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I’ve been in Jersey exactly 2 days now and while it’s quiet and peaceful, I am anxious to get home. I miss my routine, or lack thereof and the comforts of home. I also miss the inspiration to write that JTV provides me. I went to bed last night after a brief, silent rocking chair broadcast. It couldn’t have been very exciting for viewers though, although some did make a game of it by trying to get me to laugh out loud and wake up my parents. At about the time I thought I’d write something to post, I heard someone up and about and thought that seeing my light on at 1:59am would cause too many questions in the morning, so I shut down without a post for what is probably the 3rd or 4th time since I began this blog.

Having not watched for any measurable time since Monday, it’s tough to say much, but I did log on tonight to email and IM’s telling me about a few lifecasters and their antics; one allegedly doing meth (justintv/itessa) on cam and one that I was totally repulsed by ( night he launched who appears to have returned and caused a stir among viewers.



I have been missing the opportunity to cook for all of you.  I am thinking about what I will cook on Monday however.  I am scheduled to return home on Sunday evening, so it will have to wait until Monday, but I will attempt to use the Schedule Widget on the channel page to let you know what time and what we will be cooking.

Get your utensils, pots and pans ready!


5 Responses

  1. Well at least you’re there with your fam, be thankful for that for sure!! I find it a lil funny how you dont want to explain to your fam that your online at 2am or what justin tv is all about! They wouldn’t understand at all…I know cuz I keep the secret hidden from my fam too! They just wouldn’t understand! hehe Can’t wait til you get back home. Have a safe trip! *HUGS*

  2. Hey Sasha,

    It was even funnier when I was asked why I was up so late — that “dad saw my light on.” LOL I was up almost all night, but not on JTV…I logged off at 1am, but that was about 3 hours after we all went up to bed!!!! WAYYY too early for me these days. ROTFLMAO

  3. HAHHAHA, My parents dont even understand Im online chatting at MSN, and its same as “busy on phone” hmmm. Hugs. Tina.

  4. Hey now, I want credit where credit is due! I was successful in making you laugh while you were rocking!

    And, FYI, the gorgeous flower in the first photo is a Purple Coneflower, one of my favorite perennials!

  5. Credit granted!! 🙂 And making me laugh is a GREAT thing! That flower is in my parent’s front yard.

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