More Clothing Removal for Money and Justin on ECV?


I am knee deep in preparations for the launch of and between this and a bit of work at my favorite store — Williams-Sonoma, I am crunched for time to get a blog post written each night.  I can’t pass up the opportunity to spend a  quick moment noting what I saw on a channel just a little while ago.  I am going to keep it short today.

How to Make Money on JTV

One popular lifecaster had a fund raiser this evening — we’ve seen it before — “Will take off clothes for money.”  She made her goal and took off her shirt, and as I predicted, had a bikini top on under her tee shirt.  I am not sure why people give their money so freely for something is not tangible, but to each his own.  I didn’t see a lot of rioting after the stunt, which surprised me, but nevertheless, I guess this is just the way JTV is going to go.

An Exclusive Justin Interview?

EastCoastVegas announced that Justin Kan, founder of JTV, is going to be live on his broadcast on Wednesday.  East Coast is soliciting questions for Justin, as seems to be the way JTV “interviews” are done.  I would imagine this will be a big night for ECV.  People, even his biggest haters, will come into the room just to get a little Justin attention.  I am looking forward to this event.


4 Responses

  1. What’s with all the JTV this JTV that? There’s nothing exciting about watching people sit in front of their computer. Everyone just wants to check out the young girls. Those guys doing their lame live shows (can you guess the three letters?) — really have too much time on their hands. BOOOOORING. If they’re trying to get their 15 min, well, it was a nice try. Even Justin is out of ideas at his end — lifecasting is not what it’s cracked up to be. About the only thing useful for JTV is for a souped up babycam monitor.

  2. Critic,

    There is really no rhyme or reason to my blogging about JTV. I fell into JTV two days after they launched and it was my muse for 7 months. At this point, with my own channel on the site and nightly cooking “show,” I have run out of time to spend writing about the boys and their precarious venture and the network has been pretty boring. There is nothing earth shattering about it all, it’s not a matter of life and death — but this is a blog, a journal of what I see and hear and JTV happens to be what I’ve been writing about.

  3. Hey Justopia,
    Looking forward to see what your new holds for us. I will sneak in on Tuesday for the new debut of all the fun and cooking.
    As for the interview it looks like Jenn set the precedence that all have since followed which means we will probably hear the same questions but maybe this time we will get different answers…lol

    ps critic is you are reading this….there are many people that like reading justopia’s blog about JTV. If you find it boring, then click that red X in the upper right corner and be done with it. Just like channels on JTV and TV you can watch (and in this case read) something else.

    Keep up the great writing Justopia !!!


  4. Hi Peekers!

    Thanks for the note. Yes, it will be interesting to see what Justin has to say. After recent technical issues and the smut on the network he is sure to have some tough questions to answer. I wonder if they have a PR person that will prep him. If not, it might be an uncomfortable interview. 😉

    I am very excited about Tuesday!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to “seeing” you there.

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