I Blew It!



What a kitchen! Viking appliances, counter space to die for! Don’t cabinetry is not my cup of tea, but I can deal with it if I can have the appliances and countertop. Imagine if Justopia_live was coming to you from this kitchen!!!!


I have not had any interest in TV for months. I have been far too engrossed in the day to day goings on with JTV to pay attention to what goes on in the “real world” of television, it just doesn’t hold my attention any longer. I would imagine most of that is a self-imposed, but not purposeful attention deficit disorder due to the inability to master such intense multitasking between JTV, other online services, writing and lifecasting. I knew the Emmy’s were on tonight and I usually like to watch. I have been such a TV watcher and like to see everything that goes with this particular awards show, but I decided I could not pay attention and lifecast. Well, what a mistake! I am happy I was streaming, but I should have turned on the tube. Jon Stewart was hosting. I had totally forgotten. I even asked who was hosting but no one responded. I LOVE Jon Stewart and that will be one show that won’t be repeated like most others are.


This is one incredible condo. It’s fun to look

The other thing is my sister and my mom will ask what I thought of the show and I am going to have to think of something to say! I might pull the — i needed to go to sleep early — wasn’t feeling up to par — card on this one. The tangled web I am leading gets more and more complicated.

Out and About


Hell, the condo it only $2.9 mill … I think I’ll purchase TWO!


And oh wow, the views! This was from the guest room! You can see the tower at Dulles International. I can see it from my place, but I have to go to the very end of the balcony and crane my neck.

I met a friend for breakfast this morning. It was another glorious day and I did not have a problem leaving JTV. I was however, excited to get back to my paramour and to “meet” up with my 2D friends. We took a walk and we stopped into the open house that was in progress at the new condo facility across the street. I knew it was going to be great from what I’d read about it and from their website and email I’ve received, but all I can say is W O W — and we’re not talking warcraft here!



I came home and decided to make Thai Shrimp Curry and rice for dinner — for the stream. It was a very easy, very quick recipe and it came out great. Lots of questions were asked again to night and it made for a fun, interactive session. I ate, we talked (with the camera pointed to something other than me eating) and did the dishes after. It was a very easy meal to clean up after, but it’s always nice to have people to chat with while you’re up to your elbows in soap and water.


Tomorrow night I am making a recipe that sderkins sent to me. I asked for recipe suggestions at my Citizen.of.Justopia@gmail address and received this one,but it looks good, so this is what I will make. Of course, I may just wake up with a totally different feeling. I may wake up, see something on TV or go to the market and see something that inspires me and have to change the menu. For now I will plan to make beef ribs with leek sauce. Yummo! Ok, I said it! It’s the only thing of Rachael Ray’s silliness that I like.

Well, I HATE to admit it, but I am so tired I am falling asleep at the keyboard here, so I am going to end here. Another great JTV day!


2 Responses

  1. You’re in luck. Jon Stewart didn’t host the Emmys. He will be the host for the Oscars, though. Ryan Seacrest hosted the Emmys. I watched it for a bit. The “theatre in the round” just didn’t work for me.

  2. Hey Carrot!

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. Interesting though … does that mean the person that said it was Jon Stewart has never had the pleasure of laughing themself silly watching The Daily Show? Ah, what is life without a little great comedy everyday, right?

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