Shhhhh…. It’s a Secret! a Mention of Outrageous iPhone Bills and a Thank You to the JTV Team

Note: Although I mentioned in the channel yesterday that I was going to be traveling and not very well connected this week, I noticed people were looking for me when I scanned chat. I did launch the stream tonight for a few minutes, but I am holed up in my old room and something about being in bed reminded me of other Lifecasters looking for donations, so I didn’t let anyone know I was on and shut down almost immediately. I may broadcast on Friday afternoon from my friend’s house, but I can’t make any promises. I will try to write a little each night, but I will have to watch the time. It’s not like my normal JTV life — stay up almost all night (or all night on some occasion) and wake up in the late morning. That just would not fly here.

I do have one important question — at what point does a person cease to be a child? It’s ok, being cared for once in a while is good for the soul.

Double Life


I am sitting here squirreled away in my childhood bedroom in Jersey at midnight surfing JTV and trying like mad to type quietly enough so that I don’t draw attention to the fact that I am up and online at this hour. While this is extremely early for me, it’s totally out of the ordinary here. I suppose if I were 78 years old, I would want to go to bed before 3am every night too.

So far, I have managed to keep my JTV life mine, but I had a bit of a scare at dinner. We were talking about current events and politics and well, just normal things I have not had much occasion to chat about with people in recent months and the conversation turned direction. As we were wrapping up our conversation about the sorry state of US economic affairs and the Fed’s drop on interest rates, dad turns to me and says, “Have you read about all those people with extremely high iPhone bills,” with a smirk on his face. Oh god! No! Not the 300 page iPhone bill and iJustine?? I totally expected him to mention her and was attempting to formulate a response so I could have the right look on my face. That total look of surprised uncertainty about what someone is telling you. But I didn’t have to feign ignorance. I was spared, thank goodness!

Broadcaster News


I received the all new Broadcaster Newsletter today and was pleasantly surprised to see a Justopia_live mention. The piece points to the Justopia_Live channel and the Living the Justopian Life Blog. They wrote a very nice intro, although I do get the feeling they might have been holding back a little bit and I can’t say I’d have blamed them if they wrote what they really think.

It’s a shame it came out this week while I am away, not very well connected and absent from broadcasting while I play daughter in my parent’s home. 😉

The newsletter has a cool forwarding feature as well which seems like a great way to get the word out about JTV. Now, if I could only let my little secret out! I’d have a ton of people to forward the newsletter to and we’d see a whole new group of viewers and potential casters.

Maybe one day…


8 Responses

  1. LOL. Glad to see you made it “home” safely. What I wouldn’t give to be back home in my childhood room with my mother “hovering” about. Enjoy it Justopia! I envy you immensely. We miss you. We really really miss you! Can you hear that? (tummy growling) Although at some point while waiting for the nekobot testing to commence (which never did) Nekomimi_Lisa, broke out with some type of Cambodian recipe for those thai rice noodles, soaked and then stir frieded with tomatoes, basil, and peppers and mushroom soysauce. It was all off the top of her head no demonstration. I think she said it comes out of a cookbook called The Elephant Walk. But alas, while interesting enough I felt like I was cheating on you and in the words of Sinnead O’Conner “Nothing compares to you….” Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Hey Girlbytes,

    Thanks for reading and for the comment!

    I hope we get out today though, so I can get away from the smoke I hate to be a whiner and don’t intend to be a former smoker fundamentalist, but it is pretty excessive.

    I am glad Lisa at least mentioned food! I don’t want you guys to starve. I am pretty hungry this morning since we had a light dinner and although I am not much of a breakfast eater, I am looking forward to it. Of course I am a bagels and lox kinda person, so Saturday is going to be the holy grail, being Yom Kippur and all. I’d guess the fast will be broken well before sunset! hahahaha

  3. I just read the newsletter in my email and came across the little ad about your page. I must say you are one of the most generous caster I have seen. Seeing the care package you were sending to Joe put a big smile on my face and made me realize that we need more poepl like you in this world.

    Shortly after that I went to my Mother-in-laws place. I cut her grass, cleaned her kitchen and fixed my little sister-in-laws bicycle for her.

    You never know whos watching your cast and you never know how it will effect each person. I just want to say thankyou for reminding me that giving is an important in life.

    I guess you can call it “Paying it forward”


  4. Hi Major Dork,

    And may I just say — I LOVE your name! I call myself a dork all the time. 🙂

    Thanks for checking in and for the comment. It was funny timing seeing as I launched the channel and needed to make this trip up to see my folks, but I will be back and casting on Sunday evening. I am going to try to sneak in a little time when we get back from dinner tonight, but it’s up in the air.

    Joe is a sweet kid and I just wanted to do something to put a smile on his face — of course, it’s all very unhealthy food, but I bet he and his buddies will like it no matter.

    That was nice of you to go help out at your mother-in-law’s place. I am sure she appreciated it as did your sister-in-law.

    Oh and you should check out the Melinus and Alin streams. There are a few others that have been more generous than me. I’ll leave their names out, but I bet after a little time in those rooms as well as Joe’s, you’ll realize who they are. 🙂

    “See” you soon!

  5. Re Major Dork Sir!!!- Private Girlbytes replies: Awww! That was such a sweet observation and much deserved kudos for Justopia. She and the others mentioned definitely bring a touch of humanity to the often vapid programming options at JTV. This all bodes well for the future. Maybe somehow, as people get their donations and go mobile we can begin to expect some more creative and big-hearted lifecasting selections. Who knows perhaps a Random Acts of Kindness Channel, or an Adopt an Isolated Senior Citizen Channel, A Friends of the Friendless Channel (remember that great I Love Lucy episode) hmm maybe not, still wishful thinking is always nice!

    Oh yeah pss pss Gossip Time I think we have come close to the first JTV Homewrecker’s Ball. I overheard on Lisa’s chat tonight that a fellow caster, I think it was Silverlining ??? (do you know her) had to quit broadcasting. Her hubbie delivered the final ultimatum and said it’s JTV or me! Apparently she caved and picked the hubbie. I guess love does conquer all! And well another channel dies before it’s prime. Ok that was just FYI. So Sunday night? Don’t forget to Twitter! See ya then.

  6. Thanks Girlbytes!

    Thanks for the well thought out comment! Interesting info about a lifecaster who was given an ultimatum. We’ll see how things pan out? 🙂

  7. One never outgrows being a child when they are around their parents…and if you are the baby of the family it is even worse….lol
    Parents have this magical ability to take a full grown adult that are sure of themselves and change them into a kid again with just a few words.
    I hear that there are JA meetings in the area (JustinTV Anonymous) to help you through. Hi I am and I am a justin addict….lol.

    Gossip part 2. I tuned into Neko_lisa this morning and she is breaking up with her boyfriend because she wants time alone. She doesn’t feel the spark with him anymore. You know the ‘I love you but I am not in love with you’ syndrome. So they are going to take a 2 week break from each other and then see how they feel. The call they were having this morning was interesting and so was the discussion after it with the chatters.
    There is of course more to it but no need to discuss it here …all I can say is you may have missed out on some good blog material….lol

  8. True Peekers, I think it’s just the independence factor. I am used to my alone time with JTV! hahahaha!!

    As for Lisa, it’s interesting how captivated by Japan she was, although I’d imagine this was brewing. I wonder how she feels about having it all out for the world to see, or how he feels about it for that matter. I will have to check in when I am back home and available to actually spend some quality JTV time again!! 🙂

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