Couple of Things and a Care Package

First of all…


Brisket — tomorrow it will go back in the oven for another 1.5 hours to make it fork tender

I took the plunge. I hit that red Broadcast button and applied for a beta code. As, Yalie, MGJack, Angincali and I were hanging around in my bathroom straightening my hair I said to myself, “Justopia, it’s time. Really, why are you being such a loser whimp? Just go for it! You’ve been hanging around on the service long enough to know the do’s and don’t’s. Just hit that damn red Broadcast button and get it over with! And why worry about a conflict of interest with the blog? It’s not like anyone is paying you for this, it’s not like you HAVE to be nice about the crappy infrastructure, the way things are (or appear to be) slapped together. It’s not like you have to go to the red, white and blue office and hang out with the guys. You just HAVE to be sure to follow your own personal Do’s and Don’t’s:

Don’t – under any circumstance:

  • Write a profile complaining about how hard your life is without funds to buy equipment to allow you to go mobile
  • Put a Donate button for your own personal aggrandizement
  • Put a note telling people it’s ok to ask you anything unless you truly mean it
  • Post a note answering some of the routine, repeat, mundane questions asked of you -isn’t that why people tune in?
  • Post an icon that bears little resemblance to what people will see when they click the link
  • Embarass yourself or your parents/family/loved ones — if you question it, don’t do it! — When in doubt, leave it out!

Do – and with a smile, always:

  • Come up with interesting material to broadcast — not old videos that may or may not meet DCMA guidelines
  • Live your life — afterall, that’s what LIFEcasting is about, right?
  • Enjoy yourself — this is not work people! No one has twisted your arm and made you Lifecast!
  • Laugh, giggle, hoot, guffaw, snort, smile, chortle, chuckle, titter — hey Twitter?! Yes! Twitter!

What will I be doing with a channel? Probably nothing different than I’ve been doing on Stickam. Will I stream my life 24/7? Hell no! What would you want to spend your time watching that for? It’s not exactly an amusement park here.


Noodle Kugel — basically noodle pudding. Look at yesterday’s blog entry for sample recipes

We’ll just have to see how it goes. I would imagine Justin, Michael, Emmett, Jacob and possibly even Kyle (although we have never had any one to one interaction) will have a field day when I go live. I can see it all clearly in my head right now. I can handle it. I’ve dished it out since May 2, so now it’s my turn. I am woman! I am strong! I can bite back with the best of them. Bring it on, baby, bring it on! I’m no demure iJustine and not as quietly reserved as Nekomimi_Lisa, but I think I can hold my own.

Ok, enough with the self pep talk. Time to prep for cooking!

Rosh Hashanah Dinner — Today along with 2D friends in Stickam I made the Brisket, Chicken Soup and Noodle Kugel. Lots more to do tomorrow!

No Red Swingline Staplers


I went to the store to find a red Swingline stapler for the new JTV office…space. But low and behold, they only had black or maroon, and they were not the rounded edge style, but rather had square edges. So, I said to myself, “Self… the fratboys can buy their own stapler(s), but Gi Joe can not walk out and get a new Mach4 razor or a bag of JellyBellies or Jerkey or …well, many other things. No, what is more important than the correct stapler for the fratboys is a care package sent straight to Iraq to help brighten the day of one young soldier, slash — JTV lifecaster. The contents of said box (other than the brownies) will be kept under wraps until he has the opportunity to open it for now. I will post a note once I get it all wrapped up and off to the post office to mail so you can get an idea of when he might receive it.


4 Responses

  1. This spookygrl is so excited for your HUGE launch on J.TV! I will be in the chat…I will be eagerly watching….anticipating…wondering what in the world will Justopia cook up next for all of us? 🙂 Noodle Kugel….Hmmm…..better than my Karft Mac n Cheese out of the box? heheheheeee

  2. Oh yes, much better! Although mine was not perfect this time. 😦 Too much multitasking.

  3. Justo, going to the dark side???

    I sit here in shock and horror!

    Looks like I have to contribute to blog… Like despite the addition of all the channels, JTV has dropped in Reach a whopping 38% in the last 3 months and Traffic Rank has dropped 2,539 spots in the last 3 months, even though the page views are up 110% during the same time frame, according to Alexa.

    What this means in that even though JTV received a ton of money, less and less people are visiting the site and are going through more rooms trying to find something to watch.

    I was on watching the feeds, most of them are pretty boring with very few people that are lifecasting were interacting with the viewers.

    As I had stated in another blog, I was one of the first to join EarthCam TV (which is now It is a webcam site, the same as JTV without sound. Many years ago when they started, they had hundreds of live channels at any one time and users numbering in the hundreds of thousands. When they first started, they had moderators and the staff monitored all the rooms (they call them channels). It has the same feel as when JTV started. People that were out of line in the chat were kicked out. We used to meet in a channel like we did when JTV started. We all felt like a family, with everybody making sure everybody else was OK and we all cared about each other.

    We would welcome new viewers and they would become part of the group.

    What eventually happened, is what I predict will happen on JTV. There was too many channels for the moderators to watch. The jerks (mostly young kids), the people who were promoting their porn sites and the ones that that were just plain strange moved in. Then there were all the channels who did not have any content at all, just feeding things like recorded images from the porn chat sites of barely dressed women typing on the computer or most of the channels would be on without content, just to raise themselves in the ratings. It got so bad that they started a pay area for adult content viewing. Many of the channels said they were “live” but, in fact they were not.

    The moderators eventually burned out of dealing with the people and left. The viewership started dropping and now there are very few people broadcasting at all, compared to what it was.

    I cannot see any difference between them and JTV, except JTV has sound.

    It has already started to happen.

    Without any revenue, JTV is hoping to be sold before they run out of money. I am sure they have a fantasy of being bought by Google or Yahoo, but personally, I cannot see it. The owner of EarthCam had a personal relationship with the then Powers To Be at Yahoo when they were number one and rich, but they never made an offer. Unlike YouTube, JTV is very trendy and would be very labor intensive to keep the lifecasters in line, virtually impossible, because it is live.

    Google and Yahoo do not want to be associated with something that could easily be associated with any kind of possible porn content.

    Without broadcast channels that are actively supplying content, viewers will get bored and not come back, the women lifecasters will get tired of the rude comments. The men will leave because lack of viewership and because JTV cannot offer moderators anything (at least EarthCam gave the moderators a free webcam, which was a big deal at the time) they will lose control of the lifecasters. I think possible buyers will not be willing to buy a company where the owners have a track record of leaving the company as soon as it is sold and publicly stated that.

    JTV is still new and still in the news, but has the same virtually the same rating as them, without the massive publicity that JTV and Justin has enjoyed.

    What does this tell us?

    It tells us the JTV has missed a golden opportunity, mostly because of the non-professional and immature antics of Justin himself. Getting drunk every night, sleeping in everyday, not wanting to do any work, showing up late or not at all for appointments, saying that it takes him five minutes to write a sentence, a total disregard for the viewers, treating women like dirt, and having Justin and co-team members who basically are supported by their parents because they don’t want a real job, all contribute to, what I predict, will not be looked upon favorably by any company considering them as a acquisition.

    With the enormous cost of bandwidth and without revenue and no promise of revenue, because there are other sites that do the same thing for free, JTV is in a position where they cannot charge for their service. Placing ads on the site is counter productive because most ads require clicking to another site for them to get paid. This is counter productive to what JTV is. You don’t want to attract viewers just so they can go away. That is why YouTube works for Google. The video clips are limited in length, giving the viewer time to check out the ads. JTV has also lost the viewership of the other sites who embedded Justin’s stream on their site.

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this, with the additional channels and improvements that JTV has added, they are barely hanging on, or steadily loosing their rating.

    They should have listened to the viewers and the critics, instead of being so self centered and arrogant.

    They could have kicked UStream’s butt, but instead, they put themselves in a position that could possibly fail.

    Justo, you think I should contibute?? I really have nothing say… LOL

  4. […] This is a link to the post I wrote a year ago with a Brisket prep video. […]

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