Voting Scandals and Less than 24 Hours to Launch

Broadcaster Highlights Contest Results Goes Awry

On the way to work in Bangalore, India — 2002

If the JTV team had been following any of the online polls in recent months, they would have seen how wrought with fraud they are. Hell, if just one of them had been reading me consistently, they would have read a couple of posts about one of GGJeffy’s first polls in which he asked, “Which Lifecaster would you most like to date.” I was in that list and there is just no way in hell that I could win a contest like this against the likes of iJustine or any other attractive young woman that was on the list. I can’t recall if it was Lifecaster or Viewer or Chatter, but no matter, unless people were able to go in and vote over and over, there is no way I could have won by the thousands of votes I garnered. I think at the end, I had 5000 more votes than Justine. It was funny, while at the same time a bit humiliating because it was really just a joke and a slam on me, but like all other things here, I let it roll off my shoulders after whining about it for a while.  Some Jutopia fans let me know that they had “voted me up,” and I appreciated their support.

The point of this is that these polls are in no way foolproof in terms of blocking people from voting multiple times and as soon as I saw that the Broadcaster highlight contest was hosted by PollDaddy, I knew how this was going to play out and that it wasn’t going to be pretty.

One broadcaster blaming another broadcaster for telling his/her viewers how to game the voting and it went back and forth. Not long after, mail came to the broadcasters from Phil at JTV asking us not to put Flash voting widgets in our profiles. I didn’t see these widgets on the sites, but I did go to Dealer’s room and saw his banner with downward arrows asking people to vote for him and when I scrolled further down, I saw his audio call in widget and it said something like “Justopia’s Best Friend.” I clicked on it and didn’t hear anything really audible, but it was clear this person was not a fan of mine. Waste of air.

I don’t know how the contest is going to end, but the cookie wars were good entertainment.

With that, I am going to stop here and move on so I can get up and start prepping for the launch of and our Thanksgiving Dinner show.  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at 9pm EST!


2 Responses

  1. Sorry that I missed your Launch of but heard that it was a great success. Hope all is well I am still in Arizona Visiting a Fellow JTV broadcaster. We met in person a little over a week ago. Love the blog as always u keep it Real.

    Sincerely, Your Friend Robbie aka Holdn2aces

  2. Ok holdn,

    Thanks for checking in and sorry you missed it, but there’s always tomorrow! I am thinking Turkey Tostadas or something Mexican! 🙂

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