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Church of the Sephlecur – Jerusalem

It’s good to have East Coast back. I tried to broadcast tonight when I got home from a day out and it was nearly impossible. Like last night, sound would not work. I decided to attempt to make it all work with my external iSight but not only would sound not work, but the video would not stream either. I rebooted a couple of times and finally found my voice and video, but it was late, there was no one around and I was not cooking tonight so signed off and went out to WordPress to start writing and just when I thought I was going to have an early night and head off to bed at midnight to read, I saw ECV show up on the channel bar. I said to myself, self — STOP! But I am weak, so I have spent hours watching the ECV broadcast this morning.

ECV is in New Orleans and visiting his brother and sister-in-law (SouthernBelle) while intrenched in the dissolution of his marriage. I would imagine it’s not an easy time for him, but he managed to get online tonight and although the quality of the stream was less than desirable, it was a fun time. He put his sister-in-law on. She is a beautiful 20-something and she entertained us all. Some was way over the top, but nothing that was bannable and her personality is so outgoing and charming. I know that there were a ton of kiddies and pervs in the room and they had one thing on their mind, but she kept it fun.



Meanwhile, on “Channel 1” for a while tonight was yet another couple with a horrible camera having a Saturday night in bed that eventually got them kicked off the network. I went into the issue and one of my suggestions for a resolution to this last night, so I won’t beat a dead horse here, but something’s got to be done soon. It’s becoming routine.

And speaking of bans … I was kicked out of ECV’s room tonight! SouthernBelle was answering questions and noted that she is a horticulturist. I made a comment that she might want to define what horticulturist means since it is so many syllables and wham! The ban hammer struck. This is only the 2nd time I’ve been banned on JTV and I don’t like it one bit. It could be the problems with JTV tonight and the fact that there was so much buffering in chat that it’s possible the person that banned me read my words incorrectly, but there has been some odd banning action recently, so it’s hard to tell. When I finally came back in the room told me someone was using my name. I’m not sure about that, but whatever the reason, my tush is bruised from the kick. Yikes!


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  1. Hey Justopia,

    Not sure if you were around during the day today, but if you check the French Guys archives at around 12 am his time he was cooking something interesting that you might be interested in. Still enjoying the blog, see you around

  2. Hi loquent!

    Thanks for the tip. I was chatting with him the other day and was excited that he was going to be taking us around the city. He’s a nice guy. I will have to check the archives to see what he cooked up. Love love love that apartment too!

    I don’t see you much, but when I hang out in rooms and am not contributing anything to the conversation I have seen you around.


  3. I remember the chat when you were kicked out of ECV’s room. ECV’s sis in law was talking to hollywood3 on skype and she read your comment about asking to define horticulture since its a four syllable word the kiddes dont understand. It seem liked she thought you were making fun of her, she said something to hollywood about being insulted and he said something like “that could be someone impersonating justopia” since you were posting under then justopia name instead of the justopia_live name, and then you were kicked. I think there was just a misunderstanding and she seemed a little defensive with all the kids in the room, so not a big deal

  4. Yes, it appears that way. It was just a time out, so I was back in 10 minutes. It’s all good.

  5. I know that feeling of being banned and not sure why 😦
    Glad you got your voice back !!
    Being able to participate in chat is what makes it fun 🙂

  6. Hi Peekers,

    It’s good to hear from you. And yes, having tape put across your lips is a horrible feeling. 😉

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