Popularity or Viewer Count Padding? A SarahMeyers Mention and Making the ECV Top Story Tonight

Is it Live or is it Memorex?


Have you noticed the viewer numbers in some of the rooms? The icons are positioned on the bar above according to Live Viewer Count. If you do a little digging, you will see that some of the top broadcasts have relatively large viewer counts with few chatters and many JustinFan### logins sitting in the room. It screams of multiple browsers or tabs being opened. It’s easy to bump up a lifecaster’s popularity by opening multiple tabs. The other night when the Talent Agent put out a challenge to his viewers I did just that. He said that if he viewer count got to 60, he would pick up the phone and call Robert Deniro’s cell phone.

I am not one to idly sit back when the gauntlet is thrown down and opened multiple tabs and voila! He was suddenly, miraculously at 61 viewers. He picked up the phone, called Deniro … Deniro answered and he chickened out and hung up. He had no idea this was possible. It was funny. I was not going to let him wriggle out of it — I wanted to see the viewer count hit 60, and it was no problem.


Tonight, with people accusing Dealer of the same thing, Alan is claiming not to know about this “trick.” I have a tough time buying that, but I am nothing if not fair in terms of listening to what people have to say. I can’t prove it, so I won’t make a blatant accusation, but this I will say — someone is padding the numbers. Whether it’s Dealer or not really isn’t important at this point. What is relevant is the need to fix this so that the icon placement is legitimate.

Blog Mention

When I looked at the stats for this blog this morning, I noticed a few hits from Sarah Meyers’ blog here at WordPress. She posted what I thought was a pretty well written essay on live streaming video and how it appears to be affecting those that participate in sites like Justin.tv, whether they be lifecasters, bloggers, viewers or chatters. She raises interesting points and in the process spent about a paragraph on the evolution of Justopia. Interesting to hear from her perspective.


EastCoastVegas Highlight

There I was minding my own business when a friend pinged me to tell me to hurry over to ECV’s channel. I did and what I was met with was a screen shot of me next to Dealer and EastCoast asking the viewers how they felt about Dealer deciding to cook just when I was broadcasting my cooking demo. I am not sure how people felt, he had so many people in his room that the chat was scrolling to quickly to keep up with. I did find it flattering that I was a “top story” tonight however and that anyone would even care.

I saw Dealer cooking. I looked in for a few moments, but I was so busy trying to make a good meal that I didn’t pay much attention. He was zipping around his kitchen and it was hard to follow, but I don’t suppose his intent is to help anyone learn how to make the things he is putting together which is different from what I am doing. I’d like to be in some way educational and helpful. People have now asked for a variety of cooking demonstrations, tonight being a good example. I was asked a few times to make baked macaroni and cheese and I did, but I had to do something more than everyday mac n’ cheese, so as Mynick said — It was not your mother’s mac n’ cheese. I made Macaroni and Cheese Carbonara. It was delicious. Sure, there are plenty of shows on cable and broadcast television that feature cooking, but I am trying to bring everyday cooking to everyday viewers. Some of what I make will be unfamiliar and some will bring back memories of home or old family recipes or something someone had once at a restaurant, but have not had since and have always wanted to learn to prepare.


Do I think Dealer cooked to get viewers away from me? No. It was dinner time on the West Coast for some. I was cooking between 7:00 and 10:00pm, so if he likes to eat early, it was a normal time for him to be cooking. His viewers seemed to like it. The viewers in Justopia_live seemed to like the dinner I put together and our interaction and that’s what it’s about.


6 Responses

  1. hey Justopia- I totally agree about the viewers count. I saw some people even admit to opening many browsers. However, Dealer really is that popular. I’m pretty sure of that.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for reading! What would be great is if someone would do a study and a subsequent paper on the psyche of the viewer/commenter and of the lifecaster. The demographic is all over the board, the types of lifecasts vary widely, even the type of chat that goes on is wildly inconsistent from channel to channel. I need to find a friend with a sociologist type background somewhere that I can convince to find interest in all of this. 🙂

  3. I agree about the viewers count too. I however think it is hilarious, that people on that site think it’s some kind of “competition” to have the most viewers!! I mean, who cares??? I don’t care if I only have 4 in my channel..lol…makes it MUCH easier to talk to them that’s for sure!
    Too bad the world is the way it is, with someone always feeling the need to be “better” than others.
    Can we say…grade school anyone??

  4. Hi Justopia, I enjoy your channel a lot! I recently read something linked on digg about JTV, don’t know if you have read it but i thought it made a good point.


  5. Hi Emma,

    I understand the issue with not needing to compete, but … and there’s always a but, isn’t there. I can see ways to monetize a lifecast that would require sizable, steady, constant and even growing viewer-ship. I am not thrilled with lifecasters that pad their numbers which in turn throws other casters off the bar altogether at this point. If JTV makes the directory easier to search or puts it in a file structure that makes sense for viewers to find the type of content they are interested in, then the bar might not be as “important.” But for now, it’s a big deal to those that are in this for the attention grabbing fun of the — Here’s me looking at you looking at me broadcasts. You make another interesting point about how you enjoy having fewer viewers because it allows you to chat in a less stressful environment.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Sarah,

    Thanks for sending the link. It was an interesting read. I have to agree. What will make this medium successful will be people that do things on camera that are of interest. So that brings up another point … just what defines interesting? What I find interesting might be someone reviewing writing submissions with the viewers for critiquing, while others might enjoy watching an attractive person sitting around on their bed chatting about … well, nothing much. It’s like art — Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.


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