Lifecasting on JTV, Day 1 Summary — Justopia_Live Launches

The Leap, the Jump, the Plunge


Iguazu Falls — Argentina, 2006

It was a good day! As you read yesterday, I received my JTV code late last night, before falling into bed. I was hesitant. I wanted to get the channel launched with just the right title, get the profile written, and just generally get prepared to cast.

I launched and had some issues, but made it online and didn’t stop streaming for about 11 hours. I did take a 1 hour break to chill and craft a quick profile and take care of a few things around the house, but was back online before I knew it.

I noticed all but one of the JTV crew checking into the room. Jacob was the first to stop by and eventually, I noticed everyone but Justin in to take a peek. Those that stopped long enough to chat had nice words to say or helpful information and I think the group was glad to see them all.


Busy morning

Things were smooth. I can’t say I have any complaints. At one point I lost all internet connectivity, but with some restarting of the modem and router, I was back in action and the people that were in the room seemed to wait — to not give up. I heard from people that were watching that the video quality was really great which is good to hear. I still want to get a better camera so that I don’t have to be adjusting the laptop cover constantly to give the viewers the best possible view of what is going on, especially since I spend so much time in the kitchen and try to keep the laptop from getting destroyed with water and food.


Anthony’s big research project πŸ™‚

I took people on a tour of the kitchen and it was quite funny because iTed was in there and he kept throwing out questions about the contents of my kitchen cabinets since I gave him such a hard time about his cabinets and things like motor oil next to the canned hot dogs and cat food. However, iTed is no match to my obsessive behavior and the neatly stacked dishes and spices and other things one keeps in a kitchen.

It was enlightening to see how many of my 2D friends came running when the channel went live and what great help and support they were offering. I think I have the most mod-heavy room on the network, with the exception of Lisa. The good news is that there were not many instances in which kicks or bans were needed, at least not in comparison to some rooms. Thanks to everyone for their support and assistance!! It is greatly appreciated.


Guards at Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina — 2006

I cooked. I cleaned. I cooked some more. I cleaned some more and then one last time, I cooked and cleaned again! I was prodded into making dessert and since that’s the last thing I need to be eating, especially at midnight, I decided to bake up some cookies to send in the care package to GI Joe. I plan to head to the post office tomorrow to send out the goodies.


Made it to the top

It was exhausting, but I look forward to doing it again. I am not going to be able to cook everyday, that would wear me out, but I will try to do it a few times a week And … I am going to need to limit my broadcasting time so that I can write. I tonight’s post is going to be another weak one, but I’ve been at it for 16 hours now and need to log off and get to bed. Spending the entire day in my own channel has left me without a ton to say and we can’t have that now, can we?!!

New Channels


Colonia, Uruguay, 2006

I took a quick browse around the icon bar and in the directory and noticed a ton of new channels and what struck me is what others are talking about lately as well — a lot of young females with great headshots (or more) and profiles that talk about the need for money. Anthony of Quintano_media did a little experiment today. He put up a, “Taking a Shower” message in front of the camera and his viewership stayed the same or went up a few heads. What is that telling us — that people tune in hoping to see someone make a mistake and flash the camera?

Speaking of flashing … one of the channels, Jason (something — I didn’t bother to pay attention and am too damn tired to check the huge directory for it)


15 Responses

  1. I’m pretty much realllllllllllly excited about you lifecasting πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Justopia, It was nice to meet you yesterday!
    Im so glad that there are people streaming an real life,
    you showed us cooking in a fantastic kitchen and took us for
    an trip around your house. What an marwellous view!I like it!!!

    One more time; Your probably the only person at JTV NOT living in a hole. lol.
    You know most “doing Skype tv” from an poor appartment, white walls, curtains down,
    unclean with clothes all over, just an laptop and an messy bedd. Sometimes I ask them, “wow, are you in prison??” hehehe

    Thats why we need Justopian TV! She got all the extras…..real life tv.
    By the way, its an nice trend that an 25 + woman can reach the second place at the top….. πŸ˜‰ Congrats . Tina

  3. Congrats Justopia!!! – I will try and stop by – school has started so I am really busy!

    Now if you can only figure out how to stream all the wonderful smells of the things you are cooking up.


  4. Darn, I missed your debut!!! I’m sure it was terrific. I’ll check in today when I can and will hopefully catch you in action on JTV. Thanks again for all the work you put into your blog, I do enjoy it.

  5. Justopia, your late wake up?? I see no comment in here…….regards Tina

  6. I’m happy for your launch on JTV. You looked and sounded great, as usual. πŸ™‚ I wish you nothing but the very best with this.

  7. Garet! Garet! Garet!

    It’s been so long. It’s great to “hear” from you. I am so happy you are keeping up with things via the blog too.

    I had a great time yesterday, it was loads of fun!

    “See” you on the internets! πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey Lorelei

    Sorry you missed it too, but there will be plenty of time in the future. I am attempting to get in now, but can’t get into JTV at all, just IRC.

    Thanks for the reading and for the comment!

  9. Hi Aka/Tina,

    I am up and awake and at a reasonable hour at that, I just hadn’t gotten to the blog yet and went out for a while.

    But I’m here and thank you for the comments and for letting me know about the people waiting. I had no idea! I don’t want to “wear out my welcome” and just sit around all day like some of the new 20-something chickies that do nothing, so I thought I’d wait until the afternoon to get on.

    See you later!

  10. Spooky,

    As always, that you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I hope to see you in a little while!

  11. Thanks Justine!

    And thanks for coming into the room and hanging out with us for a little while. Dinner was incredible — I can’t remember if you were in there for that part or not. I cooked at three different times during the day — was a bit much.

    “See” you online

  12. Congrats on a great new channel. But watching you make all those tasty goodies makes me hungry. πŸ™‚

  13. Congratulations Justopia!! I knew it was just a matter of time !! I cant wait to start having fun with you and the gang. See you in your channel πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks Bkiff!

    And thanks for watching and commenting. Are you going to try making any of the recipes?

  15. Hey Stacia!

    Thanks! See you in the Land of Justopia soon!

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