An Early Thanksgiving

Launch Party launched tonight as promised. We launched on time and cooked up a great Thanksgiving dinner. It appeared that there was a lot of confusion about how to chat in, but hats off to Narjar for playing the part of Tech Support Rep for many frustrated viewers. I hope to have a tutorial out tomorrow. While in chat, the admin was pushing a short FAQ to help people, but I think there was so much going on that people were struggling to figure it all out. Thanks for being patient. Improvements are on the way!

Improvements will be coming in the days to come to make the viewer experience even more fun. You can see by navigating around the site that there are numerous features planned, so be sure to keep coming back and please tell your friends and family to check out!

Many Thanks!

Thanks to all who have ChippedIn to help provide for contest prizes and groceries, etc.! It is much appreciated.

Speaking of prizes — Congratulations to Pocketlint for bing the first-ever trivia challenge winner! We will have more Trivia fun tomorrow night.

I would not have managed to get it all done without my in person friends — Jen and Bob. They were a big help tonight and were real troopers for hanging around until 10:45 or so for dinner!

Rather than stay up any longer, I am going to leave you here with shots of tonight’s DEElicious dinner!


Brining solution — I used the Williams-Sonoma brining salt and brining bags


The turkey getting ready for it’s night in the fridge while swimming in brining solution


Pumpkin cheesecake ready for the oven


And early Thanksgiving dinner is served


Sweet potatoes with maple syrup and pecans and cranberry relish — Jen you did an awesome job with the cranberries!



Carrots with pancetta and cippolini onions



The Streaming solution for dinnertime


Turkey #2! It looked even better than #1




10 Responses

  1. What the heck are you going to do with all that turkey GIRL???? Seriously though . . words can’t begin to express how amazing you are! Your launch was superb and I can only imagine what your future holds. Kudos to you and don’t forget all us little folks when you are famous on the Food Network.

  2. SUPER show last night Justopia!!!! Now I am more than ready for Turkey Day!
    Your helpers were a very nice addition too. It is amazing the good people big companies will lay off or eliminate. AOL lost 3 good workers. Their loss and our gain!
    Looking forward to more shows and yummy recipes!!! Justopia is DEE-licious!!!

  3. I forgot to ask….what kind of turkey did you buy? It looked like it had alot of white meat.

  4. Congrats on your launch! Everything looked great and I now know where I am going to spend my evenings – at ! . Thank you Narjar for helping everyone get into chat!

  5. The Baker,

    I had a delicious lunch today — another round of Thanksgiving Dinner. For dinner I made the most DEElicious turkey tostadas! Tomorrow I am going to have to call Jen to see if I can give her some of this stuff. I’m about over it! 🙂 Thanks for tuning in and for the compliments!

  6. Thanks Sumdance! And thanks for the kind words. It was a great night and you guys make it so much fun!

  7. Pceasy,

    I’m glad to know you’ve found a “home” to hang out in in Justopia! I am glad Narjar was around to help last night and tonight. It was a huge help!

  8. Sumdance,

    I hate to say, but I don’t remember the brand of turkey. One was a reasonably priced one — that was the first one I roasted and the one I carved for dinner. The 2nd one was the best though! It was twice the price, but wow is all I can say! I did not brine that one and it was so juicy the pan was close to overflowing. It would have made a gallon of gravy. I am not sure I’ve seen a turkey like that before I got it at a regular supermarket — Harris Teeter and it was labeled as organic.

  9. This year my wife decided to have a dry run thanksgiving day to test out her recipes. We soaked the bird in a brine solution she got at William Sonoma, it really kept it moist. OMG, the turkey was so good and I get to do it again in a few days!

  10. That’s great retro! I’ve been eating small samples of turkey soaked in Williams-Sonoma brine for a few weeks now at the store and it’s really good. I’ve never cooked a ham before, but am thinking it might be a great thing to brine as well. I might just give it a shot soon.

    Thanks for reading and stopping by to comment.

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