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Politics and JTV don’t seem to be such a great match. I was looking for a stream with working audio this morning and decided to look into Dealer’s room. I have not been in there since he put up the Adult Content gate, but was curious to see which channels were audio-capable. Alan was asleep, but the chatters were “vocal.” The discussion I walked in on was political in nature. Both major parties were “represented” with supporters for each weighing in. The Dem’s seemed to outweigh the Repub’s, but I didn’t run a poll.

From what I saw, some of the regulars did not want to have to be subjected to reading chat that included political discussion of any sort and at one point, one of the chatters suggested the group take the discussion to one of the channels with a girl on cam asking for donations to see how it would be received. And off the group went. The channel they opted for was missing their lifecaster for a minute when the discussion began. It appears she was getting ready to head out for the day, but when she came over to the computer she did not seem pleased with the conversation going on in chat. It was nothing more than a, “Who would you vote for? Would you vote for Hillary? I miss Bill, darn it,” kind of chatter, but it was clear she was unhappy. I’m not sure — what was she hoping for in the room? Talk about her? How pretty she is? Chat about how much people were going to donate? Maybe a request or two to put a shoe on her head? Or perhaps she just wanted to be asked to remove some clothing rather than adding a shoe to her wardrobe?


What resulted was unhappiness with the “grown up” discussion and a call for help to which a mod quickly responded and quickly banned most everyone that mentioned anything about politics. There wasn’t a vulgar word in the room. Nothing angry. There wasn’t a spammer or upper case offender in sight. It was merely an ultra ban because the lifecaster didn’t want people talking politics in her room and the mod obliged her every wish.

Ok it’s her room. She’s the channel owner. If she doesn’t want topical discussion who are we to object, but the reason I bring this up is for a bigger, broader reason. A reason that has nothing to do with JTV other than much of the demographic of the viewers seems to be about half my age and from what I see, not all too interested in the future — yet. This is the generation of our future leaders. And yes. I was interested and active in my future at that age. Hell, I was interested and active when I was in college. I didn’t need to enter my 30’s to realize I had a responsibility to at the very least, be informed about what was going on around me.


Ok, maybe I should not make a rash generalization about this lifecaster. Maybe she spends hours reading newspapers and watching pertinent news programs on broadcast televions and is well read and informed and lifecasting is her way to forget the troubles of the world for a little while everyday. What do you think? Want to weigh in? Leave a comment and we’ll compare notes.


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  1. As the elections grow nearer we can expect to see more “political” channels pop up. I am sure each party will be represented and each room have it’s own “army” of supporters. Chat rooms will become heated battle grounds for all kinds of views. Those life casters whos goal is to gain attention due to their appearance or willingness to sell themselves for a donation may need to study up and get an opinion of their own to stay on top of the viewer bar.

  2. I think you’re correct, Texgal and frankly, I look forward to the day when there are choices like this when we look up at the bar — when there are perhaps “too many” choices of interesting channels with compelling discussions going on.

  3. Oh how I wish there were more interesting and compelling lifecasters on. It’s hard not to get annoyed when looking at the choices in the bar at the top.

  4. I’m ever hopeful, Sumdance. Every so often something of interest (to me) pops up, if only for a brief stint. It makes me think more interesting, useful content will come in the future. I am thinking like Texgal said, as the election season heats up, there are likely to be more channels popping up that are geared toward that aspect of our lives. The issue with it is that there are viewers from all over the globe and I wonder how a channel like that will keep them for the long-haul. The 2008 elections started up very very early, and although many would like to believe that everyone on the planet is as interested in who our new President will be as we are, it truly isn’t like that everywhere.

    I wish we would see a travel channel pop up. I suppose that won’t happen unless the channel owner can figure out how to monetize it.

  5. I have trouble understanding why the mod would come to the channel and threaten to ban anybody… According to your blog, nobody in the chat was breaking any of the JTV rules. At least, I don’t know of any rule that says you will be banned for exercising freedom of speech.

    The mods should be there to help enforce the JTV rules, not waste their time with people who don’t care for the subject being discussed. That is ridiculous.

    If each channel has their own rules that nobody is aware of, then who would want to go to any of the channels?

    One wrong comment and you too can be banned.

  6. Hi Johnincal!

    It’s good to “see” you. Justin has said that the individual channel owners can determine how they moderate chat. So…I guess this lifecaster finds politics offensive. And yes, one wrong comment and bam! Also, it’s all very subjective — remember how many times I’ve written about that? If a moderator doesn’t like the color of the font your name shows up in you can be banned. If the mod doesn’t like that you root for the Boston Red Sox you can be banned. If a moderator feels you might be threatening in any way … bam!

    Now, what people don’t seem to realize is that if you want viewers — and why else would you be broadcasting — then why ban people unless absolutely necessary? Oh well, it’s beyond my thinking. 🙂

  7. I was there, in both rooms you’re speaking of. We were all, or most of us, were properly banned. I don’t think we did it for donations though. We wanted to go into a girl’s room and talk something smart and see how that person would react. If they’d ignore or join in on the conversation. We got that person’s reaction alright. It was probably considered a room raid, since it was a whole bunch of us at once. Other than that, I didn’t see a reason for any of us to be at fault, for as another person said, exercising our freedom of speech.

    I have caught your show a few times since I’ve been on JTV for a few weeks. I should watch it more often, because I can’t be bothered to cook and am cooking the same things over and over it seems. Maybe watching your show would inspire me to cook something different, because I have been trying to find different things to cook. — Problem is, with watching cooking shows, like the ones I see on TV, it makes it difficult to cook what they’re cooking. The majority of their ingredients can’t be found in a local supermarket here where I live. We don’t have any special stores that carry the unique items.

    I’m totally envious of your kitchen, it’s so gorgeous! Haha!

  8. Hi Ashtray,

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment. I had to look back to see which blog post you were referring to. 🙂 I get in a twist about something, rant about it here and then for the most part, it fades away and I move on. That’s why I love writing so much. It’s the BEST therapy! LOL

    I hope you come to the room to see more great food. I’m taking a breather tonight, but plan to be back after work tomorrow evening.

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