Is This Any Way to Begin the New Year?

 NOTE!!  I posted this entry and less than 5 minutes later logged into my AOL account to find my beta code!  Timing is everything.  I was going to throw caution to the wind and open the channel but … yeah, big but … you can’t use an existing name so I need to sleep on that and come up with something clever, interesting, more meaningful than a lot of what I see in the directory now and I need to line up some Mods.  I suspect there won’t be any reason to think I will make it to the icon bar so there won’t be lots of people coming around causing trouble, but it’s better to be prepared.  I am going to try to get up and running tomorrow.  The following blog entry is pretty much a moot point now.  I wonder how I will cast and blog?!  That is the big question that’s kept me from doing this any sooner.

It’s late and I got a very late start today, so forgive me, but this is going to be a very short and to the point post.


I think I am being punished! I applied for a beta code to launch a channel on JTV a few days ago, yet have received nothing. Now, while I have declined offers from our friendly fratboys a few times, having finally made the leap and applied, I am ready to get this thing going. Not having received a code makes me a bit nuts.

A few of you read yesterday’s post and thought I was going to be live today, but alas, I was relegated to Stickam, which continues to frustrate me. The audio situation is enough to throw me over the edge from time to time while we are all streaming. I, as you know, have an issue with holding my tongue and with the lag in Stickam and people talking over each other I tend to get quite snarky from time to time.

This week marks a new year on the Jewish calendar — the year 5768 — and I am hoping for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous one! I could use it.


I will be heading up to Jersey to spend time with my family for Yom Kippur and won’t have the opportunity to get online much. I don’t know how I will cope without my 2D JTV friends, but I will do my best. I don’t expect to be blogging much, if at all and will be in the rooms even less. 😦 I was thinking of reaching out to Lisa to see if she wants to grab a cup of coffee one day if I go into the city. I am hoping to find a writer’s workshop while I’m up there as well, preferably at NYU, but I will find nothing if I don’t spend some time off JTV tomorrow and make plans.

Maybe my code will arrive in my mailbox tomorrow. 🙂


10 Responses

  1. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to youuuu justopia! 🙂 Let the fun begin!

  2. Now I just need to get up the nerve to actually broadcast. 😉

  3. good luck with the channel, i just hope you have a donate button

  4. you can broadcast if i can do it you can you will be a star and a great hit no doubt, justo, and if they don’t like you well then uhm uhm BAN THEM FOR LIFE hehe
    Good Luck Justo

    Happy New Year

  5. Thanks loquent10,

    I am designing my Donate button as we “speak!”

  6. Yeah Dizil — bannanation!

  7. i want my channel lol
    checky my webbie 🙂

  8. I see you got your channel! Mazel Tov Alin!!!!

  9. Rosh Hashanah to you Fran!

    Congrats on the new beginning of lifecasting. i am glad to be there during your ribbon cutting (hehehe).

    I want to see your view during the day. It must be heaven

    PS: You and your twins look great today. 😉 j/k

  10. Thanks Delsal — I think. LOL It was a fun day. Now I need to get some rest so that I don’t collapse. Cooking and trying to be entertaining all day is no easy task, that’s for sure!

    Thanks for joining me on my first day — and stop focusing below the neck for god’s sakes, ok?! 😛 haha

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