The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly and a Little bit of Morocco in Justopia

NOTE: You can find the recipe for the beef tagine featured in tonight’s Moroccan Night with Justopia by clicking on the links under the images below.


Let’s just get the worst of this morning’s JTV experience out of the way, shall we? I woke up bright and cheery this morning and thinking about our scheduled Moroccan Night dinner and headed right to the Mac to wake it up. What I was met with on the channel bar was mostly silent channels. There was one that definitely was not silent, however and actually, it made me want to run from the room screaming. I am not going to detail what I saw, but suffice it to say that when Michael got to the office this morning, the channel and all of the highlights that were created quickly disappeared. I think Gossiphound referred to some of this morning’s channels as “smutty” and I’d have to go along with that description. As many in the room pointed out, there was no nudity, but surely it was not appropriate for the network, no matter the adult content warning. I can’t recall if it even had a gate set up, but thankfully the broadcast was short-lived. I still can’t bring myself to telling most of my friends or any of my family to tune in because of what they may see on the bar and for those friends that I have disclosed my secret JTV life to, I am now somewhat embarrassed by what they are exposed to. Luckily, we all worked together at AOL for over a dozen years, so none of this is new to any of us. It may even be comical — as though we’ve stepped back in time to those pioneering days when it truly was the Wild Wild West.


It was Moroccan Night with Justopia Beef Tagine — DEEElicious!

The Bad

It looks like some channels keep their stream up even when away from their machines in a kind of placeholder position. I don’t know, maybe they are worried that if they take the stream down when hey are done broadcasting they will have technical issues? There’s got to be a good answer, I just haven’t come up with it yet.

And now …

The Good!


Beef Tagine, Steamed Cauliflower, Rice with Sumack and a Chick Pea Salad

I stopped into Alexa‘s room this morning to say hi and she was just getting out of bed. Once settled we ended chatting about books. There weren’t many people in the room so we could focus on one topic. We decided that it would be great for someone to set up a channel for a book club. It would have to be a two way dialog to make it worthwhile, but with such diverse tastes and interests, I bet it could be an awesome group and would make for interesting broadcasts and “conversation.”

Something to think about.


A short while later I saw an icon of the former CNN news anchor, Carol Lin appear on the channel bar. I remembered Michael telling us in a chat room a couple of weeks ago that JTV had lined her up and that she would be doing a kind of Cancer Outreach broadcast. What I saw this morning after watching and then heading over to her blog, which can be found under the link in her profile or here, is that it’s going to be about much more than cancer. It appears that we have the makings of a very helpful, very interactive, very important new channel at JTV that will deal with healthcare issues, questions, and concerns from all walks of life and from all over the world.


After finding her “voice” carollinreporting was up and running like a champ. It took a while to get the audio running and once she did, we experienced the issue of echo, but after explaining how to combat that problem and letting her know that it’s something you have to address each time you launch your broadcast, she was sounding great. It would be impressive if JTV would get that Lifecaster “handbook” published. I don’t recall when Justin mentioned it, but it’s been months. Justin, Michael … I know at least one of you pokes your head in and reads me at some point … why don’t we chat about this? I’m game. Hell, I’ve put my own book (the one I’ve been ever so slowly writing for the past few years) on the back burner and replaced it with all things JTV. It seems like having the mad JTV blog-hog write the Art of Zen JTV Lifecasting or JTV Lifecasting for Dummies or , You Want me to Broadcast what? Of course I’m kidding with these titles, but it’s the best I can do at 1am after a full JTV day.

An interesting thing we were part of in Carol’s stream this morning was the opportunity to weigh in on a story idea she was tossing around. What a great way to use the medium and show it’s true potential. She also has a very easy manner and luckily was not plagued with spammers or haters or anything else we see so often on the network. Hopefully it will stay this way. The last thing we need to see is Carol Lin with a shoe on her head! She will need to get some reliable — translated to mean, not overly conservative, power hungry, out of control — mods in the room soon though. Once she gains visibility I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before the masses storm the gates.


As my regular readers know, I have a special interest in healthcare, so I will be paying close attention to this channel and will look forward to meaningful information and discussion going forward.


2 Responses

  1. Ok you just made me laugh. I just had this thought in my head of things getting out of hand in Carol’s channel and in 2 days she’ll have shoe on head and will be trying to out-do Bradman.

  2. Hi PC,

    I tuned into Carol Lin’s channel this morning and she wasn’t there. I noticed that my comments were the last ones in the room and that was yesterday, so it seems she hasn’t launched a broadcast yet today. Maybe later. She seems pretty savvy though, so I bet she won’t fall for the Shoe on Head nonsense. Let’s hope.

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