The Day After Thanksgiving and Justin Makes an Appearance on ECV



Turkey tostadas, Beans with Feta and Olives

I’m exhausted! Making two Thanksgiving dinners is no easy feat, especially in a small kitchen, but staying up writing a blog post and hanging out in ECV’s room until 6am is the real culprit. I have no self control and would probably stay up all day every day if my eyes didn’t start to cross, but eventually I give up.

Questions and Answers

The dinner I prepared was a quick and easy one, although very DEElicious! I put together turkey tostadas with leftover turkey from last night’s broadcast and they were really great. I wanted to tune into ECV so that I could see the broadcast so a quick and easy dinner was in order.

I thought I popped into ECV’s room at the appointed time, but the call with Justin didn’t take place for another 45 minutes. I had apparently misunderstood the schedule, but it was ok because I had things to take care of and the shorter broadcasting time gave me the chance to dig in.

Once Justin and ECV got on the phone, at the most inopportune times, the broadcast would go down. Justin blamed it on the lack of a good internet connection, but the service has been wonky for hours, so that may not be 100% accurate.

The questions were fairly benign. There was really nothing for Justin to worm his way out of. He replied to the question about Justine’s reported departure from JTV and the answer was vague. What I took away from the interview was that community is the big draw for JTV — yep, I agree. He also mentioned that there have been problems with the technology, but that Kyle is busy working on an update that is going to be “awesome.” We’re all waiting.

There was a rumor yesterday that iJustine was leaving JTV for USTREAM which was bolstered by an article that was making the rounds and low and behold she was broadcasting in a coffee shop. I guess all is well with Justine.

And Finally


Some people don’t realize that has an official blog. This is where you can find information about the network, about various broadcasters and announcements. The recent announcement that has gotten things stirred up is the Broadcaster Highlight Awards. As I mentioned yesterday, Dealer and ECV were duking it out last night with claims of vote tampering. Phil wrote to all of us asking people not to game the system, but apparently that didn’t fly so tonight the votes have once again been reset. I don’t think the counters were backed out to zeros. the votes look to be close to what I saw them at before heading to bed this morning, however it is being powered by a new site. It doesn’t appear to be totally foolproof either though. I’d say it’s safe to say that the voting results will be suspect no matter how it all turns out. Phil announced that the voting will end next Monday, 11/19. The Best How To highlight is at the very bottom of the page.


2 Responses

  1. Justopia, I’d like to extend my most sincere well wishes for much success with the launch of your site. Although I’m unable to logon and view as often as I’d like, I still peak in from time to time. And always, I’m thinking of you fondly. Thanks for all the good times and many laughs on JTV. I’m looking forward to chatting again soon for a good catch-up.

  2. Hi Codi,

    It’s nice to “see” you. Thanks for checking in. I’ll be around, so come on in and say howdy when you can! I “saw” you on Antinormalcomic’s site this morning when your cartoon came on the screen. He did a great job!

    Take care and thanks for the good wishes.

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