Giving Birth to Tomorrow’s “Citizen Journalists” on JTV

Safety First


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I was a Girl Scout during a time when the uniforms were, well, there is no other adjective I can find to describe it .. Dorky.  Being a girl scout past elementary school was so far past being cool that it was just plain embarrassing.  Vietnam was raging and I think the uniform, uniforms of any kind were just so unwelcome, so de classe, so “establishment,” that you just didn’t want to be associated with it.  None of my friends were Girl Scouts.  No one I hung out with went to school on Girl Scout meeting day with a poly/cotton blend green shirt with epaulettes and skirt and a sash with all kinds of merit badges sewn onto it.  Oh, and let’s not forget the green beret with the Girl Scout fleur de lis logo on the front.  No, belonging to this club was very un cool in 9th grade when I finally gave it up.  I didn’t want to.  I still had a few more badges to earn.  I still liked the things we did in scouting.  We had just taken a first aid course and at 14 I was certified to perform CPR.  Luckily, it was never needed, but before 9th grade was just a memory, I was no longer a Girl Scout.

At the same time as I was promising  on my honor to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people at all times and to obey the Girl Scout rules, I was also weeks each summer away at camp.  Having had these opportunities, I learned a lot; from how to sew and how to put together Girl Scout Stew on a camping trip, to sailing and water-skiing and when to tourniquet a bad cut and how to SCUBA dive and use a camera, and … well, the list could go on for miles.  But one thing I took away from all of my GS and summer experiences was safety.  I know to stop, drop and roll if I get caught in a fire.  I know to stay out of the way of law enforcement and first responders during an emergency and I know that if there is imminent danger and there is someone of authority able to direct you to safety, that it’s wise to follow their instruction.

New Generation of Information


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So when I watched Dealer perched on top of a bluff on a neighborhood street that looked deserted, as if it had been evcuated, looking in the distance at a plume of black smoke, ducking to keep out of sight of the police patrolling the streets, my mind skipped back a few decades and wondered if chasing the fires in southern California was not only unsafe for JTV broadcasters, but if there was any reason to think that having police or fire and rescue personnel out on the streets worrying about local citizens being in areas that were evacuated was worth the satisfaction the 100 or 200 people viewing the “coverage” on JTV were receiving from watching through streaming video?


I know there were some watching feeds from JTV broadcasters covering the fires via local news and newspaper outlets in areas they were concerned about.   There were viewers that were thrilled with the opportunity to be able to follow things in their home town, or neighborhood which was something they weren’t necessarily getting from broadcast television.

What’s Next?


How sweet!  Nicole44 made a sign for me — Although small in this thumbnail, it says — Justopia Rocks the Kitchen  🙂

I am wondering if as we watch Lifecasting evolve across various platforms if this is how we can expect to stay connected with the world around us in the future?  I know it’s rather primitive today, but I can see a time in the when breaking news is in progress and we are thousands of miles away from it, but able to get the true flavor of what is going on from more than a brief sound bite offered up by a television channel or network that has to manage their broadcasts according to the wants, interests and needs of the advertisers they are so reliant on as a revenue stream.

What I question is the validity of the coverage by people that are not skilled or experienced in journalism.  There is a code of ethics that professional journalists follow and we know from events in recent history what can happen if the line is crossed.  If we have people out on the streets chasing news that do not abide by these codes of ethics, how will we know when we can trust or rely on what is being told to us?  It is similar to relying on a Wikipedia article for facts.  You have to take all of it with a grain of salt.


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