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A shot of last night’s Shrimp Scampi

Oh, there’s plenty of life on JTV — just not the kind of life I am interested in wasting my time watching. It’s not like I am forced into watching the horrible of the horrible on JTV, but with the new Next Channel feature that was installed, you just never know what you are going to stumble upon.

I have kept up with the darker side of JTV with a few of the newer blogs that are out there. Gossiphound includes me just about everynight — I appreciate that and in return I have included it in the Blogroll to the right here. Another new one included me in last night’s post and while it was a positive post (although I cringed when I saw the screen shot that was posted -ugg!), by morning I was sandwiched between the report on last night’s girl on girl action and some other less seemly JTV channel stream details. It’s gotten to the point where I am convinced I will never be able to tell my family what I’ve been up to and that’s a shame. I am sure my boys would like to see mom in the kitchen again. 🙂

I’ve sent suggestions to JTV Central to bring some ideas to them about how to at least begin taking care of some of this, but frankly, without spending a lot of dough on tools and manpower, I don’t know that there is an answer other than putting those that get their kicks by broadcasting porn, drugs and the like behind a wall, making it abundantly clear what lurks behind the curtain and putting up a “Click here” button.


Mediterranean Potato and Egg Salad

I made it over to Arunaud’s channel finally. He’s a nice Parisian guy — yes, with the wonderful French accent. He was hanging out with his friends and just having a fun Friday evening. Unfortunately the room was not free of the brainless wonders we see all over the network in chat. Some of the more thickheaded comments came from a viewer wanting to see one of his guest’s armpits. I guess this witless creature read a magazine he found in his daddy’s night stand and read that French women don’t shave or something like that. The reason I bring this up is because Arnaud and his friends were totally clueless to what the chatter was asking. A few of the more doltish comments were not something that Arnaud seemed familiar with, so in this sense, ignorance truly is bliss. After a while one of them seemed to get bored and another was banned.


Anyway … Arnaud said he would take us to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and other places of interest this weekend. Like I’ve said uncountable times in this blog in the past, this is what I tune in for. Interesting, intelligent, imaginative, creative, educational broadcasts are what make JTV worthwhile.

I came across a new channel — Midol Girl — and happened to step in just as she was having a dialog about the less than pleasant chat scrolling across her screen. Apparently she has never liked the idea of mods or as she called it, censorship, but she stated that having her room and her intent to have intelligent movie review chat disrupted by people wanting to do nothing more than chat about their genitals she has finally changed her mind and pulled the stream as she went off (not sure where) to “find some mods.” Of course, the most blatant offenders in her room were making pleas to be her mods, but I get the feeling she is a bit more savvy than to just jump in and make total strangers her “enforcers.” We’ll see.

What I found interesting about the room was the topic and yet, the room name did not give any indication of this at all. I happened upon the room by clicking the Next Channel button. She made an interesting comment about JTV being no different than the other streaming video sites with their rampant porn and how she hoped this would be different. From what I’ve seen, read and heard around the site in the past couple of weeks, it feels as though more and more people are getting fed up.

An Idea


Channel Names

Dinner with Justopia in the background surrounded by Justopia-created cookbooks and power

I am not sure — it’s quite possible that the JTV team has thought of this or possibly has done this already, but I had a very “old fashioned” business idea. This worked for me and my teams and for the company in much larger groups during my working years and for the problem that we are seeing on JTV I think it might be time. Justin told us a couple of weeks ago that he’s spending far too much time handling abuse reports and I sent him some suggestions, but today I was thinking with a different hat.

I think a brainstorming session is in order. Not a willy-nilly let’s sit and chat about everything and anything, but an organized session with leaders from all over he industry, perhaps some lifecasters and viewers and the JTV team. I see two days — really more of a strategy session. There needs to be an agenda with objectives for what they truly hope to achieve by the end of the day. Putting the right people in a room together, breaking them up into organized breakout groups to work on specific problems and bringing everyone back with formulated ideas to work through is very effective, but it has to be done intelligently and with professionalism. I’ve experienced The Six Thinking Hats method for working through new ideas and have always found it very helpful, very effective.

I just wish the JTV crew would consider doing something like this. It’s time to get te ugly off JTV — for all of us.


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