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Record Broken


Pasta with Pancetta and Tomatoes and Sautee’d Zucchini

I can’t believe I am about to do this, but … I’e got nothing to write about. I took my channel on the road — to Starbuck’s and Barnes & Noble this afternoon. It was a strange experience being on camera, but not speaking. People said things that made me laugh and I had to work hard not to laugh out loud and look like some kind of nut. I suppose I did anyway.

I took a look at the JTV blog and noticed that there was some great attention from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times. The NYT article was the best piece IMHO, but it’s good to get wide visibility. I noticed one or two people mention that they were here checking out JTV because of the NYT article. I am wondering how long it will take for my family to stumble across my channel. They all read the NYT cover to cover each day. Now that could make for an interesting phone call.

Life Calls


I am expecting the Comcast guy in the next 4 – 7 hours, so I need to get to bed. It’s interesting to see that without EastCoastVegas around, the network feels dead. The viewer numbers show over 1000 viewers, but almost 100% of all channels on the bar have absolutely nothing going on. #1 is Nekomimi_lisa with night vision video of her sleeping. I wonder what would happen if I cooked at 1am? I could do drinking food — you know, the after the bar Denny’s kind of greasy eggs and bacon type thing. I just might try that this weekend!

I will post the recipes for tonight’s dinner in the morning.


5 Responses

  1. I guess this is becoming routine now, me checking your blog and commenting on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your post are getting shorter and shorter everyday your internet is in need of repair, I hope the fix from comcast will remedy this trend. *crosses fingers*

    Well I tried to socialize onto JTV today, but it is not the same anymore. Most of the old livecaster are not broadcasting… at least not as much anymore. I spent about thirty minutes hopping from channel to channel trying to find what interested me, or if there was someone I knew or chatted with before. Then I saw ben_cartwright’s channel and I popped in for a little chit chat while also hopping into dungeon_master’s channel, since they were playing some hard rock, before I had to do some work.

    Overall, I enjoyed JTV, but I also miss the old one, and the previous chatters, which makes me kinda uneasy. ( I mostly miss the old ggjeffy and his room)

    As for your meal, it looks a little jumbled, presentation is a bit messy, but I kinda like it that way, since it makes it more welcoming to dig in. You did not comment on how it tastes, so I am guessing the dish is so-so, but from what I see the dish is what I expected from an italian cuisine. What kind of cheese is that on top?… is it Mozarrella or parmesan? What herbs you used? I can only imagine what it smells or tastes like…

    Denny’s at night? Greasy Sausages, Bacon and Eggs? I think I need a tall glass of water now… I have nothing against it, but these foods are so dehydrating and full of cholesterol, salt, fats, and oils, which induces a headache in me.

    Oh man.. I just read my post, and it seems like I am complaining. I am sorry, I am just saying what I am thinking right now, sorry if it sounds like a rant or being rude.

    As for NYT, it is great that JTV got featured. Sooner or later a lot more people (maybe peven people you know) will eventually find out about JTV, since JTV seems like it is growing steadily into a larger more diverse community. Maybe you can eventually let people you know into the world of JTV and eventually the world of JUSTOPIA.

    Quando la pera รจ matura, casca da sรจ,
    Ciao Justopia

  2. Mmmmmmmm….Greasy eggs&bacon! Pleeeaseeeee… it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love greasy eggs and bacon. Don’t forget the home fries/hash browns. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was offline for a week in the hospital and since I’ve come back into the jtv world, things have changed tremendously in this rather short amount of time. There are now dozens and dozens of new lifecasters with a lot of the old casters either gone or only casting a few hours each day. I look around the channels for familiar names but usually come up empty. I guess this is the way things evolve though.

  4. Hi Oddnumber,

    This is becoming de rigeur, but there’s nothing wrong with a little routine, right?

    The meal was good. The pasta was not heavy which was what I was looking for. I made the recipe on the fly and did enjoy it. As I was shooting the snap, I noticed that the parmesan I had grated on top of it right after plating up took on a strange look, but that was because it hit the hot pasta and I snapped before it could totally melt. The zucchini was really great, especially in light of the previous broccoli rabe experience.

    The blog posts are getting shorter and shorter. As you can tell from my “voice,” I have no rant in me at the moment. What I see is, what we call in my family, a “Deadbeat Bore,” so I have spent my time doing other things. When dinner time crawls up on me, I am absorbed in cooking and demoing and then hanging out with viewers for a while before heading back into the channels and looking for something to inspire me.

    You can’t pay for inspiration. You can’t force inspiration. When a muse flutters away, there is no backup. Since I don’t want to go the route of some other casters, I have tried to stay away from watching channels and picking them apart, limb by limb.

    And on the — letting people know about Justopia — well, each week it seems I tell someone new and have 3 dimensional friends either watching and participating, or lurking and getting their JTV legs. There will come a time when it won’t be my deep dark secret any longer, but I want to work on improving before I get to that point.

    Thanks for continuing to read and comment!

  5. Spooky and Bkiff,

    Maybe it will be an eggs and bacon weekend — we’ll see.

    And Bkiff, it seems that there is a life cycle for casting. That at some point, people get tired of it or something happens that makes them pull out. I’m not sure. Some may not like competing with the “Girls of the Bar” that appear most nights. Just a guess.

    I think it’s worth riding out the changes. We just don’t know who might end up Lifecasting and I’d hate to miss something truly awesome!

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