Just What Kind of a Blog Has This Become?

Food and Lifecasting and JTV Info


Today marks the 147th blog post since I began the JTV blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this so long and the evolution JTV has gone through, as I mentioned last night. I’m pondering something … what do you think will become of the network in the future? When the beta period is over and the site is released to the masses and swarms of channels go live, what can we expect? What we’ve seen of many channels is sometimes high on drama, sometimes low on content, sometimes impressive in their ability to attract viewers when there is no live video and at other times purely chat, often engaging sometimes shocking, frequently controversial and never world-ending.

There always seems to be something to write about though. People have asked or suggested I write about the controversy between the East Las Vegas channel and Tiffani’s channel. I’d rather not give the issue the time of day. Often, people are looking to call attention to themselves and being controversial, is the fuel that lights their fire. I don’t control JTV and the Fratboys will have to make the determination about what they want to allow to continue on their network. I can opt to tune in or not and I choose the NOT option. The best way to get rid of unsavory streams is to not watch them.


Tonight we whipped up chicken parmesan, roasted garlic bread and a salad with a home made vinagrette. It was DElicious! We talked about balsamic vinegar, how it’s made, what constitutes a legitimate balsamic vinegar — you know, the expensive kind from Modena, Italy — and how I don’t have any of the Tradazionale left, so I am forced to use the US produced imitations. It looks and feels like the real thing, but it’s missing the depth of the real thing. It was fun.


Since leaving for my trip last week I haven’t spent much time watching other streams, but plan to spend time viewing tomorrow. I’d like to see what’s going on around the network — I feel like I’ve been missing a lot and you know how I feel about missing things! šŸ™‚ My curious self is not used to missing anything that happens around JTV-land so I’ve got to get busy catching up. I have noticed that more and more regular viewers are popping up as lifecasters now and it will be interesting to see what they have to show us. Anything is better than a 20 year old chatting and hoping for donations. From what I see on the various donation widgets around here, no one is exactly raking in the dough. I can see a button if you have a worthwhile service or commodity on the block, but donations for financial help?

I just don’t see many being willing to help a digital friend, do you?


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