How Did We Get to Disney II? Social Networking Sites Can Have a Posititve Impact and Another Swedish Meatball Dinner



A look inside InventionLand

I didn’t take a look around the network until after lunch today. It was a nice break. When I went in and took a look up at the channel bar, I noticed Bradman up in the #1 position with 611 viewers and iJustine in #2 with over 500 viewers. Ok, enough said about that. It is what it is, and for those of us that enjoy the network it’s about what’s happening in the channels, what kind of content is being delivered, community interaction and although not across the board, sharing and camaraderie.


If you’ve heard me say this once, you’ve heard it almost 162 times, I like having the opportunity to learn something new almost every day on JTV. Today is no exception. iJustine is touring a place called Inventionland. She was not given much detail about what she would be seeing or doing at the mysterious place, but after an enthusiastic introduction delivered by the company founder, she was soon taken behind a hidden wall to what to me looked and felt like a cross between Disneyland/World and a sort of Middle Earth. Well, not totally, but I have a great imagination. Justine was inspired and walked away thinking that this could be a great place for designers/inventors to create ideas to help Lifecasters.


Swedish Meatballs, Steamed Green Beans and Pasta

I am game for that!

MySpace IS Helpful


I was tooling around my new MySpace area this afternoon trying to make heads or tails of the thing and how to make JustopiaCooks more succinct, clear, user friendly — you know … a place people would want to spend some time. I was in my mailbox checking out friend requests and noticed a few ads. What struck me first was a photo of Tony Bourdain! One of my culinary and travel heroes. When I scanned the small ads further, I noticed they were all culinary-centric. Ok, so MySpace profiles and from what I see on first glance, hit the nail on the head … at least for me.

I clicked on the Bourdain link which brought me to the Smithsonian education series and I quickly, without missing a beat, registered for a lecture at a DC university that is being held next month which is titled, “Around the World on an Empty Stomach.” What could be better designed for Justopia, the woman with wanderlust who has created a cooking channel on JTV?! I am thrilled to say the least and look forward to this event.


Now I just have to hope that I don’t pull a shift at the new job that night, although I will happily trade a weekend evening shift with someone to get there. Did I mention I was flexible?


We had a great dinner tonight! I was in the mood for a fall meal and thought everyone would have fun with Swedish Meatballs, Steamed Green Beans and Pasta. I wanted to make it a little less calorie-laden than it has been as well as a bit more cost effective. The great thing was that Linus and another viewer from Sweden (swedensuse) were watching tonight and I was a bit nervous. I wanted to make the national dish — at least national as we know it in the USA — properly. It turned out well, but … The best part of the cooking was when swedensuse came up with the idea for me to make a dessert with bananas, butter and brown sugar. I took my own twist on it and added broken pecans and a splash of kaluah. I was tempted to flambe it, but turned the gas off just before I poured the alcohol in. Can I just say — it was DEEElicious!

This is not new videio, but I figured why reinvent the wheel. — Right?

I have decided to make this a regular part of the show. I will list the ingredients available and someone or a group will suggest what I should make with it all. This is the true reality TV, is it not?


Justine lives up to her word to sleep in the Steelcase box all week — great sponsorship


4 Responses

  1. Hi justopia!,

    Since I don’t have enough time to spend on anymore, I decided to check your blog today to catch up on some of the news going on and it was very informative. There seems to be a lot going on now and a little bit more drama… Letting anyone create an account on JTV now is a little odd, since that makes JTV a little bit like USTREAM now, only with a diffrerent layout.

    On the other hand, your meals look as tasty as ever, and you are also doing some desserts now, which is always a plus! However, the meal you had this day seems kinda heavy. I love how the butter glazed banana with pecans look and I can only imagine how the coffee-like flavor of kalhua(sp) tastes with it.

    Thanks for blogging and cooking Jutsopia

  2. Hi Again Oddnumber,

    You can get a run down of many of the channels at this recent blog offering: Gossiphound runs down many of the channel offerings so you can get a real bird’s eye view.

    JTV has changed, but it doesn’t disturb me really. I will just decide who and when I want to view. I don’t tell family about this and hold back from telling most friends, because I don’t want anyone coming to JTV and seeing some of the stuff here — they’d have me committed, but I do believe that this new medium will become something one day and the girls sitting on their couch or bed or whatever asking for donations will morph into something else and we will be seeing lifecasting in the news like it’s everyday, normal stuff. Kind of like the Drudge Report became mainstream news for so many people.

    You are correct about the meals. I am looking thorugh magazines and cookbooks and scanning the broadcast channels for some good dinner inspiration right now and plan to do something that i not all fried and heavy. I haven’t made dessert in a while and last night’s “off the cuff” suggestion from a viewer was a lot of fun. I ate about 1/2 of it because it was pretty sweet, but it was fun to whip something up on a quick suggestion.

  3. Justopia I don’t want to live in a world where the Drudge Report is mainstream news for so many people!

  4. I hear ya PC. I think media today is all about one-upsmanship in an effort to get viewers in a drive to get more advertisers. Finding unbiased, true news becomes tougher every day. The advent of video phone has enabled anyone to call in news reports or be called and asked about their observations and opinions. The issue I have with it all is just that — opinions. I was taught news should be unbiased. That has flown out the window.


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