Spooky, Scary Stuff on the Network Tonight, First Listen Music and the Makings of a Rumble

Note: New Recipes posted. More will be uploaded as time permits.

Where to Begin?


Pan Seared Tuna with a Brush of Aiolo Sauce

I am not sure where to start? Today was supposed to be a quiet day. I hadn’t planned on doing much other than the usual channel surfing and planning for the evening’s cooking event. But October 10, 2007 turned into something much different than a “normal” early October Fall day. It was as though someone pushed a button and the earth parted and all kinds of strange, mysterious and mystical creatures were suddenly looking up at me as I peered down.


It all seemed to start with a grassroots effort yesterday evening. There is some discord between a few lifecasters, which is probably no surprise to any of you by now. I touched on drama last night in my brief post and while I wanted to stick my head in the sand, I am not able to do so tonight. I have to scratch my head and think that if we could get people (myself included) to put as much effort into a grassroots effort for a worthwhile political candidate, that we might have our answer to making things better for all of our futures.


And in this Corner! …

The time and effort taken to putting up the “anti EastCoastVegas” sites seemed daunting, with changes being done on the fly. Before I could refresh, there were changes and happily, at one point my name (Justopia), which was rather obviously left glaring at me at each refresh was eventually taken down with a click of the mouse. Sure Justopia is not my real name. Sure it doesn’t really matter what anyone says about me, but if there are people that are interested in coming to my channel to watch me put together delicious meals, I’d rather not have my name dragged into the muck and mire that has become the fight between a couple of lifecasters.

Is it Real?

What has had me baffled all day is this question: Is the kicking and screaming between EastCoastVegas and Quintano_media real or is it staged? At one point during the day I tuned into ECV and he was speaking with BarronEntertainment. It appeared that Anthony was involved in the discussion at some level as well and they were talking about taking the fight to Vegas. Now ok, I am all for fun and games and even watching the drama unfold, but does anyone really think that there is a chance that a fight — I mean a fist-to-cuffs, spill some blood, or at least sucker punch the other guy kind of physical altercation is going to happen? There continue to be simliar overall viewer numbers across the network, even with scores of new channels, so what makes any of us think there would be a market to watch ECV and Anthony duke it out on PPV in Vegas?

And this is the reason my gut tells me this is all staged. At times it seems like both sides are really going at each other, and then there’s a hitch in someone’s voice, as though someone wants to laugh, and the laces on the glove are loosened just a bit. Call me crazy, but I am a skeptic.  Call me crazy, but it seems like it a pretty well produced show.  Anthony claiming to be #1 on the bar since the beginning of JTV, ECV claiming to be all the rage — yet, Justin and iJustine, until recently have always taken the #1 and #2 spots.  It’s like I am in some kind of time warp and people are just saying things to have their voice heard.  Am I the only one in a state of confusion here?!

I mean, I get it. ECV started out taking shots at everyone and after what I believe was a conversation with Justin or the team about what is and is not acceptable, he has pulled back, will remove photos or not post photos when asked and has mended some fences. He got passionate about things on his broadcast last night and had a “Network” moment — one of those “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore,” outbreaks, but it did show how he really felt.

What I am trying to figure out as I trudge my way through the events of the last couple of days on JTV is this — what would have made Anthony so angry? I could come up with a few possibiities:

  • ECV scoops Anthony with the news of the network opening to the masses
  • ECVpokes at Anthony’s sense of style and interview skills
  • ECV ranks up in the top slots on a daily basis

So ok, I get the scoop thing. Anthony worked hard to promote the interview he was conducting with Michael. He prepped with questions people around the network created and mailed to him. One of his last questions was about whether or not anything special was going to be happening on the network that could be communicated to us, but the answer to Anthony was a pat — No. Later in the evening, Michael entered ECV’s channel and beoke the news. So ok, that is a major scoop tossed aside.


That probably would have torqued me if I had done a lot of preparation for and event or an interview like this. As far as poking fun at Anthony’s set up and attire … Is it really that important? To me … no, it’s about substance, quality and not about how the person looks.

Some accusations about why the opposition sites went up were that Anthony was envious of ECV’s popularity. There is the question of the legitimacy of the stats as we all know, with some lifecasters fully admitting that they know how to stack the stats in their favor with sites such as the one MrNightOwl has created to be used for easy tab or browser opening. I recall Anthony creating an icon that was basically in protest of channel standings due to the ease of raising the viewer numbers, so I am not sure why the controversy?

Anyone Making Money?

The long and the short of it to me is this … no one is making money here. There have been a few lifecasters that have received donations. Some with good deeds in mind, like the lifecaster using donations to pay for materials for her students. Others wanting donations to fund their ability to take their lifecast mobile, or some looking for help with school tuition. It’s their prerogative, but it’s my choice to donate or not. I love choice!

If the truth is that no one is really making money here, why the clamor to the top spot on the channel bar? It is almost as though it’s a microcosm of what we experience around the globe daily. One country trying to top the other country — to take over and rule. Is that what JTV has become? Is this a kind of conflict among warring “states” in the network? If a channel ends up in the left-most spot on the channel bar, what is the reward? More people in the room to send in accolades or to bash the lifecaster and those in the room with him/her? What’s the payoff?

Who’s Behind the Name?


About the time I finished putting dinner together all hell really did break loose on JTV. I was doing the dishes when some of my Justopia_live friends began to show up as Justopia_live. It was a surreal experience. I worried that someone might be able to get into the Broadcaster tool, but don’t it didn’t seem to to be the case.

For a while it seemed that anarchy was going to reign. As I was finishing up and cleaning, attempting to follow chat, talking to viewers via IRC, but not knowing if I was being seen or heard clearly, people were flying around the network claiming a security breach or blaming the user name glitch on a variety of things — It was Dealer’s room, it was Anthony, it was ECV, it was … Who the hell knows what it was, but there was an error of some kind and it was eventually resolved. As part of it all, what did happen though was the appearance of few regular Justopia_live viewers appearing briefly as Justopia_live! Some in a male persona, others in the female, sometimes I didn’t know who I was or when I was logged in. It was an odd feeling, one of giving up control, but I had fun with it. We laughed, said funny things, in all, it was kind of a sense of freedom — just different.

Jacob made a stop in the room and within a few minutes things returned to “normal.” The dishes were done and with that I decided that in order to maintain the path to wellness and to the let the meds do their thing I should stop broadcasting and get to this post. Well, it’s now 3:32AM and I am STILL writing! Dozing off from time time to time, but still at it.

Taking Chances


The reason I am still here with fingers glued to the keyboard is because I got sucked into ECV’s broadcast. I looked in on him and he was doing an “interview” with Anthony. I am not sure at what point I walked in on it all, but there were barbs flying across both sides and ECV seemed to be in Skype heaven. After a few weeks of having viewer call-ins via a portable phone held up to his speakers, he was finally turned onto Skype and the quality and clarity were great. I toggled from Anthony’s page to ECV’s and the broadcast was clear on both sides. I’m not sure what the purpose of the interaction was. It was as though we were on a playground with a couple boys challenging each other to a fight — one willing participant and the other going along for the ride.

After the sparring concluded, ECV invited viewers to call in. Mynick called and weighed in with his opinion on viewer count stacking — short, sweet, to the point. I popped into the room and ECV caught wind of me which started him on the screen cap that he took the other night. I decided the only way to nip this thing in the bud was to make my own call into the show. It too was short and well, maybe not so sweet, but it all ended well.

He later played a new song by a new lifecaster named Jon Valenti. I enjoyed the song, although due to the limits of technology, there was that warble effect. Most people in the room were respectful to the artist, although unfortunately, there were a few immature, insensitive remarks made. Go figure.


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  1. Breaking News Justopia ……ECV and Quizno media are now working together ….. 🙂

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