Short, Sweet and to the Point — A Long Week Winds Down

On the Rebound

In the next few days Justopia should be back to the old Justopia — perky, upbeat and a cooking fiend. Tonight however begins the downhill slide to total wellness, so I am just going to post a few words and sign off for the night. I checked the dinner shots and they were too blurry to post, so we will go without photos tonight and wait for the sight to return to normal in a few days.


It was a strange day on the network. I spent time in Stacia’s room again since she was one of the only people up and about most of the day and when it came time for me to cook I had a visit by a fellow blogger that didn’t take too kindly to the post I published last night. It appears that there was a bit of a misunderstanding when he was on the phone with ECV last night and he claimed in my room that he was not telling us what we had to write, but that what we write is not factual. I then found out he included me in a raging video tonight, but what are you gonna do? You put yourself out there and someone is likely to have a reaction. Surely you all remember when Justin got so peeved at me a few months ago and while I was not at home watching, he looked straight into the camera and let me have it. I take my lumps, have even pulled blog posts, and have moved on. Often it’s well deserved. I apologize when I have stepped out of line and I just go away when I don’t.

Appreciative Lifecasters

I stepped into SilverLining’s room. She wanted help understanding her kitchen knife set — what blade is used for what kind of food, etc. so I walked her through the set and she seemed genuinely happy. It’s good to know that people can actually get some help here.  A worthwhile lifecast of an everyday life.

I took a poke into SpookyMcgee’s room tonight and she was her usual chipper self.  She is a good cast to end the night with — it’s always upbeat and positive, which is what is needed after a long day of observing and participating in the world of JTV.

Personal JTV Angst

There is a lot I have to say tonight, but before I got off on a rant and say things that are better left unsaid, I will stop with this … If you think you know what I am feeling. If you think you know what my beliefs are. If you think you understand what makes me tick and you have not spoken with me in person, have not had personal contact with me, step back before making any further judgement about my character. I am what I am — what you see on cam or in the rooms or in this blog is me. No airs. No fake, phony or put on here. The Louis Vuitton I carry is Louis and the Bally I wear is Bally. No knock offs for me and that is how I am each night on camera. I have shared what is currently the most intimate part of my life this past week and have done all but put up the shots of a peripheral line running steroids into my veins for you to experience my world as it is — in the moment. So, if you make a perceived judgement of what I am thinking about as you troll the network you may wish to step back and think twice.

It’s all getting a little old.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Justopia – I stayed clear of all the drama going on lately. There are too many personal attacks. Anyways, this has given me an oppurtunity to check out other channels on JTV that don’t make that top bar. One of the casters I spoke with was a 25-year-old French guy from Paris. He is having a dinner party today and we are invited to watch. I told him that he should show us what life is like for a 20 something single male in Paris. Anyways he can’t go mobile but he will take us to the Eiffel Tower on Saturday.

    Anyways, I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Hi PC!

    That sounds like a great channel. I’ll have to check him out. I’d love to see the Eiffel tower and to experience a dinner party from afar. It will be great to see the food, the interaction, etc.

    Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading. I have had some sleep and the phone stopped ringing and I am feeling more “normal” now.

  3. No drama over here on the Fried Chicken & Watermellon Channel. We’s happy Justopia. All good in the hood over here 😉

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