Notes on a Scandal and a Few Hanging Chads

The Blogosphere

It’s mum season again — gotta love Fall!

I clicked on a link on the front page of WordPress this morning. It was listed in the Food category and was nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards which makes me wonder … how many people, including bloggers know about these or any other blogger awards events? How do people make it to any kind of recognition? Is it by happenstance or do they recruit people to “vote them up?”

Dad hard at work — grillage

It seems to be similar to what is happening on GGJeffy’s poling site — the Which JTV Lifecaster Would You Most Like to Date poll. Now ok, I will admit that I probably fare pretty well in the, can someone here please say something of substance category in comparison to a lot of what we see and hear on the channels, but clearly someone or some people are exploiting the ability to go in and vote as many times as they see fit. I have a list of suspects and I’d imagine they are giggling about it as you read. It’s pretty humorous if you ask me. I can’t say it feels bad to be so far ahead in the polls really. It’s actually quite fun.


Undeniably, good food presentation runs in the family

Clearly iJustine beats out all other lifecasters on JTV, yet I received the most votes? Does anyone smell a duplicate voting scandal?  Does it sound remotely reminiscent of any recent Presidential elections?  😉

Heading Home

I am due to get on a train on Sunday morning and be back in DC by the afternoon.  I will need to get back out to the ‘burbs, but figure I will be unpacked, perched on the couch or at the desk with my laptop in my lap and ready to “see” my 2D friends again!  It won’t be long now.


2 Responses

  1. Beware Justopia!
    The Dealer just made his first cooking TV program at justin TV.
    Macaroni and Cheese….made with love….

  2. I will have to check the archives when I have time. What does made with love mean?

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