Drunkcasting on a Night with Spammers or Raiders or Whatever Those with Less to do in Life than a Lifecaster is Called



Join me for dinner, won’t you?

The end of the week is usually quiet around the halls of JTV, but this weekend there was more than the usual lifecasters sitting around at home chatting with their viewers happening.  iJustine is in Ontario, California at Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California with TalkShoe. New channels appeared with each refresh of the Directory. Lifecasters did their usual broadcasting … sitting behind the computer chatting it up with viewers while secretly hoping some will find their financial plight so dire that they need to donate to the poor, hopeless, helpless college student in need of a mobile set up so that they can — or “reporting” on the latest antics of one lifecaster or viewer or another. Or there is the new and unusual event of Justin and Alan (Dealer) fighting to the death in a drinking contest. I don’t know who threw down the gauntlet, but I’d wager it was Dealer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but only if you can prove it.


Shrimp with Thai Basi and Fried Rice
But hours before this first ever live streaming media event took place, we were peacefully sitting around the laptop finishing dinner when a strange box of text appeared in the room. It was apparently from the JTV bot warning all viewers and lifecasters that the server was going to be taken down, that they apologize for the inconvenience, and that they hope we will “come back here to chat later.” And with that, in less than 30 seconds, less time than it takes for a cockroach to scurry to a safe hole in the wall, we were down and out. As expected, when I came back to the room there were only a handful of people left. At this point I am not really sure how important it is to be on the top of the channel bar anyway with all the gaming of viewer numbers that takes place.


Coconut custard

We crashed, came back up, crashed again and returned one more time. As one tenured viewer pointed out to me, this was far better than the fratteam taking the server offline without warning — at least we had a few seconds this time. I suppose it’s happy to have a positive attitude, right?

Evening Activities


Alan was looking a little less perky then when he began about 8 beers ago

While the usual was happening around he network and raiders were spamming the rooms, I popped into the Dealer’s room and caught Alan and Justin having a virtual drink-off. They challenged each other to drink a shot every 30 seconds for 90 minutes. At one point Justin disappeared from view. He was supposed to go out for the evening and I suppose he got bored with the game or perhaps figured he wouldn’t be able to make it out if he didn’t call it quits, so Alan won by forfeit.

I’m not sure — can minors play the JTV drinking game?  Is this the reason the site is always up and down?  I haven’t seen Justin drink in a very long time, but then again I rarely pay attention to his room anymore so I might be missing some of the other more recent drunken nights, but I don’t think I’ve been missing much.

Before my eyes roll into the back of my head, I am going to end here and hope for a great night’s sleep!


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