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A recommended highlight caught my eye this morning so I clicked away and was taken to a great Photoshop tutorial for people looking for help creating a banner for their channel. What great content on the network! There is so much potential for and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, things are evolving basically in the moment. Like the early days of the major online services, it’s the Wild Wild West. While there are “law abiding” citizens living their lives here, cowboys abound and the sheriffs are a bit overwhelmed right now. It takes time to create civilization and at this point, I’d say the work hasn’t even begun … the new world is still being formed.

I took most of the day off from JTV for a change. I ventured out into the world, much against my better judgement and met them for a long lunch. The good news was that the Washington Redskins were playing so not many people were out and about. I was beginning to feel like “The Girl in the Bubble” after having been housebound for all but 2 hours in the past 12 days and decided I just had to experience the world. To hell with germs! Bleh on you!


Roast Chicken, Baked-Stuffed Potato, and a Very Disappointing Broccoli Rabe, or what to me tasted like Braised Tobacco

On Again, Off Again

I have been challenged with broadband connectivity issues tonight and am not sure how long my connection will remain stable enough to actually get this post published. So, rather than spending time writing only to have it crash, I am going to stop here. I could not get Comcast to come out and help me until Tuesday morning, but think I will head for some wireless connectivity at Starbucks and sit outside in the fall sun and hang out on JTV, Monster and CareerBuilder in an attempt to be more productive than normal.


I will make every attempt to get online for some Italian food tomorrow evening, but if I am not there, you’ll know why. 🙂 I’ll Twitter from my phone, so if you follow me, or if you just want to check in, you always keep up with my goings on that way.


2 Responses

  1. Hello there again Justopia!

    Sorry to hear that you are having some connectivity issues, but it is great that you are having some fresh air (or Starbucks air) and time away from the 2-D world of JTV.

    Your meal seems very good, too bad your broccoli did not work out. To me your dish seems somewhat refreshing compared to the dish on the last post, since it is not as fried :).

    Italian Food! I love Italian food. Italian dishes always have aromas which appeal to me and their flavors are abundant and strong. Butter, Garlic, Basil, Oregano, Chives, Lime, etc…, their meals are so hearty I cannot wait to see what you cook tomorrow (or the next post…). I think I know where we got the saying, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…” *runs away in glee*

    PS. *runs back* It is okay if you do not talk bad about ECV. From your posts he seems like he is cleaning up a bit…, but I haven’t been hanging around JTV so I do not hear what is going on in that world from others.

    Hear from you soon Justo, Ciao

  2. Hi Oddnumber,

    I feel like a million bucks! I went to bed at a much better time and woke up at a normal time, so I am happy. And … I got online without a problem! 🙂

    The broccoli rabe is a mystery to me. I have made it plenty of times but when I pulled this bunch out of the bag — I did not choose it myself since I ordered the groceries online — it looked different and I noticed a tobacco smell to the leaves, but thought I would cook it up anyway. I’ll be looking it again in the grocery store seeing what the difference was. Dinner was lighter for sure.

    We’ll see what I come up with tonight.

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