskiing or sailing, there was a strong sense of team, but in the end, it was not really winning that mattered. We walked away with a stronger sense of camaraderie and belonging and identity. Relationships that may not have been on a smooth footing prior to Color War had frequently formed new, lasting friendships.

The JTV Broadcaster Highlights Awards has become the Anthesis of Color War. It’s polarization and division. It has become less about which highlight was the most entertaining in a category and more about popularity. Who will emerge as the prom king and queen and their court is anybody’s guess, but in the end, it won’t be credible, nor will it be likely to be meaningful.


4 Responses

  1. I was nomited for best impersonation of other broadcasters was quickly realized that this was about begging for votes and who was more popular. Gamer girl won by a landslide and I had people that voted for me, messaging me saying, “why did you get so many votes? I don’t see anything funny about that.”

    It’s very frustrating but popularity does win.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I’m sorry you are disappointed. If this was a big hit, maybe we will see another contest in the future and now that the JTV team has figured out the gaming issue, maybe next time the begging for votes will be the only thing to tackle and everyone can put on their own campaign as they see fit.

    I’ve heard that even in the real awards shows begging for votes (but with big-time $$ spent) is key to winning.

    It was a great idea — but needs some refining.

  3. This was not about who had the best highlight. This was about who lobbied and begged for votes the best. This was not even really about popularity or you and ECV would have won by a landslide.

  4. PC,

    I agree. Vying for votes is what I should have titled this blog entry. 🙂

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