The Morning After

NOTE:  Wordpress is not playing nicely this evening so this post is short and incomplete.img_3759.jpgOctober Sunset in Virginia  ++I thought that after Hollywood woke up and read their copy of the L.A. Times this morning we would see an onslaught of people rushing the gates to stream their lives live to the internet.  But at 7:00 EDT tonight there are 1020 viewers reported on the site and a /list shows 1239 rooms currently available in IRC.  I was never very good at math, verbal skills were my thing, but I can manage this one.  If all rooms were active right now, that would add up to less than one person per room.  Ok, so it’s not likely that there would be 1239 channels concurrently streaming video, but I like to play with the thought++img_3778.jpgChimichanga and Chili Rellenos++Fans Go GlobalI made a few new friends this week.  One is Carlos of CarlosTV.   I had no idea he was a fan of this blog or my channel until just yesterday when I was hanging around in Emma’s channel.  Emma is another new friend.  Well, Carlos popped in and struck up a conversation with me. He noted that he loves reading the blog.   So much so that he put up Living the Justopian Life under the Blog link on his channel.img_3766.jpg Roasting the chili for the Rellenos++ This afternoon he was telling me that he has figured out the viewer count reporting for his room and it’s one that I found very interesting. He said that there are viewers that can not chat because they don’t speak English. See, Carlos is from Brazil and there is no Portuguese option in the sign up area of JTV. It makes sense. Realizing the need to include language support for such a small enterprise comes with time and a better understanding of who your audience and/or users will be.  It’s also a hell of a lot of work.  So Carlos plans to write up a FAQ with photos to help guide Portuguese speakers to sign up and be able to come in and chat.JTV is not just a community, it is a global village.  We, the citizens of this global village seem to experience the same kind of joy and heartache, drama and elation, discomfort and happiness that people in a 3D village encounter, but someone it seems to be a little more pronounced in the digital world.  Do you agree? 


2 Responses

  1. I love watching you put together those wonderful dishes. I talked my honey into adding you to our favorite blogs section of his site

  2. TexGal,

    Thanks! I’m flattered. I took a look at the site and wow, the CubeMe blog really captured my attention. I think I immediately wanted to get everything on the site, including that really cool looking mini pop-up trailer and I haven’t been camping in about 30 years! hahahahahahaha

    Thanks for tuning in, reading and commenting!

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