A Spooklicious Halloween and a Couple of Lifecasting Tips to Make Life Easier

No Tricks Here, Just Treats!


As my good friend Spookygrl would say, it was a Spookylicious night in the land of Justopia this Halloween, 2007. It was probably the longest period of time I’ve spent broadcasting since I launched the channel, but we made two separate candy concoctions, so it took time to prep, cook, clean and package up some of the finished product. Shew! I am exhausted.


It was a good night overall. Well … if you forget about the countless instances of buffering and broadcasting outages we experienced on the channel. We cooked up some Halloween treats — Sweet and Spicy Pepitas Popcorn Balls and Pecan-Caramel Spiders. I had a lot of caramel left over after making the spiders, so I went to the fridge, pulled out a Granny Smith apple and proceeded to make a giant caramel-chocolate apple with nuts. I wrapped up the popcorn balls for the ladies that work at the front desk tomorrow and will trim the spiders and wrap them up as well and give them to a friend for his birthday.



Yes, it’s hideous, but Narjar seemed to have fun

When I was done with the dishes and signed out of the broadcast, I took a walk over to Narjar’s room to see what he was up to. He pestered me all night to send him a photo of myself so that he could make a Halloween costume to wear in his channel. I refused, so he resorted to using a screen shot. What I saw was not a pretty site. Narjar was sitting at the desk in his dorm room with a black and white paper mask of me, doing his best to imitate me with a high pitched voice and speaking more like Martha Stewart than Justopia. I was initially taken aback, but then I stepped back and thought about it. A long time ago someone told me that imitation is the finest form of flattery. It looks like this is my banner week. People seem to have had fun imitating me in various venues around JTV.

I’m — so — flattered
JTV Basics for Lifecasters

I was in a new room this afternoon called momscashblog and was instantly driven to try to help this woman, but it was not happening for the most part because the room was being “raided” most of the time I was watching her broadcast. I have written in the past that there is a need for a JTV Guide to Lifecasting and had thought Justin was working on it months ago, but I have yet to see it. So rather than sit around and watch new Broadcasters come online and struggle like this, I thought I’d put pen to paper this evening and try to knock out at least a couple of basic tips to try to make things easier for both Broadcaster and Viewer.

  • Echoing Audio
    • When you launch your broadcast each day it will be necessary to mute the volume coming from JTV on the broadcaster side. It’s easy to take care of, but until it’s discovered, many lifecasters are unaware. Below the video of the broadcast from left to right are a gray Pause button, a gray Speaker icon the broadcaster’s local time, and a gray Fullscreen box (used to maximize the video window.
    • Click on the gray Speaker icon and a volume slider appears. It is a gray line with a blue dot located at where the volume is currently located. Click once on the blue dot and without releasing, pull the dot down to the bottom to mute the sound.
      • Remember, this will have to be done each time you launch your broadcast, but a clear indicator that you are echoing is hearing your own voice coming from your speakers. Adjusting the volume on your computer will do nothing to mitigate the echo problem.

Examples of the stages of the volume button seen on That Gamer Girl’s channel during some Halloween Fun:

gamer-girl-1.jpg that-gamer-girl-2.jpg gemer-girl-3.jpg

  • Chat Moderation
    • In order to provide a somewhat sane chat environment — if that is what you would like — it is necessary to invoke a degree of Chat Moderation. Many viewers want to be moderators and many lifecasters assign mod status to viewers without having spent much time broadcasting or doing any homework to get a sense for whether the person raising their hand may have an agenda or ulterior motive. Some appear to simply enjoy the ability to click the Kick or Ban links and watching a person disappear from the room without notice.
    • Before assigning moderators, it is important to determine what your tolerance level will be. These are not JTV sponsored moderators. These are volunteers you will choose based on how conservative or liberal you wish things to be in your room. Determine how many chances a viewer will get before they are kicked or banned from your room. For example, you can use a “three strike” policy in which once a person has done something unacceptable two times, on the 3rd, they are kicked. If they come back after the time out and proceed to continue with the same behavior, another kick and when they come back the 3rd time they are banned. All of your room mods will need to know what you are looking for in terms of moderation so that there is consistent policy being followed. Otherwise you risk unhappiness from some that may become repeat visitors.
    • We have seen waves of various types of “room raids.” These are usually the most disruptive events in a chat room. For instance, this week we are seeing people flock to rooms chatting in French, always unprovoked and often throwing around disrespectful, or worse comments. As with other types of raids, they will often ask the broadcaster to do something such as put a shoe on their head or show a body part or put a keyboard on their head. Once a lifecaster does so, the requests don’t just stop, it draws more of these viewers to the room making more of the same type requests. It’s a game and giving into it can make things worse. The best way to combat a raid is to put the room into Slow Mode. As Justin and team note in their blog, Broadcasters should turn on Slow Mode whenever their chatroom is being flooded by many users to the point that it is unusable. This will help rate limit the flow of chat, and hopefully make everything a bit more understandable. More details are included in the JTV link above.
  • Sharing Information
    • As a final note as I check out the channel bar before heading off to bed … a new caster is on and although Justin and his team have noted in their Safety information for Broadcasters to be wary of giving out personal info, she is giving out details that could lead viewers right to her door, or to the club she is thinking about going to this weekend.  Think twice before disclosing location informaiton.

Below is an example of a new channel being raided:

687. 4:34 mrgreen: noel est habillé en vert à la base
688. 4:34 le_pancake: where are u from?
689. 4:34 dieu_noel: elle fait des streap elle ?
690. 4:35 noel_en_force: par derriere par devant
691. 4:35 spigumus: I make more money making pretty pictures like “logos” and sell them for several thousand.
692. 4:35 johncow: moo
693. 4:35 noel2: vaut mieut pas
694. 4:35 nuctos: Show your boobs
695. 4:35 mrgreen: Mais coca cola l’a rendu rouge
696. 4:35 fpoon: pourquoi tout les personnes parlent francais? : (
697. 4:35 pamela_g: french are invading
698. 4:35 noel_en_force: tu doi bien sucer
699. 4:35 bangoustine: VIVE LA FRANCE !!!
700. 4:35 dieu_noel: parce que
701. 4:35 wh_y_m_e: on a investi justin.tv ^^
702. 4:35 outflow: So are you the fan of the Apprentice?
703. 4:35 nuctos: What do you thing about French people?
704. 4:35 noel2: French powaa
705. 4:35 dieu_noel: france forever
706. 4:35 cayke_aux_jambons: elle aime bien parler lol
707. 4:35 mrgreen: Mettez lui quelque chose dans la bouche !
708. 4:35 paul86: cette meuf on diré une animation de synthèse


2 Responses

  1. Hi Justopia!

    I know I always write essays for comments, so I figured I shorten it up a bit for today.

    Your day seems fun the pecan-caramel spider looks yummy, and the popcorn looks good to. I never had spicy popcorn before, but I heard it was like eating rice with spicy sauce… yea… I don’t think so… Maybe just spicy popcorn. No dinner today…? Did you go out to eat?

    Haha narjar looked like a ghostly Justopia. It kinda scared me a bit when I saw it. Also did momscashblog fix her raid problem? French raids… the first I heard of it, it would actually help if the french raids actually spoke all french, unless that was a french channel talking incoherently.

    Dangit… another long comment.. I gotta condense my thoughts… bye justo

  2. Hi There Oddnumber,

    It was a fun, albeit long night. I had one of the spiders and it was GREAT! The popcorn was not really spicy like you think. It had 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in it and cinnamon. It really was a Mexican twist. I was going to add more pepper, but got distracted. I think it could have used the zing.

    I went out to a crummy lunch, but decided to have the leftover Tortilla Soup for dinner and eat off camera totally for a change. I never eat on camera, but talk while I am eating and I wanted to have dinner by myself in privacy last night. 🙂 I knew the candies were going to be a lot of work so I knew I could not make both dinner and dessert.

    Tonight is another new one for me — Jambalaya, but I am excited about it. Should be good on this very windy day.

    Momcashblog fixed her sound problem, but not the raid issue. She said she was probably not going to continue on JTV, or rarely because of that kind of behavior and was going to link to Ustream or something like it out on her website. Seems like more and more and more JTV’ers are jumping ship. 😦

    I am not giving up yet! 🙂

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