Age, Quiet JTV Weekend, a Word from Dad and Justopia’s Imminent Return

NOTE: For those of you asking, I will be returning home tomorrow evening. I plan to be online live just as soon as I unpack, put some laundry in and power up the laptop! I am really very excited to get back to my “normal” JTV life! This walking on eggshells thing all week as been difficult, to say the least.

Do I Care?

To go with bagels, bialys, lox, cream cheese, kippured salmon, herring salad, and more

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. Henry David Thoreau

It looks like GGJeffy’s poll caused a little stir with fellow poll choices. Ashley and Amber were not thrilled with the results of the poll, or perhaps the poll in general and the banner pointed to a link in the archives to their response to the poll.

I poked my head into JTV for a few minutes this afternoon between breaking the fast and watching a movie — The Seventh Seal. Wow, what a tough movie to sit through — an Ingmar Bergman movie in Swedish with subtitles. I am still not sure I “get it.” Anyway, when I logged on, I first checked the blog and there were a couple of interesting things. I was on the front page of WordPress again, which makes me happy, although again, it did not bring in many more hits. And there was a comment about the Dealer channel being competition for Justopia_live. Between being called an “old lady” and having sudden competition, I was feeling a bit unsettled.

A Challenger?

I received mail and a comment on the blog about the Dealer Channel and my new “competition.” As my wingman always says — “I ain’t scared.”

Always Room for Dessert — (purchased)

I checked into the Dealer’s channel and he was in a nice kitchen on the phone and cooking what people in chat said was macaroni and cheese. I did not have sound, but he had over 80 viewers and some were going a bit nuts about his culinary skills. I tried to suggest he make a béchamel sauce, that this is the only way to keep the cheese from seizing up. But I don’t think I made any headway and I was busy so I left. I think I will make Mac n’ Cheese for the show one night this coming week. It seems to be a dish most people enjoy and rather than that horrid “orange powder” stuff, we will create something with some pop, a bit out of the ordinary, but starting with the basic recipe so people understand just how it’s put together and how easy it is.

I just checked into his channel again and he’s still got a lot of viewers and is chatting with them. He smiles, engages viewers and seems to have fun. But competition? Stick with me, and I promise you in the days to come you will see great things coming from my kitchen. 🙂

Parent’s Advice

My father once told me that the only way to make money in this country was to sell something. I thought he was correct then, and still think he’s correct, but although I have always been very good at selling, I have to really believe in a product to push it. Well, today he took me by surprise. We were sitting around the holiday table talking about a variety of things; The Daily Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The View, Ellen, and Oprah and he piped up and said, “You have to be on television to make any money now. People think any schmuck on TV is important and it works!” I was about to open my mouth and disclose to the 5 people at the table with me (all family) all the details of my JTV life, but I took a deep breath, put a little more kippered salmon on my plate and shut myself up with food.

Whew! Close call!


4 Responses

  1. hey justopia, i hope you get in safe and am looking forward to your return to jtv. i miss the levity you bring to what is and should be a fun thing, keep up the blogtastic blogging

  2. Hi loquent!

    Thanks for the nice words! I am looking forward to getting back “on” tonight. I could use a few good laughs myself, so I am counting on tonight to bring on some big……..fat……..smiles! 🙂

  3. well as fred flinstone would say yabba dabba do….lol…I wonder who would have highlighted such a link…(cough cough took me 20 minutes to get it just right, let alone to get it moved up the ranks…yup thats me in the mask)
    I almost choked when she said ‘old lady’ especially knowing many in her room watching were in their late 30’s to early 50’s…little does her and her sister know what age is behind the names that try to be so cool and young.
    Now that you have seen that one how about he Neko_lisa business plan for JTV…she is preaching to the choir here.
    Sorry only tagged two for you during your holiday but there are only a few channels I really perfer to watch ….most of the new ones are boring or disgusting or make me feel creepy cause they are minors so i wont watch them
    So glad that you are back….we missed you
    Welcome home !!!!

  4. Peekers,

    You crack me up! That’s so funny! I thought you could only vote once. I’ve tried to vote things up in various user names, but it looks like only one vote is ever counted. I guess you found the secret and it makes me laugh!

    Thanks for your help tonight!

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