Returning Home, Popularity Contests and Cool New Justopia Live Features on the Horizon

Home Again

Fideos is given it’s amber hue from both the saffron and the chorizo

I arrived back in DC right on time, got in the car, 20 minutes later was parked in the garage and schlepping my bags up to my home, sweet home. And it felt wonderful to be here! The house was clean, the requisite 64 degrees and felt just as it should … like home.

I took the stuff out of the suitcase, pulled the laptop out, plugged in and was online and seeing what JTV had on offer this afternoon. I had somewhat promised a Red Velvet Cake, so I had to make a list and get to to the grocery store and back in time to begin broadcasting and cooking. I decided to make Fideos as well for my dinner. I had never had either, but they both looked good, so I rushed off to the market, picked up what I needed and was online streaming live video by 5:03pm EDT.

I began broadcasting and my wonderful 2D friends began appearing in the room and it became the Justopia_live we have come to know. I was trying to hold out for a Spookygrl appearance since the Red Velvet Cake is her favorite (and we learned tonight that it’s a number of Justopia_live fan’s favorite cake or dessert as well. Right at the appointed time, the time I posted in the schedule on the channel our Spookygrl showed up eager to get the spooky cake started.

Zucchini Feta Fritters

We cooked, we chatted, we did dishes and cleaned up. It was another productive evening. At the very end of the broadcast, I did a Skype call in event. I wanted to see how it would work and it seemed to work well. I need to get some equipment in my endeavors to make this broadcast as smooth, clear and interactive as possible. That means a wireless headset, a better camera and some mobile equipment.

One step at a time.

What Makes a Channel Popular?

I was surprised to see that the Ashley Marie highlight about the GGJeffy poll had 582 hits. I am not a big highlights or archives watcher, and don’t pay much attention to the stats related to these things, but it has now sparked my curiosity. I am now even more interested in the phenomenon of the JTV viewer psyche, mine included of course, to say nothing of the lifecaster psyche.

With all the nubile young 20 year old college coeds running around the Directory, I’d like to see just one of them do a study on what makes up the JTV demographics, why do people decide to lifecast, what is a lifecaster looking to take away from his/her lifecasting experience and more. It seems to me this would make one hell of a Masters or better yet, a doctoral thesis. I bet there’d be plenty of us interested in reading the findings and I would be there’s a pretty interesting book in there somewhere.

I bet there is even a sitcom or a movie in there if it’s done well.


I know this is not FoodTV or Fine Living, but I’d like to make the stream as professional as possible, but with the same “homey” tenor. So, with the help of a really hard-working, dedicated to the cause friend, we are working on some major improvements to Justopia_live! I am not going to spill the beans just yet, but you can look forward to a more interactive, more technically sound broadcast in the near future.  In the meantime we march forward and I am looking for a good dinner tomorrow evening.

Chicken with Garlic and Lemons

Imagine how fun and interesting JTV could be if we could see more people doing things that interest people.  I was thinking about an endless list of possibilities — dog trainers and instruction in all kinds of sports … swimming and tennis and golf and the list goes on.   We met a great newcomer today — KittensandBunnies.  She is a wedding photographer and may already be addicted to JTV.  🙂  I would love to go on some of her jobs and to learn to take better photos.

I know many have commented on the state of affairs with JTV and the caliber of new lifecasters, but I have not taken much time in the past 2 weeks since launching my own channel and going out of town for a week to really dig in and see what’s going on.  I know that the Dealer channel is staying on top when he’s broadcasting, but I’ve only been in his room for a total of 15 minutes in the past couple of days, so I can’t determine what it is that’s drawing viewers.  People have told me he is very interactive with his viewers and does goofy things and others have mentioned that he interacts with the “Shoe on Head” eBaum viewers, but I will have to spend more time in there to form my own opinion.

 Final Note

Remember, if there is a dish or a type of food you’d like to see prepared on Justopia_live, please send mail to and I will put it on the list/calendar.


5 Responses

  1. Mmmmmm…that Red Velvet Spooky Cake looked sooooo delish! It made my mouth water. I wish JTV had smellvision. 😉 I had lots of fun. Thank you so much for making that wonderful cake and cupcakes for all of us last night. I will never forget it.

  2. Hi Spooky!

    I’m glad you had a good time! It was great fun making the cake. I sure hope I can keep this up! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your talent and superb taste in food. I am glad to see that you made it home safe. Ps if you get the chance please give me a Chicken Salad recipe I have been craving it so bad. I love to make things from scratch!

    Thanks Again

    Holdn2aces aka Robbie

  4. Thanks holdn2aces!

    I appreciate the comment! I sent you the chicken salad recipe – so look out for it in mail. 🙂

  5. Good Grief, Cheftopia!

    I just saw the Trashley and sis clip. Someone who whines as she does about the “mean things people say about her” needs to understand The Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Besides, what other conclusion (other than slutty attention whore) would one draw from someone with plastered on make-up who focuses their cam at an angle down their top while they are pleading for donations?

    Keep up the great work of blogging and cooking and entertaining your fans, my friend!

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