Talent on JTV

What is Normal Anyway?


Thai Steak, Fried Rice, Fried Wontons and Steamed Broccoli– DEElicious!

I was out looking for something to jump-start my right brain, something that would be the trigger I needed to put words on paper. I have only had a few creative bursts in the last few weeks and the blog has shown it, so I was searching for something to fire the synapses and in almost no time I found it. There was simply nothing on the Channel Bar or Top Bar as I’ve heard it referred to recently. Same thing, Different Day. The SOS.

And then I remembered a channel I spent a little bit of time in yesterday — Antinormalcomics. There IS some talent on JTV and it often is not very high profile, but it’s well worth looking for. In this channel, you will see cartoons in progress, as they are being created. Many are of JTV viewers or broadcasters. I had one done for me and it arrived in my mail this afternoon. How exciting!! The tomato theme of my page is the focus of the drawing as you can see. There is great detail here. It looks like it must have taken some time to complete.

I think I will ask him to do a caricature next — kitchen utensil in hand (probably my favorite Cuisipro green silicon spoon with the metal handle and my funky rectangular glasses. I can just see it — food flying in the background or pots on the stove boiling away, my arms crossed with the spoon in one hand and a big smile on my face.

The drawing in color

The epitome of the Justopian chef in the land of Justopia. Oh boy, I think I may be taking the whole life of living in Justopia just a bit too far. What do you think? I think having a good imagination is a good thing. It looks like our friend at Antinormalcomics has fun with his imagination and the results of his creativity makes others smile as well.


Look at the steam coming off the broccoli!

So much of what we see on JTV is not very interesting. I mentioned in the chat room that it was relaxing watching him and when he finished, I felt like I had accomplished something. Why I felt that is anybody’s guess. I can create in the kitchen and can create with words on a keyboard — when I’m inspired — but drawing, well that eluded me my whole life.

Great work and thank you!

Technical Woes in the Late Evening

I tuned into ECV and he was having major technical issues. I tuned into iJustine and she seemed to be a bit choppy as well, but nothing like ECV. I looked at a number of channels on the bar and all others seemed to be streaming just fine — smooth and without a problem . I don’t know what the issue is, but I’ve tuned out altogether at this point. I’d rather go to bed then wait out the buffering and dropped broadcasts. I wonder how long it will take for this technology to be “ready for prime time?”


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