Open for Business — Literally, but … Caveat Emptor!

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The Day


It appears that today was indeed the date for JTV to sunset the beta test and open the network to all who want to broadcast their lives via streaming video all over the internet. While Anthony of the Quintano_Media channel interviewed Michael Seibel, JTV CEO today, he garnered no details that we haven’t all heard before. The question about opening the network did come up, and as far as I could hear Michael gave a non-answer. I dropped into Phil’s room later and asked him the same question, phrased in a different way. “You said you were opening the network this week, specifically today, it looks like that did not happen. When can we expect to see an open JTV network?” The response was equally vague, something to the effect of, “We tossed around the date…” I guess they tossed the coin and it finally landed late this evening.


The Air Traffic Control Tower at Dulles International Airport at Sunset this Evening

The entire contingent of Fratboys appeared in EastCoastVegas’ room en masse in the early morning hours. Michael spoke up and asked ECV if he noticed anything different? I quickly took a look around and saw nothing, felt nothing, heard nothing different — at all. I expected to see a sudden rush to broadcast, although I am not sure why. In recent weeks it took nothing more than the request at the Broadcast link on the top of the page and a few hours or a day or two to receive a beta code. So I’m confused as to why anyone that’s been around even just a few weeks would feel elated at this news? Why didn’t they receive a code before this?

This however, is moot. Today is a new day at JTV.

It’s Not Dialing for Dollars

What can we expect when anyone that wants can register to lifecast? What will be on offer on the Channel Bar at the top of the JTV site? Currently, the bar is rife with college coeds sitting behind their computer, with donate buttons on their page, waiting for the motherload. Well, tonight I think one attractive young lady found the secret sauce.


Erin sports a blue print bikini during her Bikini’s for Dollars campaign

I was doing my daily post broadcast stroll around the channels and hopped into ErinTV’s room. What I saw was Erin parked on her couch, scantily clad, long legs perfectly angled for the best video capture. She was challenging the room, which was approaching 500 viewers, to “donate’ $300 for a plane ticket for a friend. She promised “The full monty” if she achieved the goal. The $300 wasn’t raised in the allotted time frame, so she moved on to 7 bikini’s for $300. I’ve got to hand it to her, she knows how to market herself.

What Do You Call This Kind of Lifecast?


At 1:48am you will hear the thank you for “Seven Bikinis for $7”.

I’m torn. I want to be sophistocated. I want to be an adult. I want to be respectful. As a fellow lifecaster, I don’t want to take pot shots at others in the network. However, I feel compelled to ask this very important question; What is it called when someone shows their body for money? If this lifecast was part of the “screened” beta test group, what can we expect from any Jane or Joe that registers a broadcast account? What are the mechanisms to prevent all out nudity and prostitution now that the beta period is over and the community is wide open to any Tom, Dick or Harriet to open a stream?

What will prevent me, the community proclaimed, “Martha Stewart of JTV” from being sandwiched between channels like this? When can I ever disclose my JTV secret to friends and family without the fear that they may click on one of the channels that has a lifecaster pimping a half-clad body for money with a cute little donate button embedded in their profile? I have the need to explain to anyone that I may decide to communicate details about this blog, my channel, or anything else relevant to JTV that they need to beware. That is it entirely possible that what they encounter on camera or in the chat rooms could possibly be very inapporpriate for a minor, and may be offensive to anyone at all.

Have I become so damn old that I’ve lost my sense of humor, my sense of adventure, my sense of risk? Have I lost sight of the fact that this is what people want and that offering content that is interesting beyond skin is really not all that important?

As we roll into the new and open JTV, I will be all eyes and ears to see if things can go beyond this type of lifecast in order to draw viewers.


2 Responses

  1. Justopia – you are not too old. This kind of trash is why I’ve stopped casting. Its a shame they allow this now. I was in a channel called iJucy where the girl was doing the same thing. The channel went nuts with trolling guys and the bans began. One of the mods starts with the “please respect iJuicy”.

    I responded by saying “Yeah – respond the girl promising to take it off for money”. I was banned.

  2. Hey Ted!

    Thanks for reading and commenting. This hasn’t gotten a lot of back and forth discussion going which tells me either people are too timid to make their thoughts known, or more likely, most don’t see an issue with it at all. It’s tough to see my channel up there between smarmy, slutty stuff or to even see it all on a night like last night when I couldn’t get more than 3 minutes up there even though I was just cooking, answering questions about how to prepare the meal or clean or what pots and pants to use, etc. There do seem to be people that are interested, but I’ve got to find a way to market the site so people have the desire to come in and get hooked. I suppose better clothing is a first stop, but do I really want to feel uncomfortable pushing and pulling on what I am wearing so that I look lile less than a 50 year old lady in her kitchen trying to whip up a fabu meal?

    Naah, seems to fly in the face of what I am really trying to do. I’m gonna keep at it and am working on some changes that will hopefully help grab more viewers.

    Lord knows the food comes out really well. Now I just need a better paying job so that I can afford to make it all. LOL

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