Fall Doldroms and a Nod to Grey’s Anatomy

What to Watch?

I have found that there is little inspiration around the network lately to get my creative juices flowing, and that disturbs me. Sure. I could go through, channel by channel picking apart the broadcasts limb by limb, but for what reason? It just a new medium with people trying their hand at sharing their lives in some way, no matter how large or trivial. When I come upon something that fires me up, good or bad, I share. There’s no holding back.



Chicken Salad on country bread

In my quest to find something of interest on the network I clicked on a channel I had not seen before — Ashley Is Awesome. I stopped because the chatter was about cake decorating and it caught my interest. Ashley is a 19 year old girl that quickly moved on from talking about her cake decorating background to stories about inappropriate behavior of a few of her former teachers. I believe she was talking about high school. The stories were horrific in terms of the incredibly inappropriate things these teachers did and what made it all sad was that Ashley said she didn’t report the teachers because she didn’t want to get a failing grade in the classes. She is from somewhere in Texas and said that when teachers in her area are reported they are generally not fired, but rather moved to another school. It’s hard to determine what really goes on where she lives and in her life, but it’s just a shame that she has those memories. The people in chat seemed to be goading her on somewhat, but others seemed to take an interest and to express some empathy. Empathy is not the norm in many of the channels on JTV. I don’t know that we are going to be treated to any of her cake decorating, so I moved on. I have a feeling there are people that would be interested in some cake decorating broadcasts — I know I would be.

By the way … just before I left the room, I saw this comment: myamazinglycrazylife: THIS ROOM IS CURRENTLY IN SLOW MODE . I am not sure why someone dropped it into slow mode. There were just 46 viewers and it seemed to be easy to read, but perhaps it was in slow mode the entire time. Who knows.

Lighter Fare for Dinner

I’m sorry!  I could not resist.  I may have to rethink my opinion on RR — she’s pretty entertaining to watch here.

After dinner and the clean up tonight we talked a bit and I decided to call it a night. I need to spend some time planning next week’s menu. I’ve been challenged to do 5 days of quality, low cost meals and am going to have to really think this one through.

Tonight’s meal, although not complicated and extravagant (outside of the ridiculously expensive forest mushrooms from Williams-Sonoma) was a nice change from the heavier meals we’ve been putting together. I made mushroom soup because I had so much broth from the mushrooms left over from yesterday and wanted to use some of it. It was a Tony Bourdain recipe and although I tweaked it a bit to work with the ingredients I had in the house, it was great! I have a great lunch in store for me tomorrow. The soup photos that I shot do not present well, so I will have to give it another go tomorrow.

Anatomy 101


Pumpkin Muffin

In the meantime, once I stopped the broadcast I took a stroll around the channel bar and was very disappointed. Without the ECV schtick, there really is nothing to watch during the late night/early morning hours. There were channels with absolutely nothing happening and channels with stuff going on that just makes me scratch my head in and wonder what goes on in the minds of lifecasters and their viewers. There was gross talk in the surgeon’s room, but I gather not self-imposed. The room seemed to thrive on the gross. I don’t know, I’m not sure, but I can see a Grey’s Anatomy episode or two coming out of this.


First of all, there was a channel with a bong smoking female that had some kind of vague similarity to her looks as the character George is married to. Are they still married? I don’t know, I have yet to watch any Fall TV yet with my JTV obsession. Anyway, I could picture the Gray’s docs sitting around Izzie’s apartment logged into JTV broadcasting and having some fun with the viewers.

Cut to a scene in the hospital where the chief is squirreled away in a broom closet watching the staff put keyboards on their heads and prodding viewers to hit the Chip-in button to help pay for medical school. Then, when we look back at chat, the username Denny_Duquette appears in the room and Izzie, who was standing up to go get another round of popcorn suddenly wilts and falls atop the gang and the JTV watching tableau. We go to commercial break and since there are no coming attractions for the following week, we are left to our own devices and imagination. Chat is scrolling uncontrollably until someone puts it into Slow Mode and we see speculation and even wagering on who the guy or gal behind the Deny_Duquette username might be.


We’ve had so many long-time viewers disappear into the ether that it’s very much a toss up, but I’ve got my choice for the best Denny_Duquette. You never know who may be lurking around in a costume or behind a mask. Who do you think?


4 Responses

  1. Mmmmmm….those muffins look sooooo goood! CHOMP! CHOMP!

  2. Please, help yourself Spooks! As a matter of face, have two! 🙂

  3. Hi again Justopia,

    Thanks for a long post. Too bad I don’t have much to reply about, since I don’t know much about ashley, grey’s anatomy, or denny_duquette. 😦

    Yea, after a bunch of heavy meals it is great to have a lighter meal, like a chicken salad sandwich. *looks* That seems like a huge sandwich you made there. *mouth gapes wide open* :O

    Your pumpkin cupcakes seems nice too, I never tried a pumpkin anything before…. well I lied; I had a pumpkin pie before… too bad t was kinda bland.

    I tried clicking on the rachael ray clip, but all I got was this link, https://justopia.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/img_3897.JPG. It is a nice overhead picture of the sandwich and alll, but I wanted to see what is the fuss about RR.

    *WARNING: rachael ray rant*
    Speaking of RR, she annoys me a little when I hear her overuse non-words like YUM-O, Delish, EVOO (dictionary word now for stupid reasons), etc… Or when she says ummmm…guuud… Well, whatever, she is just a celeb chef anyways–not like she had any formal training in English and cooking. O well, if I don’t like, I won’t watch her, which is what I have been doing since I first saw her shows.

    Sorry for the incoherent rant, but I had to get it out. Now I feel better. Maybe spookygrl can share with me some of the pumpkin muffins she got from you. 🙂

    Well cya Justopia, sorry about the short long reply.

  4. Hi Oddnumber,

    I am not sure why that youtube video did not come up for you … I just clicked and it played. Also, your comment came in two flavors. One was marked as Anonymous and one as your real name. Strangeness all around WordPress. I think they added a feature today, so that could be it.

    I don’t really watch RR myself, but she does have an infectious smile and laugh. This youtube clip is just a montage that would get your ire up because it’s just her saying all those things she always says. Some dedicated viewer spent some time putting it together. haha

    Yes, dinner was lighter. As for it being a big sandwich, some of it landed on the plate, but it wasn’t too big to take a bite out of.

    Tonight’s meal probably won’t appeal to you — A Moroccan tagine ,but it was deeeelicious!

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