Kitchen UnConfidential, a New Partnership and Beauty is in the Eye of …

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A westward view, toward the Shenandoah Mountains

How does this sound: iJustine and Dez in a kitchen in Pittsburgh. Justopia in her compact kitchen in Virginia. Meats and produce, carbs and condiments flying off the blade of a knife with ease; both scenes broadcast on JTV with a voice connection to both kitchens via Skype? It sounds like a great opportunity to share useful information, tips, tricks, recipes, and more in an interactive setting to me. Justin, Michael and I have bounced the idea of a “cook-off” around a couple of times, but rather than waiting for this to come to fruition, why not do it sooner rather than later and with personality?

iJustine and I “spoke” for a brief moment this morning and decided we are both interested in setting this up — I think it will be a fun time and I suspect it will make for fun times for all involved.

You Make Me Laugh!

Ok, it’s 3:07am EDT and I just tucked myself into bed and thought I’d check mail one last time (a terrible holdover from my type A work personality) and took a brief sidestep to iJutine’s channel. I saw something in ECV’s room tonight about Justine sleeping in a box and didn’t pay any attention to it — well, MISTAKE! I should have taken a look hours ago. From what I see, she is literally sleeping in a steelcase box! Now … Steelcase makes fine office furniture, not doubt. I’ve spent countless hours propped up in a Steelcase chair in a Steelcase office behind a Steelcase desk (although I much prefer Herman Miller) 😉 But to sleep in one of their boxes? From what I can see in the remaining chat history, iJustine got a Steelcase chair and decided sometime this evening that it would be fun to sleep in the box.


You know, I can’t say it’s such a wacked, weird, wild idea. I clearly remember rolling down hills in boxes that earlier in the day contained refrigerators or dishwashers or outdoor playground equipment and I remember it being fun! Well, fun until the box came to a stop and my equilibrium caught up with my stomach and decided that rolling down in a hill in a box was not the perfect combo after lunch. I have to hand it to Justine for knowing how to make things interesting. I’d like to see how tough it is for a 20-something to find her way out of a box when she wakes up though. I would imagine at my age I would end up staying in the box until a friend or neighbor was able to find a crowbar to help me exit.

Kiss and Make Up?

After last night’s virtual rumble, it looks like Anthony and ECV came to terms and found common ground. Tonight, on ECV’s broadcast, we were treated to three new examples of banner art for his channel. There was a vote, but due to a bit of technical difficulty, I am not sure that a final outcome was realized, but the examples were good … ok, I can’t actually say I loved all the shots of ECV — especially the one with the posable thumb, that was kind of weird. My vote might be to rotate the banners on a routine, periodic basis for variety.

What I’m curious about is the sudden change of heart amongst the two men. When once, just 24 hours prior they were at sparring with each other, today they are working well together. How does that happen and can they make it work for warring nations?! They might both have the answer to world peace and be future Nobel Peace Prize winners. What a news story that would make and we could all be part of history.

ECV and Quintano_media — bearers of peace.

Chicken Wings


Buffalo Wings, Corn Cakes, Coleslaw and Blue Cheese Dressing

Tonight was an inexpensive, quick and easy meal night. We made Buffalo Wings, Coleslaw and Corn Bread. ECV decided to pick up the ingredients to cook along with the cast. I was busy prepping — have to watch what you’re doing in the kitchen when you’re working with hot fat — but he did pop in every so often to let us know he was cooking. I’m not sure if he ended up with anything edible, but good questions were asked and answered, I think some good tips were offered and in the end, a great meal was demo’d.

As the cool weather moves in, I am beginning to put together menus to give us all comfort and to keep us warm. We’ll do some extravagant meals, but many people want to learn the basics, learn how to produce meals that are not extremely time consuming and maybe most importantly — will not drain our bank accounts! I’m seeing a great JTV cookbook in my future — what do you think?!



Corn cake closeup

We have experienced the new open to the masses JTV network for just under two weeks now and new channels pop up daily. Like many others, I don’t wander into the directory frequently, but there are other lifecasters that do take us on tours of the rest of the network. There appears to be more skin and beauty on the channel bar than there was just a couple of weeks ago, but with that, seems to come a more provocative air to the network. What looks like a good step toward protecting minors is the new Younger Audience Content Filter that the JTV team put in place this week. It’s a little frustrating to not be able to just lurk in a room with the filter enabled, but I understand why this is being done and applaud JTV’s efforts. With some of the things we have seen on the service of late having a gate, some kind of protection for either minors or unsuspecting viewers in general is needed.

I’m not sure that what I perceive to be art or as interesting or worthwhile is what others would view in the same way, but IMHO, to keep people interested in a channel requires some forethought, effort and planning. I am not interested in watching someone just because they are attractive — hell, there is an entire planet of people out there and millions right in the city I live in so why would I spend time watching virtual people when I can have face to face interaction with people? Because there is something to learn — some slice of life to experience across the digital ocean that I would not have otherwise experienced if I had not logged onto JTV. It’s got to be worth my time and so far, I have found something to watch every day since April 22.



Tomorrow is the start of a new day for me. First of all I can finally get out of the house for a short while and into the big bad world (bottle of Purell in hand!) and to attend an orientation session at a new part time job. I am looking forward to getting out. I am excited not only about the experience of working in a place that I enjoy going to myself, but also am excited to meet new people and that one day, when they least expect it, I will spring JTV on them! It’s even possible that I might meet people that want to make guest appearances. I tend to dream large — maybe we will broadcast cooking demonstrations from the store. Yep, my imagination is running away with me … but hey! It’s good to have dreams!


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  1. Good luck with your new part-time job! I think it’s a good thing:) **spooky hugs**

  2. Thanks Spooks! I am looking forward to a good time tonight. 🙂

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