So Change the Channel! a Top Chef Finale, a Note on ECV, and a Michael Seibel-Justopia Cookoff

NOTE: Beginning today, I’ve truncated the posts so that the page will stop taking forever to load…just click on the “Read the Rest of this Post link” to see the entire entry after the large taco shot.



Last Night’s Baha Tacos with Carnitas

Why do so many people threaten to leave JTV (especially lifecasters) because of the “direction the site is going?” I don’t get it. How is this any different from television? If I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it. The remote works like a dream and if the remote is broken there is always the old fashioned channel selector. Just change the channel! I even have the ability, although I don’t use it, to set up a list of favorites. Perhaps that is a good idea for JTV.

img_3786.jpg I know I tend to tune into the same channels day after day while taking some time to browse the other channels that show up on the bar to see what’s going on. At some point one of them catches my interest and becomes a new favorite or frequently viewed channel. Maybe that’s what JTV could call this feature — FVC, frequently viewed channels. It would not usurp other channels, but those that are so offended by some channels could click into their FVC list and go from there.


White Carrot Soup

Anyway, is seeing something that doesn’t appeal to you enough to make you quit the network? My take on the whole thing is that I will continue doing what I do on my channel and have fun, although it does require battling haters, spammers and raiders from time to time, but that’s to be expected. This is the wild wild west and people are different all over the world and there are worse things to deal with in life. No one’s ever died from casting or watching JTV — at least not yet, thank God.

More Viewer Count Drama


Sautéed chicken with shallots and wine

We all know it. It’s very easy to inflate viewer count numbers — but I say — GET OVER IT! Do a good broadcast to get people to visit your channel and have fun, make some new friends, open your mind to other cultures and thoughts and beliefs. Fretting over whomever is on the channel bar is not worth your time or effort, or stressing over for that matter.

It happens. There are gamers and cheaters all over the world and countries are run on them. There are far worse things in the world to worry and get upset over — Rudy Guliani for one! Yeah, yeah, yeah…you all already know my political persuasion, so this comment should come as no surprise by now, although I do try to stay away from political commentary. 🙂

New Channels and Channel Shenanigans


Brownies from Scratch

-A new channel showed up last night and I have to give her credit. She is on that most difficult, life altering quest to get herself healthy by losing weight. She is being met by a slew of ignorant haters and spammers while asleep and I cringe at the thought of what she will see in the chat history when she wakes up. But … she’s put herself out there. She has hopefully been around long enough and has done her research to see what she can expect around here. If Amanda of AmandaTV is successful, she can be the next JTV star and a real power boost for Justin and team. I think she’s going to need to create a plan for her content. The Biggest Loser has a big following and maybe she can put together a plan to show parts of her life that will give viewers the feeling that not only is she staying committed, but that they are contributing to her success. Yes, I do like to think positively — sometimes!!


I went to bed early for a change last night and missed some reported channel bans. The word in EastCoastVegas’ room and from a couple of my JTV friends is that one couple was having sex on cam and another, a woman was doing something too horrific to mention here, but suffice it to say she must have been reading too many news stories about female circumcisions. From what ECV said further on his morning broadcast, the JTV team took those channels down asap. I wonder if people launch channels to see just how far they can push the limits. You know, like that pain in the butt kid in school who took so much time away from our education with their dumb time-wasting shenanigans.

I have to say I really enjoy watching ECV. He started me out on a sour note with the Al Jolson photo, and the frequent pitches for people to send in photos of celebs not wearing makeup, but I tuned in again and yes, he’s irreverent, he thrives on gossip, the video is focused on T&A shots and not so beautiful shots (yours truly included), but he touts his show being the JTV gossip show and that is what it is. Fun, frequently made up — gossip. He’s engaging, he puts together a show, he doesn’t just wing it, he plans and prepares. I don’t know how long I will be into it, but for now, it’s captured my attention. I found it endearing that he did not feature AmandaTV and didn’t buy into what a few haters that came into the room this morning were saying. It’s apparent that he is here to have fun.


Hung Wins, Hands Down and the Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down Michael – Read it an Weep!

I finally caught up on some recorded shows I have not watched all week, starting with Bravo’s Top Chef offering. Yes, it is a favorite of mine, no surprise there. Tonight we will be doing a Top Chef Finale Review — my channel is food-centric, so it ties in perfectly.

If Michael and I do actually get something planned for a Michael – Justopia Iron Chef cook-off, I am going to win win win! I don’t know how we can pull it off digitally however. We really need fair judging. I am beginning to think I might need to make a trip out there, but for the first time in 12 years I have to think about finances, so I am not seeing it in the cards — yet. It would be a great event to have on camera though. The guys can rent out some small kitchen space and set up the cams and we can get our knives and go. I will be a bit particular though you know. No crappy aluminum pots and pans, no kitchen without sponges and good towels, a good food processor and mixer, you know the drill. It will work best in a commercial kitchen and I’d bet in San Fran they can rent out something for us to work in. Then we need to work on the guidelines and rules. I see it with an audience of JTV lifecasters and viewers as well as others. I am seeing a charity event in San Francisco with guest chef judges and audience members from the charity being highlighted, corporate sponsors and more. This could be a great act of good will and at the same time bring in some good viewer-ship. Or maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic this morning?

Michael, you read me and I hope to see your thoughts in the comments, email or in the channel — soon! 🙂


A la Mode!


6 Responses

  1. Justopia, your pictures inspire me to cook! I think I will pull out my favorite brownie recipe this weekend…

  2. Sumdance,

    I’m glad I can be inspiring! I hope you enjoy your brownies!! I have too many here, but they freeze well. hahahhahahahah I think I need to think about doing a book for single people cooking so we don’t have to waste so much money and food.

  3. Please unban me… I wont type anything bad i promise lol

  4. Ding Dong,

    When did you get banned? I need to see if I can figure out how to unban you. Let me look.

  5. I think most of the people whom threaten to leave JTV is because they are getting neglected, while newcomers are getting more attention and the veterans are getting less, not because they do not like the content.

    As for ECV, I don’t know much about him. However, I heard that he has been making obscene and racists comments, which are offending many people/livecasters.

    As for top chef, I was rooting for Casey *cries*, but it was fair that Hung won, since he was obviously the better chef who uses his knowledge and technicals skills in his cooking. The way they portrayed him on top chef made me dislike him, since he was overconfident, and he often thinks that he is infallible.

    Your dinner seems great again.. white carrot soup (looks kinda yellow XD), baja tacos, and chocolate ice cream with chocolate pudding (did you make th eice cream too?). Your desert looks heavy, but that is what chocolate does, would have been better with a contrasting flavor like vanilla, but that is just my preference.

    Can Michael cook??? Can’t wait to see a cook-off, but how is it gonna be judged… who will judge–justin and the crew? Well I have to wait and see.

    Later justo…

  6. Hi Oddnumber!

    It’s good to “see” you and thank you for reading and spending the time to comment. Michael can cook. He was featured in a San Fran Chronicle article a number of months ago about being the “resident chef” for the gang in Crystal Towers after some of those “house” meals we witnessed. He seems to enjoy it and while I can’t get a feel at all for what the food is like, it seems like a great idea to do a cook-off. The logistics? I have plenty of ideas, but it can’t be all on my end or my expense, so we’ll see if it ever happens.

    As for Hung — I agree with you. It think he made very similar dishes most weeks, but he was one that never got flustered and although the same style, color and probably taste, they were presented well and apparently tasted good. I think Casey kept cool under fire too — what a shame she didn’t get it together for the finale. I’ve been to that part of the country for a strategy meeting and I had major issues with the altitude as well. As a matter of fact, that was the week I was asked if I would move to India and gave an eager yes! response — being up at 11,000 ft. sure can mess with your brain. hhahaha!

    As for the ECV issue … I am going to address that in tonight’s blog post. I’ve been thinking about it long and hard for days and days and your comments lead me to a way to speak to some of it.


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