Hiding Behind 1’s and 0’s and ECV Anticipation



Fresh sliced leeks

I’ve got to ask. What does it say about a person that goes into a chat room, any chat room on any service, and makes rude, cruel, unflattering, vulgar, uncalled for comments about a person that is in that chat room? We’ve seen this happen and not just with the advent of JTV, but all over the online world since chat was first introduced to the masses years ago.


Tonight we made Skirt Steak with Pomegranate Reduction and Potatoes with Leeks and Gruyere. DEEElicious!

Now, add Lifecasting into the mix and throw in some immature, uneducated, poorly raised, got messed up with the wrong kids in school JTV viewer and you have a recipe for some ugly with an unsuspecting broadcaster on the receiving end of a rock in a slingshot.

And what about the coward that makes comments about a person when they are not even in the same chat room? If the first sling thrower is just a weak wuss of a coward, what does that make one that doesn’t even have the chutzpah to do it where the target can read what is being said?


The poltroon that that makes the most vile of comments about someone behind their back is the lowest of the low. Clearly they lack the cajones, the chutzpah, the sisu to say what they want to the person, or with the person in the near vicinity of where they spew their venom. I suspect that in person, they are so weak that they have a timorous whisper of a voice that can barely be heard above the crowd in a room. But in a chat room, they have a puffed up chest and an emboldened sense of being and the false perception of strength and bravery that can only be exhibited behind 1’s and 0’s.


How fitting then that we are just a day away from what is most likely a favorite holiday of the miscreants that troll JTV channels looking for unsuspecting victims. One in which they can hide behind a mask and costume.


I’m waiting with anticipation for the return of EastCoastVegas. He has been teasing us a bit with updates to his JTV page, a link to a new eastcoastvegas.com site, videos, info about what’s to come on ECV and more I did not get a chance to pop into this channel when he was on this evening. I was wrist deep in potatoes, leeks, cheese, and most of all, pomegranates. If I didn’t pay close attention, I could have chopped off a finger with my incredibly sharp new Henckels knife that I was given at a training session last night and I may have ended up with red coloring from the pomegranate. Luckily I multitasked with great panache and didn’t seem to miss a beat.


4 Responses

  1. Like I’ve always said….JTV is the Wild, Wild West right now. It can get pretty ugly at times. Pretty scary too. But…all that said…it will not stop me from tuning into your wonderful cooking and the fun we have just kicking back and relaxing with you and just talking. 🙂 Pomegranate Reduction….Mmmmmmmmmmmm! So bloody good!

  2. Here is a late welcome back! 🙂

    There is a lot of hate in this post today Justopia… Now I am curious… you should have taken a snapshot of what caused you to get riled up. BTW nice use of different languages to hide yourself from cussing. 😉

    As for discussing about trolls, I just ignore them. Trolls think they can just go anywhere and talk trash about anything because they are behind a veil of anonymity (well they can, since that is one of the wonders of the internet); these people are ugly inside and should be ashamed of themselves. One of my recent encounters with trolls is on the red sox message boards; fanatics of other teams think it is their right to go onto the red sox boards and say that the sox sucks and that the fans are like children rallying around a teams with a fluke of successes… I will stop ranting there too.

    Well I caught up on reading your posts. Glad to still see dizil alive and kicking, even though he is a blood cover goth now… I bet he is ecstatic that the red sox won the world series. BTW rolling rally is tomorrow (well technically today I guess) at noon EST and free tacos also, I am so excited!

    Steak, pomegranate reduction, leeks, gruyere, potatoes… that meal sounds wonderful and delicious. Your leeks look fantastic, just like a miniature art show, too bad I can only see small pictures of your meal by hovering over the links; I guess there is something wrong with wordpress today.

    Ok… bye Justopia, until next time

  3. just passing through. good stuff you have here. 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment Nikki! Look forward to “seeing” you here in the future.

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