So, Monday is “The Day?” Chocolate Chip Cookies to Die (or is it Live?) For!

Going GM?


Rumors abound tonight on JTV. I say rumors because I was too busy trying to manage my chocolate chip cookie broadcast and could not take the time to tune into Justin’s stream confirm what was being discussed.  Apparently a variety of topics were broached this evening. I was told one of the issues was the much awaited opening of JTV to the masses — no more beta. People are worried about what will happen on that day. I don’t know that I am worried about all the new channels, but I am concerned about the possibility that we will see more instability with the network. It was much better today than the past few days, although site chat did take a tank for a while. To those of us that have managed to get IRC running again, it didn’t really matter though. For those that don’t use IRC well … it was a whole other story and one that didn’t make people happy.

In other respects things were good — I think I only had to relaunch the stream one time — both audio and video seemed to work well … pretty smooth sailing.


Jacob and I traded mail a number of times this afternoon and he answered most of my, and other viewer’s questions about the changes and abnormalities on the network. It looks like most of the things people were complaining about have been resolved and he will be working on a better FAQ for getting into IRC as well. They are listning it seems.

What I am a bit worried about at this point is the type of channels we are seeing and what we might see come Monday. I really didn’t care, but I just took a little stroll around the channel bar and holy hell, it’s like STV — Smut TV instead of JTV. I don’t like the idea that I could be broadcasting with garbage next to me. It was bad enough to see myself with that nasty photo of Dealer next to me and Anamarialive who was broadcasting stuff that … well, let’s just say I would not want a child to watch what she was showing. I am not a prude, I am not around to judge what people do with their personal lives, but I do have some self respect and pride and would hate to tell anyone in my family or my friends to come here to watch my broadcaset and have them click on some of the stuff that has been showing up on JTV in the past few weeks. I would be mortified and embarassed — some would want to haul me off to a hospital for a long psyche visit and others would probably think, wow — look at our friend, she is hanging out with some “interesting” people, she’s not who we thought she was.


Cookies with the Cheftopia Cookbook in the background

I have not been buying into the thought that JTV was going down the tubes or was quickly turning into another porn site, but in the past few days I am rethinking my position. Clearly it has potential to be a porn site and if that’s what the fratboys are interested in promoting, then so-be-it. It’s not my cup of tea, but I suppose it is what a lot of people look forward to when they log onto the internet.



I made home made chocolate chip cookies and they came out GREAT! I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips and they made a big difference. You can really taste the chocolate in comparison o the stuff you get in the local store

People have asked me to send them cookies. I am not sure if they were serious or not, but it got me thinking … I can bake lots of things and wrap and package them up beautifully send via FedEx. Yesterday someone asked if they could pay me via PayPal for something I was making … I really don’t remember what it was. But I am going to have to formulate a plan and ship food. I can ship home made jams and cookies and cakes and brownies and more. Just think how cool it could be for someone to be able to see the food being prepared and cooked and then packaged up beautifully before being shipped. I’ll bet people would love it around holiday time or for birthdays and anniversaries and similar occasions. I am going to work on the plan in the coming days and try it out and see how it goes. I love planning, preparing and feeding people so this could be great fun!

Well my friends, I am totally exhausted tonight and although it’s a ridiculous hour (2:37am) it is almost 2 hours earlier than the time I went to bed every night this week, so I am going to take advantage of the hour and call this blog post done.

I’ll see you around the channels on The Justopian Life.


2 Responses

  1. I can tell you this, that Red Velvet Cake you made and those chocolate chip cookies….I would have click the PayPal to have you ship them to me! 🙂

  2. Hiya Spooks!

    I am going have to get on it pronto! First step, finding great spooky halloween treats to put on offer. Second step … finding time to actually get things baked and packaged for shipping. Now this will truly be a process. 🙂

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