Plea from a Fellow, but Tenured Lifecaster

Where is Everyone?


Lamb Chops, Pearl Couscous, Tomatoes and Parsley — Yummy!

Of the 16 channels on the bar this morning, only 3 show living, breathing people. The rest are either showing the JTV monkey or a fuzzy stream or a bed with or without someone snoring in it. Where is everyone? I guess Sunday mornings are not so exciting. I am usually not up this early, but lately I’ve found myself in bed by 1:30 and up by 7. Ugh. It’s lonely out here. I am getting less sleep now then I was when I was spending my days up watching, casting, blogging all things JTV and I am having a tough time keeping my head up today. It will be a light blog day today, but I will be cooking tonight.

I’ve put up some of the recipes and they can be found under the Cheftopia link or under the Blogroll to the right. I’ve got work to do on the page, but not until I am up on my feet like normal again. It’s a start for all who have asked though.



On the Fly Baked Apple with Pecans, Golden Raisins and Cream

I’ve had a lot of friends come by this week while I’ve been riding the steroid highway to better health and they have all been interested in this JTV life of mine. Today a good friend offered to be my chat room reader so that I can pay more attention to the kitchen and the cooking so that I will hopefully not have a flare-up like I did the other night when I had the accidental flambe! The highlight that was created has had received over 609 hits and has 15 votes. It is pretty damn funny, but it scared the stuff out of me for a second. I guess it just shows that I’m human and trying to do everything and paying attention to chat can be a little risky.



I received a note from a Lifecaster I respect today that has been unable to get her stream up and running for over 30 hours. She is one of the channels we can count on for interesting repartee and who has even given us a view of the world from thousands of miles away. To say she is frustrated is understating the issue. It looks like she finally got things worked out this afternoon and is back and running, but I guess the big frustration was not getting a response from the JTV team in what she felt was a timely fashion. I suppose until they are able to hire more people to enable them to have round the clock support, it would be good to have the SLA or turnaround time goals posted. I think I’ve suggested this in the past, but an auto-reply is a good idea. That way people will at least realize that their mail did not go into a big black hole never to be received or acknowledged. At least the sender realizes it has made it to a mailbox somewhere. The next suggestion would be that I’d imagine there are a lot of eager helpers out there that could man a box or two with canned responses to generic mail.

Ah! Justopia, take off your customer support – call center hat and get back into the Lifecaster, watcher, bloger fame of mind. I can not complain, one of the guys is always fast on the reply button to me and I appreciate that very much. Well, maybe not always, some things I have written about have not received any reply, but I have received a quick turn around to those things I value as most important.



One thing I want to note is that those people I have spoken with about JTV and have shown the site to have all said how remarkable it is that I have gotten so involved and what great friends I have made here, and I have to agree — 100%. I am not sure how I would have managed sitting around here all week on my couch without my 2D friends. Thank you all!

I am going to call it a night here so that I can get some much needed sleep. I want to be refreshed and get out and take a walk once this darn thing is yanked out of my arm so I am going to need some real sleep, not this 5 hour stuff.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Justopia,

    After tiring of many lifecasters begging for donations, you might want to check out a new channel called DivaDeeTV. She is a first year elementary school teacher in the inner city. Her genuine passion for teaching and the love for her students is so cool. Her viewers encouraged her to put a donation button on her site. She decided maybe she could raise some money for school supplies for her students that come from low income households. Her goal was to raise $300 by the end of the year and her viewers rewarded her with contributions of $1050 within two days. She was so happy she teared up. It shows how JTV can be used for good charitable causes.

  2. Hi Batman,

    Thank you for the recommendation. I stopped in there when she first launched, but need to spend more time in there. You’re right, it was a very worthwhile request for donations and it looks like people were very receptive. Great work!

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