JTV, How Do I Love Thee? and The First Visitor to Justopia at Dinner Time

Cat Fights


Rigatoni, Mild Italian Sausage, Wild Mushrooms, Pine Nuts

I love Justin.tv!!  Where else can you turn back the clock 35 years? For FREE!? And just how do you do that Justopia, you may ask. Is it really possible to turn the Sands of Time upside down and gain so many years without the help of a plastic surgeon, or the expense of a pampering place like Canyon Ranch Spa? Yes, it sure is. And I’ll disclose the secret …

The secret, the miracle, is JTV. Yes, you heard it here first. If you want to lop off some time, those awful, wicked results of aging, just tune into JTV and you will soon find yourself transported back to high school. Yes, it’s true. One Channel that helps us recall our inner teenager is EastCoastVegas’s channel. The cat fights, the back biting, the sharp claws that come out as one lifecaster calls another fat or ugly or stupid draws virtual blood and I am immediately transported back to high school and the memories of a time when the worst thing we had going on in life was worrying about which girl was going to “steal” another girl’s boyfriend and who would end up with whom at the football game on Sundays.

Well, that is what it feels like at JTV — it’s the Channel Bar War Between the Attractive Female Broadcasters. It makes me feel young again.

If only life were this uncomplicated.

Not Dining Alone


There are two places set at the dinner table tonight!

Not only did I not need to dine alone tonight, but I had help preparing dinner and help with the dishes in person, not virtually. I also had someone to talk to and felt it was ok to put the camera up above us and not eat in private. I think it came off well and was a better interactive experience on both sides of the channel. It was a lot of fun showing Jen “around,” and I have a feeling JTV may have a new convert!

And although I felt dwarfed wen I looked in the video and saw how “vertically challenged” I appeared next to my friend that is 4 inches taller than me, it was great to have someone here that could get up on my ladder and change out the 4 bulbs that were burned out and that I so desperately needed to have changed. It was sort of like a barter deal; Justopia Cooks, Jen changes light bulbs and helps with the dishes.

After the new site Justopia.com launches, we’ll be able to have virtual visitors to the show in voice chat and in split screen video simulcasting as well. The fun is just around the corner in 4.5 days!


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